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  1. He may be a taxi driver, but he's wait, what? just around the corner? Aye fuck off! *fires up Uber* I'm just jealous of the cake tbh. Not had one like that since I was five!
  2. Makom


    Poor article. Equates bombing ISIS with hating Islam, which is surely the very bedrock of right wing nutjob ideology? I can hate Isis, respect peaceful followers of Islam and believe that religion is mass delusion all at the same time, can I not?
  3. First world problems tbh. There's still people round my way (including relatives I'm ashamed to admit!) who are not exactly subtle in the fact they're not happy next door has just been bought by a brown family.
  4. Racist! Anyway, it's hardly rude when they were obviously pointing out Gemmill's bad taste in home furnishing. Impressive they change their language even when on the phone. Quite rare that, in my experience. You sure they don't suspect you're an undercover Border Force agent? Deep undercover obviously.
  5. Give us a synopsis. I'll probably understand it. Not sure about anyone else here though.....
  6. Stevie's is quite effeminate, as if his anger at the world is compensating for something....
  7. My main plan was for a boycott of this whole season on principle. Why? Because I just knew how it would be spun in the media as the usual 'fickle NUFC fans' if the calls for boycotts only started after 10 or so games, once it was confirmed that McClaren would be taking us nowhere. People should still boycott, absolutely, but be in no doubt, those who only start now will still forever be classed as a big part of the reason this club has been thoroughly hollowed out, and may never recover. Our biggest competitive advantage when being run properly - the stadium capacity - has been steadily eroded
  8. Kind of like Fish going home to see the family......
  9. Makom


    *looks up average life expectancy of taxi drivers in the north east, and subtracts 50* Yup, looks like you're right this time CT
  10. It's always amazed me that doctors were allowed to hand write things, surely people have died directly as a result of people not understanding it, or worse, misunderstanding it? My penmanship is exemplary, in part because I've had a few jobs where it was critical to product safety (medicines, dangerous machinery, etc) to be able to hand write notes in a one time only, no backsies, fashion. Not least since the presence of scribbled out and re-written words look extremely suspicious to safety inspectors (there's accepted procedures to cope with mistakes of course, but it's a real pain in the ass
  11. Not at all. Just pointing out how many people on here gave me absolute dog's abuse for wanting us to get relegated last season, and then predicting this exact scenario once the appointment of McClaren was announced. They all argued that McClaren would have us moving in the right direction, and all seemed moderately pleased with Ashley's statement also. Plenty weren't, but plenty were. And sure, all sorts of bad shit could happen if we get relegated, but that doesn't change the obvious fact that it offers a better chance of getting rid of Ashley for good, than if we stayed in the Prem for a
  12. Found on his Wikipedia biography, this is the weirdest BBC "news" article I've ever read about any sporting figure. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4973056.stm I would have been almost certain this sort of PR guff was the result of him hiring Max Clifford, but it seems that didn't happen until a month later....
  13. Makom


    Scoobos was one of the muppets, was he not?
  14. I'm quite sure he wasn't given responsibility for tactics at Man U. And I seriously doubt their players really needed a pep talk from him before they could get up for a game. I'm pretty sure he probably just sat in the corner at that point, while the captain or manager got on with things. As for his record as an international manager, that pretty much speaks for itself. But for anyone who doesn't remember what a farce it was, no doubt there's plenty of stuff in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_McClaren#England you might have forgotten.
  15. Makom


    Re. ground forces.... Russia won't be doing jack shit, since even as mad as Putin might appear, he's not dumb. Even accounting for the fact that internal public opinion and worldwide condemnation for lack of Queensbury rules warfighting is just not an issue, it's still simply not in their strategic interests to have their increasingly expensive kit and men that their rapidly deflating roubles have paid for get blown to shit in a seriously long drawn out occupation, while they also underwrite Assad's rebuilding of his own forces (and most of his country's physical infrastructure too I suspe
  16. Evidently, this piece caused a bit of a stink recently. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/21/opinion/saudi-arabia-an-isis-that-has-made-it.html It's about the Saudis. Being the real terrorists. Their backers. Their funders. The source of their ideology. I'm sensing just a tiny bit of de ja vu. What was that guy's name? Obama something, Usamma? Rama lama ding dong? Jesus. It's not like I'm not pleased to see this out there, but come the fuck on! Us ignorant westerners have known it was the Saudis since 9/11, there's just jack shit anyone in power is prepared to do about it. Bec
  17. Had no clue Fury was a homophobe until the comedian from The Chase rounded on him repeatedly on Fighting Talk this morning. Made a crack about bare chested sweaty combat with an Eastern European for 12 rounds. Not really funny, but you could tell it was just a pretext for calling him a bigotted cunt. Still haven't properly read up on it.
  18. Are you fucking kidding me CT? You can't just drop this shit in "general random conversation". I'm sure we could get 10 pages just on Conehead jokes FFS. Then there looks to be a rich vein in the Rogue Traders area. My god man, the sheer waste of this comedic potential.
  19. Not sure if I'm repeating this stat accurately, but I think I heard recently that even after Paris, the number of people killed in Europe by terrorist is still actually lower than the total amount of Europeans killed in 9/11.
  20. Taking the SFA to a judicial review. Trying to claim the new Rangers chairman shouldn't have passed their fit and proper person test, due to some South African tax case. The brass fucking stones on this cunt.
  21. Just to be absolutely sure, we don't have anyone in our squad who we poached from LFC? Because we're short on goalkeepers, we've got several red cards in waiting in the team, and karma is a bitch.
  22. Don;'t forget, we didn't just sign a coach, he's got a seat on the "footballing board" with Penfold and Moncur, which was clearly one of the things that persuaded him to come in the first place. So in all likelihood, we're not talking the usual shafting we take on compensation, he's an executive now. He's not going anywhere, not without an exhorbitant, 'golden handshake'. After all, who the holy fuck is going to hire him if he does jump ship now? If he's not prepared to drop into the bottom half of the Championship at least, the guy's going to be after at least enough chucking around m
  23. The difference between hope and fear. It's not too many years ago that Selhurst was as quiet as a cathedral, and our away section was loud enough to make the whole game, the full 90 mins, feel like a home fixture. We fucking bossed them, and you could feel the fear of a keenly anticipated thumping in the air, in the players and the home fans. I should know, because I once had to sit smack bang in the middle of the home stand. I don't think I even had to go out of my way to get a ticket either, gaps all over the ground. A valuable weapon in the armory, given our record at the other London g
  24. There were plenty on here last year who were dead set against relegation, absolutely desperate for another season in the top flight. A speech from Mike, a bit of money, a brand new coach who was obviously better than Pardew, that's all it took to fool them. Even as the window went on, and hopes of signing super star players like Charlie fing Austin evaporated, they still clung to that hope, like shipwrecked passengers to an upturned lifeboat. I got fucking dogs abuse on here, called a mackem and all sorts, for having the good sense to point out there was nothing, not one thing, in McLaren'
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