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  1. That N'Zogbia sig is class !
  2. I love that vid ! Especially the SHEARER ! part at the end
  3. That is a fantastic video ! I am so glad he is back.
  4. Just downloading it now. Cant wait to watch it.
  5. Got to pick Owen. Shearer needed someone up front and someone to take over from him.
  6. That would be a good plan
  7. I remember reading the other week. He will become a Legend here.
  8. That is fantastic seeing him in Black and White !
  9. Nice one. Saw that and thought it was great
  10. I'll be there tommorow.
  11. Those are really good. Shearer one is my background now
  12. going to have to put the same as you. Parker Babayaro Taylor
  13. Did he even try to make a tackle when he came on ?!?!?!?
  14. Ronaldo could of and should of been sent off.
  15. I voted Owen . . . on the basis that he is proven in the premiership.
  16. I think you could be spot on there.
  17. I was thinking about that too. Will be very intresting to see . . .
  18. Couldnt agree more with that. I couldnt believe it when he was subbed.
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