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  1. The secret to winning cups is to hit form at the right time. Scrape through then then hit form/roll the proper players out when it counts.
  2. Bloke should have been sacked for not getting to the final in 2018, it was gifted. Then he pussies the Euro Final. You just know he played with toy cars into his teens and loved wrestling.
  3. Everything seems so pedestrian when you're accustomed to watching the Champions Elect week in week out.
  4. I can't think of a club anywhere who would want him he'd not be ladged about joining. Think this is the end.
  5. Buy him and Ross Stewart and loan them to Stoke.
  6. Exile makes me think of the folk who pulled down the statue of Edward Colston, filming it on their Apple devices for the world to see just how much they don't agree with slave labour.
  7. Ahhhh takes me back. Nevica jackets, Prodigy when they were good, Tippex thinners, Philip DeFreitas.
  8. Stats don't take into account what fickle wankers Arsenal fans are, 2 defeats in a row and the rude boys will be baying for blud fam you feel, cheerled by that odious bastard Piers Morgan. Their start is impressive but it's brittle as fuck.
  9. He does it to distract from the fact he's not bothering his arse to try get it back and aye he'll either cut it out or he'll be off.
  10. Any man with a bird as his best friend is likely wired up wrong.
  11. Ruling nowt out me. I thought we'd finish 7th but the club is daft as fuck, always has been. See how the break effects us and what they decide to in January.
  12. I absolutely destroyed some foxy blonde scum from Eeeeeasington Lane last night for 12 hours straight last night and she never mentioned the hewmin rites issues marra. Almost like it's in their RTG head.
  13. Before kick-off I suspected this might be the game that sealed his fate. Just hoped it wasn't at our expense. No ill feeling, I'm happy with him but he has to move on.
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