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  1. Haven't followed this for a bit now - how is it taking off again when so many people are vaccinated? Is it taking off with young people or something?
  2. Preparing for the game on Friday no doubt
  3. That video of them hounding the reporter. Just what the fuck.. what do they even think they're going to get out of him, it's literally nothing more than mob driven bullying. Not a single one of those cunts would be man enough to go at him in the way they are if they were on their own. Seriously what is going on in this country, it's starting to feel as though decent people are in a minority. Maybe the right wing lunatics really were a "silent majority".
  4. I think the anger is probably fair enough, combined with some sort of 'bad day' I guess, but the repeated reference to what he clearly sees as 'non-jobs' or people being unemployed is not a good look.
  5. The DM comment section is accusing the DM itself of being a Marxist rag in league 'the establishment' as it isn't claiming that the cheers for BLM were faked by a cabal including UEFA, the BBC and George Soros.
  6. There are claims being made that the booing for BLM was drowned out by canned applause played over the tannoy. I suppose those doing the booing don't like the idea that some real English people think that they're a disgrace.
  7. So that's basically us through then.
  8. At least the only man he had to beat there was the keeper Deserved it for effort tbf, the only player really trying to make anything happen.
  9. Decent 10 mins at the start, ran out of steam. Unlucky on the Foden chance but really the issue for both teams IMO is a total lack of end product. Sterling for all he seems to panic people just has no plan beyond beating his man, it seems like.
  10. I see Howay has already answered my question.
  11. What do we think then, are England going to be smashed here? I've got a mate who is Croatian so I'm mentally preparing myself for the inevitable post-match onslaught.
  12. If it was renamed Newcastle and Sunderland airport, it would make both cities, and the region in general, look small time as fuck.
  13. What the fuck is that... it looks like something out of LOTR.
  14. I don't personally believe that, I have to say I think I did once, but I now believe that the correct saying is 'evil triumphs'. Too cynical these days I guess.
  15. I can see the 'better the devil you know' side of it tbf.
  16. There is a crazy cult following around him and tbh I do agree with ewerk. These people think that because he's rich and eccentric that he's some sort of master guru - they're just sheep. Without him, they'll simply mill around lost until the next 'shepherd' comes along.
  17. Yesterday evening you reacted to a post I made in December for reasons I don't fully understand, so you're not exactly one to talk. Presumably scouting around for something you could base a comeback on. Not remotely 'sad'... What is it about my view on BLM that you found so amusing, incidentally?
  18. Well, you're clearly better informed on the internal politics of Israel than I am - if it truly is just headbangers on either side that need to be dispensed with so that a mature centreground of opinion can be reached then maybe there is hope. But I've seen so many videos now of ordinary Israeli and Palestinian people actively hating each other that I'm struggling to believe it myself. I suppose journalists go looking for the hate specifically, but even so.
  19. You'd have thought so. Maybe they can do something like that in future.
  20. I don't think it'll end until Israel has "cleansed" the whole West Bank either through displacement or death. Not that we should stop trying to resolve it in less devastating fashion.
  21. I'm not entirely sure there is a right direction here tbh. Natanyahu might be one of the causes of the recent mess but he's not the overall cause of the whole situation.
  22. This was my original argument for Trump winning power - that shock and awe from the right may well be the only way to the left. But having said that, it's not an accurate depiction of what has happened here IMO. Biden has never looked as left wing as he is currently being - either the Democrats as a party have finally woken up to the need to achieve genuine change, and also the need to determinedly keep the young, left wing members of their party enthused (something Labour have completely failed at), or Biden has been a closet leftie his whole life who has just been playing the very, very, ver
  23. Based on that profile there'd be an inevitable injury for me in the first 5 mins of game one, followed by missing the rest of the tournament
  24. Social anxiety is a real fucking pain and I understand her position. Given that I have similar issues I could see myself hypothetically attempting to handle it the same way, but ultimately I have had to accept in life that sometimes you have to suck it up a bit or you can't move forward. If the world changed to be more accommodating of people who have social anxiety/depression then that would be fantastic, but we're not there yet. Hopefully the whole thing will help to expand the conversation in this space anyway. She seems to have done what she needs to do, so good for her.
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