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  1. Please oh wonderful lord in the sky, please bless us on this fine day and rid of us of that grotesque fat prick.. ill do anything lord, even go to church and break bread with your lovely smiley not creepy at all followers and I won’t even get pissed until afterwards. So listen to me as I pray oh great one, listen to my wishes if it’s only this once to deliver us filthy fucking rich Arab overlords that will fulfil our lofty ambitions.. and please while you are at it when he’s gone let Mike Ashley live a LONG FULFILLING PROSPEROUS *wink* LIFE BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT OK *wink wink*.So I beg you lord, this is my only wish. Thanks for listening great one.
  2. Ashley pockets a 17m deposit regardless of sale... all of a sudden Bein sports is trying to scupper a sale..
  3. Press trying to stir up typical faux outrage bollocks as usual, people love taking a stand these days. They want to talk about dirty Arab money then they should start with government doing deals with the Saudis going back years now.. but instead we are talking about football, wonder why?
  4. Was I wrong this time? Doubt it still.. if it does happen then it took a global pandemic for him to sell. Please god, please
  5. Don’t do it to yourself people. I’ve seen some fans clinging to this shite again and justifying it by saying ‘there’s no better time for him to sell before the clubs devalued more’ and ‘it’s the perfect time for the Arabs to buy a club quietly with all this going on’. The ‘before the clubs devalued more’ reason is the exact reason he won’t sell imo. He’s a stubborn fat penny pinching cunt who hates anyone getting one over on him financially and he’s always been a stubborn fat cunt who hates anyone getting one over on him financially. Does anyone really think this man will really just knock off £50m and take £300m rather than the rumoured £350m that he wants just to sell it now? To some fucking oil minted Arab? He’ll do exactly the opposite and try and rinse any proposed buyer for every penny he thinks he can get out of them. This will never change. He will never sell this club until it’s worth it to him and he can rip someone off. As for the other reason do the Arabs give a flying fuck what the media in this country might make of them buying a football club? Not a chance. It would all blow over quickly anyway, why arnt the media outraged right now about Man City’s owners? I am the voice of pessimism and realism and this story is another fresh load of bollocks served up by fat cunty Michael. As I always say when I shoot this shite down, I want so badly to be wrong.
  6. So you’re telling me there’s a chance..
  7. Hessenhoosenwoahyafucka's lads v Newcastle FC

    Fucking hell we've scored
  8. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    A changed tha formation cos me favourite takeaways numba ends in 4231 so a just thought it seems tha right thing to dee ya kna...... what was that about bacon?
  9. What is the average age of that West Brom team?
  10. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Braindead fucking retard
  11. Bruce's Dykes V Dyche's Burnley

    That line up 4-4-2, ASM on bench for Ritchie. Genius Steve, genius.
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    Well I just hope that you told him to his face.. wankers at the match like that deserve to be told they are wankers and then windmilled thoroughly if they dispute the fact that they are wankers.
  13. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    An all day session can do that to you
  14. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    After this season you should be used to that

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