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  1. Its such a shame the whole club wasnt sorted out straight away. As I reckon he would have stayed to help us get back in the prem.
  2. I thought Carroll's was a bit strange going from 39 to 24. So we are going to start the season with no number 9 or 10 . . . sad times.
  3. I actually really like it. BUt have to admit that I loved the brighter blue shorts and blue/white socks they wore with it yesterday at Dundee.
  4. Believe it or not he was on the phone to Gazza that day, and told him to hang on while he signed some autographs for me and my friend.
  5. RIP Sir Bobby Will forever be missed. Thanks for the good times.
  6. Glad i wasnt the only one who noticed this. After jumping up and down celebrating myself watching Shola run past to the corner, i then thought. . . no other player was celebrating . . . odd
  7. On the programme from liverpool ramage is rampage
  8. Caz

    Theo Walcott

    He can sign for someone before he turns 17. The fee would then be decided at a tribunal which would be around 2.5m
  9. They were good, cant fault them at all.
  10. Those are all great. Using the Shearer one at the moment
  11. Can get them. Start from the Boro game. Advert in the programme today
  12. For my A Level English Language coursework. I used football commentary. Roberts goal against Sochaux.
  13. Still love that Hasselbaink one !
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