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  1. That’s about the right score line based on our display, thoroughly dogshit except for when ASM has the ball. Just stand off them all game man this fat cunt is a fucking clown
  2. I think hes touched the ball twice and played a poor pass giving the ball away both times
  3. Wilson and ASM very good so far, Hendrick and Joelinton not so much.
  4. 100% mate. Ashley isnt going to give up on his 'investment' any time soon.. beautiful how fucking rank it turned out to be in a way. Also forgot to mention Krafth had a solid game imo
  5. Its crazy to play Hendrick in a wide role, hes fucking useless going forward there. He should be used as a back up CM who can muck in occasionally - proper Bruce player btw, absolutely no ability but works hard so its easy to see how he fit in at Burnley. Joelinton has improved over the incredibly low standards he set for himself last season but hes not alot better, hes fucking garbage on the break he looks like he cant think fast enough to play the right pass. Other than a few tidy touches he messed up multiple potentially dangerous moves and literally passed the ball to Burnley players in th
  6. Hendricks lack of ability gets exposed when hes out wide, potential moves break down alot when the ball has to go through him on the flanks
  7. Thank god, fatty better appreciate ASM for getting us into this game on his own
  8. Joelinton could've got a touch on that cross from ASM if he wasnt as sharp as a fucking spoon
  9. This is going to end in tears if we dont get a 2nd
  10. ASM is getting a fucking kicking, what a vile team Burnley are
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