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  1. Yeah, i guessed as much. I think that some of them just say the most obnoxious thing they can think of rather than a true reflection of the views of 'other' people.
  2. Personally i thought what J69 said was funny, maybe you need to know the context. He just beat me to it actually.
  3. PM me, i've got some blinging gear, blow you f**king brains maaaaaan!
  4. F**king Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt sure i should be saying something through all that but i couldn't understand half of it and the rest made me cringe I'll post this though, i've never been to Newcastle so i would never comment upon it's people and their various attitudes. I've been involved in a debate about players on here before so i won't repeat all that. I have heard racist comments directed at players at (i think) every away game i've been to. I might add these have mostly been in London but, judging by the fans accents, it was people from the North-East screaming them. I have fel
  5. A one match ban for Carr I think. 49252[/snapback] The Headline could read 'Carr Parked for 1 game' go on, tell me i'm a wasted talent
  6. Also has a lot of black academics, something you don't find in UK Universities. 49251[/snapback] Uncle Tom's tbh.
  7. It's pretty good time to be black at the mo' actually. All the negative media hype is firmly fixed on the 'muslim problem' and the majority of Afro-Caribbean's come from Christian backgrounds.
  8. Ooooooohhhhh!!!!!!! Beat me to it. That's what i was going to say!
  9. That's an easy question, no they wouldn't. I wouldn't get too caught up in media hyseria, or what we should probably call social hysteria, it's a good topic but not the one at hand. If I brutally murder someone because they are black am I any worse than someone who brutally murders someone for sleeping with their wife? I'm not convinced. 49132[/snapback] your still a murderer, but in one case your also racist. 49136[/snapback] Is not the crime of murder so horrific that any motive is equally condemnable?
  10. Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxactly. Anyway, i'm off lads. A friend has asked me to aid the cause for racial equilibrium by engaging in a spot of car-radio de-installation. He says it's a political statement.
  11. thats because the black to white ratio is quite low. English is historically a white country, black people emigrated over 5, 10, 15 generations ago. there will always be more white people in england than black people, the same goes for when you go to the pub, the match, the shops etc... its not racism, just like there will always be more black people than white people in africa. Im not denying that racism doesnt happen, of course it does, but positive discrimination will only serve to exacerbate the problem in my opinion. i was looking on the police website the other day and was shocked t
  12. Mr C, This appears to be the second time you have thought I was referring to your good self, I however am not, the wonders of IP checks available to Mods and Admin mean that we can see who has registered/ posted from a particular IP address and yours didnt come up in this case. Out of interest, what was it I said that made you think it was you? Yours confusedly, Pud. *runs to do IP check on ChocChip 48839[/snapback] Mr P. My humblest of apologies. I read the thread properly after i posted, fool that i am, and only then realised Mr B. seemed to have 2 usernam
  13. Five minutes? Well, yesterday was Kick Racism out of football day Renton. So for the first time ever I registered as not_a_racist As the day was done and the event gone. I renamed as Bez. A man I saw many times with the Happy Mondays. Been here for about 36 hours now. 36 hours = 36 *60 = 2160 minutes Not every 10 minutes as you claim. Thanks Yours sincerely, The smug, arrogant bastard! 48789[/snapback] I would have preferred it if you'd stuck with your original name though ie the one you registered with in early August and have made many posts on, I actually think th
  14. Pot stirring? We know NEwcastle has racism problems. There are literally hundreds of incidents every season. listen at the ground, in the pubs, on forums. Alex Williams is the most obvious - hoying bananas at him. Its not shit-stirring. Its simply pointing out that we havent got rid of the problems. On KROF day it needs reaffirming. Tyneside isnt very tolerant. Its fickle alright but is there more? Probably yes. A lot more in my view. We, as fans need to be active. Not sticking head in sand like Peasepud has doen and throw arms in air. ITs not all or nothing. If some are - and t
  15. Chopra wasn't on the pitch much on Sunday but he didn't look like he was upto much either. I think it was Alex who said that Souness doesn't pick him based on what he see's in training and on the briefest evidence from Sunday i'd agree. I think Souness may play his best team, can't afford to lose the game i reckon.
  16. Jeezus fookin Christ on a bloody big bike. What you saying now? that all Toon fans are racist? if you're going to post shite like that why not do it under the pseudonym you normally use for that stuff? 48561[/snapback] If you mean me, it's not me. I'm me, not him. Geddit?
  17. Saw it on telly. Given 6 Didn't have to pull off the usual string of amazing saves. Thought he could have got a hand on the 1st goal. Carr 6 Wasn't tested too much, got forward now & again. Taylor 8 Beaten in the air by Le Tallec, overall good display though. Boum 5 Great athlete, not a footballer IMO Solano 7 Quality on the ball, a good thinker and talker. Would make a better captain than Shearer. Emre 7 Passing wasn't incredible but probably didn't have much to pass to, lost the ball in critical area, great FK. Parker 4
  18. Been mulling over whether to post this in case it's seen as flippant but it might cheer someone and it is true: When NUFC sold Woodgate to Real Madrid my sister was so upset she told me she was gonna kill herself! Well, she ate a whole tub of vitamin C pills. She was quite sick and she told me it turned her poo orange Hasn't had a cold since mind.
  19. Owen doesn't play and Emre and Solano aren't fully fit? Might be worth thinking about. We'll pump high balls upto Shearer and i reckon their defence will have no problems with that (it's all they must do in training tbh). If i was them i'd say, get down the right wing 'cause Elliott's shite, cross to the far post 'cause Carr's short and scramble a goal. We won't have much presence in our own box apart from Taylor. Boum doesn't like the ball in the air and if Parker drops back he's an half pint an all. If we get an early goal i think we'll be OK until the last 15 minutes, if they sc
  20. You're practically glowing green tbh. Anyway I heard about this survey on Radio 5 this morning (before nicking the link from N-O) and it wasn't conducted in the most scientific way. I would agree with the results however 47828[/snapback] I saw a similar thing on TV recently (forget exactly what) and it showed exactly the same thing, basically that Northerners are sound and cockneys are cunts! 47836[/snapback] If your talking about me, i swear i'll hit you so f**king hard i might even illicit a small yellow bruise
  21. I never said it was purely for racist jokes, just that if you've got a racist joke, this is where it should go. Unpleasantly racist? Could you tell me what pleasant racism is? I thought all racism was unpleasant. Should I PM you all my racist jokes before posting and you can decide if they're acceptably racist? 47837[/snapback] As long as they're about white people i think you should be free to post whatever you like
  22. How very, very tragic. I'm even younger than you and would feel woefully inadequate when faced with such trauma so my thoughts aren't worth pittance. Your clearly in a desperate situation yourself so, as the wiser ones here have already said, let those people who know the lay of the land help you all through this. I wish you all the very best.
  23. To be honest I dont think you can honestly say what you'd be left with in that fixture if you removed the religious element. 47365[/snapback] I can honestly say i could never feel the same about the Tyne-Wear derby so i won't try and fake it Hope we win because it's 3 points, also no one down likes them for two simple reasons, they're dirty and play shiiiiiiite football. I met a Mackem fan once, thoroughly nice fella who was deeply perturbed i supported NUFC, they beat us just after i met him but i could tell he didn't get much out of ribbing me about it 'cause i clea
  24. Tbqph, i think Faith is symbol of the denegration of women in modern society who has clearly sold whatever integrity she may have had as a progressive member of todays equalitarian populus for the cheap but short-term profit at the expense of her fellow woman kind. I for one am saddened and disgusted at this download and will write to the host site explaining.................whoa, check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lesbo action
  25. No. You better get used to idea i'm afraid.
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