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  1. Congratulations on the baby mate but never know what to do with the information on how heavy someone's newborn is
  2. I was checking who was online to appreciate my colossal posts . Hover someones name it tells you where they are, you technophobe
  3. Super-glued 50p to the floor in the Cornmill shopping centre in Darlo and sat with a coffee nearby watching people struggle.
  4. Why is @@Ayatollah Hermione browsing this thread at 1am is what I'm wondering.
  5. I love how they say that as if it somehow justifies it. Hope Charnley dies me, and anyone else cut from the same humpty dumpty cloth as him
  6. but only because it's them. Bit cuntish to publish that anonymously though
  7. All he wanted was some friendly fans to sit amongst during away games as well. And now you've done this.
  8. I want to vote labour so badly but Milliband man I might just abstain
  9. Not if he tweets it from his aloof account, he's got everybody on ignore.
  10. Worse than Terry's ban for racism
  11. Course I have, I'm not spending New Year with strangers
  12. We in @@Gemmill ? https://instagram.com/p/z2vuEICs29/
  13. The way the crowd roared when he came on was emotional as well, that's been absent for longer than Jonas has.
  14. Loved seeing Jonas back, but after wanting rid I can't help but think he's being used by the club for a bit of PR.
  15. Mackems have a thread on Jonas, saying it's great the see him back which then descends into wanking off about how mint they are for being able to put rivalries aside for this kind of thing. They do that kind of thing all the time in attempt to claim some kind of moral high ground. Piss off.
  16. Both had a chance to launch it and neither did
  17. "if in doubt put it out" if carver doesn't even coach that he's at an even lower standard than i thought
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