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  1. 'get out of our club' going around the stadium
  2. beautiful, lets hear the fans turn now. also lascelles is dogshit.
  3. Utter shambles. Why didn’t we just sack him in the summer? The prick just wants his pay off
  4. The scary thing is they’ll be listening to Bruce say we have enough to stay up, the cunt should be demanding new players if he had any integrity or ambition at all but the fat slob will be more worried about what sauce he’s getting on his kebabS tonight
  5. A growing possibly that Mike Ashley will put on a few more kilos this year
  6. if true we must be actually trying to get relegated. im sure the excuse will be we couldnt shift players to open enough squad space for new players
  7. So who is the last minute panic loan signing going to be ?
  8. He’s alright Bruce would dive on it like it was grenade
  9. Ah, gone on holiday. Probably the same thing that you told your ugly kids when they asked where Adam Johnson went.
  10. Wait for it - 'Couldnt agree personal terms'
  11. To be fair the thumb headed slobs lunch break probably starts at 9am
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