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  1. Yeah but it's a very co-ordinated strike. It's clearly politically motivated and I say this as someone who is actually on board with it. They could have done this at any point over the years but now there's blood in the water, they've all gone in together. They're attempting to close the right out because they now feel they can get away with it. And frankly, more power to them.
  2. Yeah this is the thing - yes this probably is censorship and yes that should ring some alarm bells, but frankly, these people are believing absolute horseshit day in and day out, and I'm personally at a loss as to what the other options are. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant" does not hold true if big chunks of the population are actively keeping themselves in the dark anyway. I would have argued against this once upon a time, but at this point I think the consequences of letting them run unchallenged are just too great.
  3. Parler is being forcibly shut down by big tech - Amazon won't host it, 25 other companies have turned it down and their own lawyers have dropped them. The establishment is really trying to destroy the populists here. I'm not convinced this is the way to it but it is at least some form of action and on that basis I think I'm on board.
  4. Honestly I was thinking to myself that we don't have the technology in place to make voting feasible and safe at the moment so it wouldn't surprise me hugely. A 6 month raincheck would be ok I think.
  5. I'm not particularly doing ok myself if that's any mitigation, and I will vote - I'll be going SNP (which is as good a non-Tory vote as you can get in Scotland). Brexit has had a fantastically damaging impact on both my personal and professional life - the industry I predominantly work within has been slammed with cuts, job losses and redundancies, so much so that I've not been able to find permanent employment now for two years - as a consequence I've been working freelance in consulting which has just about managed to keep my head above water but prevents me from building towards
  6. If Brexit is TOXIC for labour, why is he taking a position on it? What's the plan for keeping the remainers onboard? Hope they're pragmatic enough to just ignore the very strong feelings many of them have about both the issue and how we got here? I think he's fucked either way, which is why he may as well stick with what he believes in and attempt to be convincing with it. This is just pandering and he's free to do it, but the cost of that pandering is my vote at the very least, and from the conversations I've been having, I'm not alone. You might be right about this of
  7. Renton gets it Not that I don't understand the desire for compromise from everyone else, but yeah.
  8. Combination of not bothering to vote and going for the Greens? Who are now apparently ahead of the LDs. There'll be an option.
  9. It's no skin off my nose particularly given where I am at the moment, but I think don't think this strategy is going to work. To win back those Brexit voters he'd have to get into bed with someone like Farage. Which I still think would be a fairly viable way forward (other than it would never happen), rallying everyone around a PR movement. Pragmatic if deeply unpleasant, but that appears to be the order of the day anyway. I think he's going to lose a significant number of young remain voters with this when push comes to shove, combined with making very little ground in the red wal
  10. Right, but on the other hand I just read this comment in the Independent - it's a real gamble and I don't disagree with much of any of this: "Remarkable naivety and lack of vision - having clearly learnt nothing from the past 5 years (and beyond), Starmer is nailing his weather-stained and wind-tattered flag to the populist mast. The reason for doing so is clear - what will prove to be a futile attempt to regain the Tory votes from the red wall. Opinion polls have shown that a substantial number of these voters have already abandoned the Tories, while the more polarised voters will
  11. I don't disagree with any of that but I still feel betrayed.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/10/keir-starmer-accepts-end-of-eu-free-movement-in-brexit-reversal "Keir Starmer has abandoned the commitment to free movement of people in the European Union he made to Labour members during the party’s leadership contest." The sole reason I voted for him.
  13. I could see this happening, a few of the talking heads have put it forward.
  14. So Parler is being taken off app stores and there seems to be a real crack down happening from the big tech on the right. Once upon a time I would have decried this as a dangerous precedent taking us towards censorship but frankly, even if it is eventually turned on the left, I think it's probably worth it to stop the right escalating things further.
  15. Does sound like me
  16. I'll add incidentally that there is a sudden groundswell of right wing, populist talking heads going on about setting up parties to "represent the working class". It's happening here and in the US, and it wouldn't surprise me if it spreads. The left has to be very careful to hold on to those working class voters or we're going to see a re-run of the 1930s IMO. Another decade of austerity, lockdowns that they don't understand the science behind, and relentless right wing shit about immigrants, coupled with rampant patriotism, and I think that's where we potentially end up. So Biden,
  17. That sounds about right - and yes, it has. At the time I saw Trump as a possible pressure release on nationalism. The notion that the right would see how godawful he was and realise that this kind of shit wasn't the answer. Clearly some Americans have indeed seen this given the record numbers of turnout to stop his re-election, but ultimately I can't claim to have been right in any sense, given that record numbers also voted for Trump. What I didn't predict was that fake news would only get worse, and that the polarisation of the two sides would become more important than what they were even f
  18. I don't see any difference in the overall trajectory for Western civilisation as it refuses to learn the lessons from its mistakes. There are plenty of personal and political differences between Biden and Trump and I'm delighted that Biden won because it gives us a 5 year extension ahead of the inevitable apocalypse
  19. I thought the one 18 hours ago was about Biden, my bad - I stand by the Titanic sentiment though, the ship is going down either way. But if that other one is the best you've got then I'm pretty happy tbh.
  20. A business I'm working with has just been hit with customs forms for trying to ship to a customer in Northern Ireland. Most couriers now won't take up the service, there's only one who will (Hermes) and they need paperwork for 'international shipping'. Possibly shipping to NI simply won't be possible in the long run.
  21. For what? Ignorance? I made myself open to learning something and accepted it, nothing to apologise for. Are you saying that the deaths of 4 nazis are comparable to the deaths of tens of thousands of brown people...? I can't actually remember far back enough as to my views on Clinton doubling down on Syria but for all you've thrown it up at me over the years I'm confident that it was far more of a Parky angle than it ever was my view. Having said that though, I daresay ewerk will find a choice quote in due course. I recall thinking Clinton was a bland continu
  22. Thanks for this.
  23. Actually no, I'm not - maybe that would explain this. What is it?
  24. The Guardian has Priti Patel quoted as saying this: The UK home secretary, Priti Patel, said Donald Trump’s incendiary remarks directly provoked the violence witnessed in the US Capitol as she urged him to condemn it. “His comments directly led to the violence and so far he has failed to condemn that violence – and that is completely wrong,” she said. She said the departing president’s statement, in which he said “we love you” to the rioters, and repeated his unproven claims of electoral fraud did “very little to de-escalate the situation”. “He basically has made a n
  25. I mean, a bunch of nazis stormed the capitol and I'm meant to be shocked that his shirt aligns him with them? Sorry yes, I'm very shocked the nazi is wearing an obviously pro-nazi shirt.
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