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  1. registered in time last night, look forward to voting for Britain and Leave. Better off OUT!
  2. `Putting aside Ashley, I don't think Sports Direct is operating that much worse than a lot of other companies. These shitty contracts with a few strikes are all too common place, particularly in manufacturing.` no worse than burberry chavs inc at blyth, mate worked there briefly bedore christmas. till he got sacked for going in drunk one day.
  3. Found a gripping new tv show from up north..... Presenter is a clear star, like the 2 ronies but with humour:
  4. top scorer- Giroud grp D winners- czech republic england fail to get out of grp 3 bets am looking at. Cant decide on bettin on wales. any hot options ?
  5. havent changed my mind, still Brexit. No wish to be a euro slave...
  6. https://www.facebook.com/labourleave reaching out to the masses....
  7. whoooooo watched the game in tap and spole pub morpeth. whoel [pub was stunned by the result! after 20minws morpeth flippinen ran thegame. one of the most enjoyable games of football ive watched since 1996 and nufc 4-3 am in shock sitll ) maybee drunk 2 iosh
  8. ...BT sports showing the game on sunday. gonna get hammered off hereford like, but hey! Hope its close game at least. Verly slim chance of winning it.
  9. something experimental for the weekend? https://soundcloud.com/shannon-bowmann/funeral-for-a-dead-man
  10. not over till the fat one sings..... oh wait.
  11. rafa and whatver lge. he can get players to play football. am sick of money(prem) and ave managers= poor performances. I havent been entertained since the championship season.
  12. Jolly Good! Great to know your such a community spirited chap!
  13. this is the thing they showd me in the EE shop.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unlocked-Alcatel-Y853-100M-4G-Mobile-Broadband-Wireless-Router-Pocket-SIM-Wifi-/262251782649?hash=item3d0f6ca1f9:g:gcQAAOSwqYBWoJGP
  14. ok cheers! just confused myself my watching this... I dont need the square box, unless am runing multiple pcs off the connection ?
  15. any differnce in the type of dongle to get or they all much the same? https://www.giffgaff.com/goodybags/1gb-mobile-broadband EE are offering 11 quid a month, but their dongle is 20quid upfront......was square, ~5cmx5cm which was a bit novel. (pocket wireless router )?
  16. this the sort of thing I should be looking at? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Huawei-E1750-USB-Modem-Dongle-GSM-GPRS-SIM-Card-3G-Wireless-for-Android-UNLOCKED-/231520531762?hash=item35e7b2f532:g:4yEAAOSwNSxVGxoi dont need fast speed like 3g tho. will just be dealing with small packet size. ones a dialup modem can cope with.
  17. DUe to turbulence in the system my current rule of the world from my bedroom, is straining at the bit. AM looking to bring a second PC online and thinking of using a mobile to connect to the net. or are their devices that take a simcard and plug into a pc? I dont need voice or txt on it as i dont use phones. I use my current nokia, boughtin 2003 as a digital watch and nothing else. Far as i know i will need 2gb a month data useage. Can anyone suggest a suitable package? I cant find one that doesnt bundle in free mins and shit, which i dont need. eleven quid per month is
  18. one of the best serbian pop hits of the last 10 years... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v9XA7hyiHE quality ALL the way!
  19. quality player, very talented....far bettter than the dross we have watched for last 7 years.
  20. locked up in the tower of time? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-35783408 attemping to flex their muscles!
  21. forced transformation of women into a 3rd sex....called exhibitionist. evidence here:
  22. ive scouted this lad, and can say.....hes got a few tricks to him! russian defenses look somwhat weak tho....
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