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  1. I am now officially retracting any bed wetting that may have occurred in this thread from me in the last 29 days
  2. Absolutely cunted in the 3rd division. But its alright because they will all be attempting to take the moral high ground in the 5th 50000 post thread about us since the takeover on rtg tonight, absolutely 0 sense of self awareness that they only formed these new found political beliefs about Saudi since we got taken over though. Of course they all secretly had these views before we got bought just none of them had thought to mention it before.
  3. Some random Portuguese bloke with a tick on twitter saying Bruno is done on a 5 year contract, no idea who the fucker is but since hes bringing us good news I am just going to blindly accept thats hes trustworthy
  4. If we can get a good CB in and a LB our team will basically be transformed from where it was Jan 1st. Still think we need another striker to. Think he will play Joe Bruno Shelvey
  5. Didnt they travel to him to do the medical? Could have been done earlier today
  6. Pressing f5 until a better source confirms it
  7. By now I’ve had a lot of beers and I can’t process this shit no more, no no no Kust tell me yes or no?
  8. Apparently man utd wanted £10m for Lingards loan fee, piss takers
  9. Yeah look up ‘Sunderland til I die’ on netflix Youll piss yourself
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