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  1. SJW Snowflakes

    "The core members have little in common politically. Bret and Eric Weinstein and Ms. Heying were Bernie Sanders supporters. Mr. Harris was an outspoken Hillary voter. Ben Shapiro is an anti-Trump conservative." Guardian: The ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ – the supposed thinking wing of the alt-right https://www.theguardian.com/politics/shortcuts/2018/may/09/the-ntellectual-dark-web-the-supposed-thinking-wing-of-the-alt-right
  2. SJW Snowflakes

    As far as I know, in both cases it was actually the police, who got offended, which just makes things significantly worse.
  3. SJW Snowflakes

    The "funniest" bit is that the PC, whose job is to read potentially offensive tweets got offended, which made this a hate crime
  4. SJW Snowflakes

    Holy shit http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-43816921
  5. Only in America

    From Guardian coverage: John Crescitelli, a family doctor and 15 year-old Sarah Crescitelli’s father, was shaking as he was reunited with his daughter. He feared she had been killed. “These school shootings have to stop. This is crazy. My son’s football coach died. It’s horrible,” he said. “It’s like Columbine across the street from my house.” Asked by the Guardian if the tragedy should lead to stricter gun control for people with mental health issues, he replied: “I don’t want to get into a gun debate. I really don’t. What are you going to do? Confiscate everybody’s guns? We have millions and millions of weapons … I’m a gun owner. I don’t want the government taking my gun.”
  6. SJW Snowflakes

  7. SJW Snowflakes

    These are scientific researches conducted by people working for some of the best universities in the world. I accept if someone picks their argument to pieces and proves why they are wrong. Swiping them off the table and simply saying that this is "wrong science" and those who worked on them are alt-right misogynist is very weak however. It does not make progressives any better than flat-earthers, anti-vaccine people or creationists. Do you remember the title of the BBC program?
  8. SJW Snowflakes

    I agree with a lot of that. Especially with the Star Wars, Ghostbusters nonsense. However, what if women in general just not that interested in certain professions? Does it have to be a zero-sum game, no matter what? Would it not bring down quality if we promoted people based on their gender and not their performance? Does it make me a misogynist asking these questions? There was a Norwegian documentary a few years ago, which came to the same conclusions as the Google memo.
  9. SJW Snowflakes

    Honest question: Are there any podcasts, columns, Youtube channels, where progressives comment on news and events and argue the point?
  10. SJW Snowflakes

    There is nothing wrong with punching a nazi. The problem starts when you have to decide who is a nazi. Everyone who goes against the exact interpretation of equality of mainstream SJWs are branded as nazi, racist, alt-right, islamophobe, transphobe, misogynist etc. Whether it is Jordan Peterson, Sargon, Milo Minderbinder, the Google guy, Richard Dawkins, Sir Tim Hunt, Maryam Namazie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali or even Germaine Greer, their argument is swept aside; SJWs build a strawman and put them in the same category as the gun-toting KKK Dragonmaster. This results in no-platforming, violent protests and character assassinations, which is often supported and encouraged by the MSM, tech giants and even governments in the name of social justice. This is what most people are getting more and more fed up with.
  11. Did that really happen?

    Guiseppe Rossi
  12. Liverpool fan in Peace

    1. Best player sold, lifeless performances, no ambition. Going to a match became a chore. 2. In terms of league position we finished where I thought we would, but based on what we saw this year we will really struggle next season 3. No, hopefully he`s gone by June. Oh, who am I kidding. 4. Does not really matter if it is Pardew who they have to work with. 5. I wish we had a player like Shearer 6. Playing football as it should be played; I really wanted Liverpool to win the league by the end. 7. Pardew`s head 8. Eleven - nil Regards S Norman
  13. Philip Craig

    Newcastle Online.
  14. Philip Craig

    Are you still hosted in Hungary?
  15. What do you say at a job interview

    Feign an injury to delay the interwiev and then blame Lady Luck and the lack of confidence when you finally quit.

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