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  1. "Work brings Freedom" Who does this muppet think he's arguing with? Which political movement is anti-work?
  2. Do you think taking the vaccine will be mandatory in this country? Or have I missed the info on that. I read the other day that 40% of French people are reluctant to take it and while the numbers in the UK aren't that bad, I think there's still a solid quarter of the population opposed.
  3. Curiously that does look as of the main victors of a LD collapse are the Tories. Haven't paid any attention to the LDs whatsoever (now behind both the Greens and the SNP) but presumably something has just happened to them?
  4. It's because Corbyn is such a useless leader of the opposition Or more accurately because almost the entire media line up behind the Tories and the best you can say about those that don't is that they offer a diversity of opinion that occasionally includes some pro-labour sentiment. They're going to get to 20 straight years in power, no question.
  5. Have to say like, I'm getting fucking sick of the Tories and their 'economic competence'. We won't survive another round of austerity as anything like what we were pre-Cameron. It'll polarise everyone even further, more far right, more far left, as people get increasingly fucking desperate.
  6. Which side of all of this is Starmer on btw? He's been pretty firmly pro-return to school so far. This makes me nervous, because if both Johnson and Starmer are on relatively the same footing, could it be that they're right?
  7. We had Shefki Kuqi for a while under Pardew. That was a desperate time
  8. This is the saddest part of the whole thing in some ways - to have had this imposed on us by people who are clearly so ill informed about the consequences and what it all means to people living outside their ridiculous bubbles. Buccaneering ffs.
  9. Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope we all make it through 2021..
  10. This is a savage shot for a NYE like
  11. I think that would lead to human cost more than economic. They must be weighing something up here unless you think they're not going full lockdown just to appease their back benches. Which I could believe tbf.
  12. Probably because of the economy. I actually don't envy the government this one at all. We aren't going to be able to take much more locking down without the damage becoming long lasting I suspect.
  13. I do too sorry - I meant he was knowingly walking into it himself.
  14. Looks like Starmer is going to spring the elephant trap today. I do note that the polls indicate that most people think we should sign the deal even from the Remain camp, so presumably he's making the right call across the nation's mood here.
  15. Merry Christmas everyone! Gonna echo sentiments about the importance of this community - it's genuinely helped me at times to know that I can come on here and argue relentlessly with people about total trivialities despite the fact that we're all basically on the same side of everything And I am grateful for your tolerance of my enthusiasm for that. Stay safe and best wishes over the Christmas period.
  16. https://www.dw.com/en/bbc-nominates-jk-rowlings-controversial-essay-on-trans-rights-for-award/a-56014673 The BBC have decided to nominate JK Rowling for an award because of her factually inaccurate and dog whistling trans article that we discussed a few months back As if any further confirmation was needed on what they have now become. "Look at us, we're in touch with the gammonfolk, we're even justifying it by saying that offence is the price of free speech! See we're on your side!"
  17. Out of curiousity, will securing this deal mean that the disaster capitalists have missed a trick, or do they just wait for businesses to go under next year?
  18. I don't know anything at all about MMA, Boxing, whatever - but are you meant to push both hands forwards when you go for a punch like he does over and over? He looks like a toddler playing at boxing to me, but then I'm uninitiated.
  19. I didn't know what that graph was saying for a moment and was fully terrified by this comment
  20. Aye if this happened it would tick two very rare boxes for me: 1 - A fight I'd actually pay to see 2 - A "sporting" engagement where I'd actually cheer on the mackem.
  21. I appreciate you're not looking for condolences mate, but I'm so sorry for your loss. That is utterly tragic. I've read everything you've written here twice over, and will take it to heart indeed. The strength it must have taken to write it and the determination to help others avoid the same thing are both admirable in the extreme. Thank you for the warning which I for one will absolutely keep in mind. There's nothing anyone can say about stuff like this that remotely does it justice, I'm just really sorry to hear it. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.
  22. I'm not sure that's even on the government really. Coming out at 6pm and saying the rules come into play in a few hours is less notice than they've given previously by quite a distance. And yes they could have done many things differently but IMO this rush happens however they do it unless the literally shut the trains down instantly. This is just selfishness from all those travelling.
  23. Jesus... You know that they wouldn't have done that unless they absolutely had to, dragged kicking and screaming most likely. The government lockdown that is, apparently not Rod Liddle, disturbingly.
  24. Aaaand Sony have pulled it from sale. What a mess. Flat out greed from the developer frankly - if it can't run on PS4 and X box then it shouldn't have been released on them.
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