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    They have a lot of different things now
  2. Wasnt it a promise in some party's election campaign
  3. enlighten me 18588[/snapback] Me too , havent heard about this . . .
  4. Good 3 How about : Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  5. His second goal was class.
  6. Things do totally go from bad to worse ! It doesnt look like were going to sign anyone before the transfer window closes !
  7. I think he would be a canny good signing.
  8. I heard about Emre i didnt no Dyer was injured too !
  9. So glad that he did play , he played great.
  10. I voted Boumsong. He has all the qualities that make a captain. I think Steven Taylor will captain the club one day though.
  11. Thats not good at all. Thought it was stupid playing him tonight.
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