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  1. That's pretty much what I said. We have to throw various groups and principles under the bus in the name of pragmatism. And anyone who doesn't want to do that is a child. That's been your argument throughout, no?
  2. I'm not saying it did. I don't think anyone is saying it did. What is being said, and I think quite fairly, is that clearly this isn't going to be something Labour should risk speaking freely about - and in conclusion on that, I think we should be pragmatic and accept that talking about or criticising Israel isn't a vote winner and should be shelved. Same as we will need to avoid talking critically about Brexit, talking positively about immigration and now, apparently, talking positively about LGBT people thanks to the BBC's new hot take on the situation. All that matters is power,
  3. PL is of course talking about the situation post EHRC report, thus rendering this example rather irrelevant to his point...
  4. I think he was destroyed by the same weaponised media "scrutiny" that Corbyn was. Why these leaders fail doesn't matter, all that matters is that they do fail.
  5. Christ. Him combined with Johnson, maybe it really is sixth form politics. It's working for one of them at least.
  6. In fairness, this isn't even the hill I chose to die on I've read the EHRC exec summary, looks fair and measured to me. The most significantly damning aspect was the fact that Labour's sexual harassment policy/procedures were far more rigorous than it's antisemitism ones. That's clearly not acceptable.
  7. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Milliband also managed to enable more Tory rule. Let's not pretend that everything was going swimmingly for Labour only for Corbyn to show up and wreck everything - he only got in at all because the centre left in the party was completely bereft of ideas and direction. Milliband's loss was what delivered the mandate for the referendum in the first place. On the rest of it, I hope you're right. Starmer is indeed competent. He won't win of course, but he's competent. It's a shame about his u-turn on the EU but pragmatism is all, I suppose
  8. Yeah I thought I'd characterised your position pretty fairly
  9. You think Starmer could come out and criticise Israel for anything? Or anyone from Labour in fact? I doubt it, they'll now have to shut the fuck up for their own good, or a media evisceration will await. In the end, I actually agree with you on this anyway - principles are dead, pragmatism has to reign. In general, that's how I think Labour need to operate if they want to win power. I won't be joining them though (albeit this isn't the issue that represented the final straw for me) - back to the sixth form debating club for me
  10. Probably all true - but in the end it isn't our problem. It should be, and under a proper democracy it would be possible to explore and criticise where appropriate - but the UK isn't a proper democracy. It's a series of narratives that you have to avoid being on the wrong end of if you ever want to get into power. It is what it is, and I've learned in the past few months that having any view which isn't hard boiled in a pragmatic 'power at all costs' approach is simply 'sixth form debating club' politics.
  11. Sorry but how have we gone from 100 deaths to 4000 in the space of a week or so? Have these individuals saying this simply been ignored by both media and government, or has something happened to change the state of play?
  12. I thought we'd gotten to the point where LGBT rights weren't a controversial issue. Presumably this is all in the name of "impartiality".
  13. Actually all he had to do was keep his mouth shut based on what Labour have said. As far as i can tell, it doesn't look like Starmer wanted to make an example of him per se.
  14. Yeah that's my reading of it too. Whether it was a well designed elephant trap or not, Corbyn is a muppet. As an aside from this, wtf is going on that the BBC concerning LGBT issues...
  15. Nah the left don't matter at all, it's all going to be fine without them. If anything they should just fuck off out of the party.
  16. It's less of a statement of condemnation about Labour and more one about how utterly fucked the UK is.
  17. I'm so voting for the SNP.
  18. Starmer just needs to get it out of the news as soon as possible. If he's going to expel Corbyn then just get on with it - it's not going to make any difference in the long run anyway.
  19. Has this bellend not taken over their club yet? How fucking long has this shit been going on now seriously. It's like an unbelievably shit version of our own takeover drama except with no money, no apparent reason for any delay and no chance of any progression of their club's stature no matter what happens. That beard is a crime against humanity though so they've fucking nailed the human rights abuses tangent. How are they doing this year anyway, I had the impression that they were looking better for going up than the last two tries.
  20. I mean in terms of the tactics, positional sense, making runs and utilising space
  21. Rayvin

    Forum Upgrade

    There's also a link right at the bottom of the page that says "Mark forum as read" in you're in one of the index areas. New site looks cool Ant, nice one.
  22. If deaths are down then the only explanation for the difference between the two waves (assuming it hasn't mutated) is the state of readiness of the NHS. They're better equipped to deal with it now that the government's incompetence has been worked through? Which basically means that the real factor behind the deaths of 40,000 people was chronic underfunding of the NHS by successive Tory governments, and stunning incompetence from the sitting one. Lovely.
  23. RL is a better football sim than FIFA IMO. Takes about 100 hours to master the basics though...
  24. I thought you knew it was a Chinese government conspiracy? That's some climb down mate...
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