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  1. Thankyou HTT. Eye opening. What was the 1st Tyne-Wear derby? Have Sunderland ever been the top team in the area? i.e. champions when NUFC was struggling or cup winners when NUFC got dumped out early (when the FA cup meant more)?
  2. When was the 1st Tyne-Wear derby? Have Sunderland ever been the top team in the north-east? Did more players used to play for both clubs 'in the old days?'
  3. Stories sweeping the city of a training ground injury sustained by Michael Owen seem to have further depressed an already down-beat support following Saturday's poor show. However we understand that the England striker pulled up after feeling a hamstring twinge and his involvement in Tuesday's training session was curtailed as a precautionary measure. Hopes remain high that Owen will still feature in his first Tyne-wear derby on Sunday, but a safety-first approach saw Ameobi pulled out of Tuesday's reserve team defeat at Birmingham in case he picked up a knock. Got it from .com
  4. Were the Mackems also once Scottish as i'm told the Geordies were?
  5. 'English' people tend to be a mix of all sorts but i'm led to believe, due to the proximity of Lindesfarne, that more than usual of the blond haired, blue eyed white devils make up your populace, can the same be said of Sunderland? My history is really rocky here so no extra offence intended were the people of Newcastle and Sunderland involved in the Jarrow march? Was it for the whole region? As your industries were so similar, were you similarly affected by Thatchers attitude to British industry? Did you feel unfairly treated together or was there no sense of solidarity?
  6. What is the basis of the rivalry? To be controversial, you guys sound practically identical to me. Do the 2 cities have similar histories? Did you used to have similar economies? I understand Newcastle is far more developed now. Do you think you have more in common culturally than that that actually differs? Do you really have more in common with each other when you think about it as compared to Geordies and another city/town? Is it genuine hatred or friendly rivalry? Was the rivalry forgotten during the WW11 and did the 2 cities help each other? It always seems
  7. Now i think about it, Boumsong does that a lot. It works against Henry because Arsenal didn't have another striker for Henry to flick it off to. No one making the run beyond Henry. I'm not too fond of Boum's decision making, needs to read it a bit better imo.
  8. Parker was closing him down tbh. 47161[/snapback] I saw the game live and haven't watched any replays but i do remember Francis running into the box with Roberts pulling out to his right leaving Taylor with a difficult decision, i do not remember Parker being between Francis and the goal so if he was closing him down i reckon it was from behind or to the side. I think Taylor had no option but to go towards the man with the ball who laid it off perfectly. I think Elliott should have been more aware and covered Taylor, i also don't know what Boum was doing running off and leaving a
  9. What leads you to jump (wrongly) to that conclusion? I've never thought Shola was good enough to be our number 9. And for the record I think Souness has had his chance, but I don't see the point of getting rid of him nine games into the season unless we have someone lined-up who is guaranteed to be interested in coming here and guaranteed to do better. Who fits into that catergory? I don't think Shepherd is the perfect chairman either but I do find it churlish to moan that we haven't signed a back-up striker after he spent the best part of £40 million on five quality players in the sum
  10. Nobby must have more than a dead leg for Christ's sake......... How long is off for?
  11. Or advertising 46974[/snapback] I'm telling you, i'm wasted otherwise Might get one of you lot to write me a recommendation that i can take to Greggs, from what i can gather, some of you are regulars...
  12. I wanted to start this post this morning and i was gonna call it : The 'Url of Sandwich I should be in journalism tbh.
  13. I think people should be free to post whatever they like. I don't agree with censorship.
  14. Serenity was excellent, some cracking dialogue and one liners, action, fights and everything else you'd expect from Joss Whedon writing and directing. 46692[/snapback] Can't wait for the sequel.
  15. Saw 'Serenity' on saturday night. Liked it. Good dialogue and good fight scenes.
  16. Now i think about it, when are we gonna get a BLACK BOND? He wouldn't be drinking martini's He wouldn't be driving them cars without proper alloy wheels He wouldn't take any shit from that uppity ho, Glenda Jackson Browning 9mm puh! Uzi...............x2 Any other obvious changes?
  17. Surprised Jude Law didn't get it, maybe he's too young looking.
  18. I can't believe a big man is sooo weak! Also why doesn't he use that weight to bump or lean on a striker when he's running side by side with them? It's probably that weak-as-piss northen beer ee's 'avin to guzzle instead of our hearty suvern brew innit
  19. Carver's not at the club now, is he? If you're going to make an external appointment, I'm sure you can do better than that. 46614[/snapback] No, he's not at the club anymore. 46617[/snapback] Haaaaaactually, what i'm suggesting is, he's cheap, passionate about the club and could be no worse. I suppose it's rhetorical suggestion if such a thing exists I know he's not here but FS is obviously not keen to employ anyone with proven talent.
  20. Emre - did more in 45 than the rest of them Shearer - it was played to his bonce much more than to his feet and won most of it Bowyer - did more than anyone else in 30 odd minutes than anyone else to deserve 3rd.
  21. Sorry to post now. I saw the game on telly but couldn't email until today. I thought this would happen, predictable. As had been said on here, i thought we did well to keep to a 0-1 defeat as Wigan had key ingredients we really lacked: i) A workable game plan. I could see no real pattern to our play, no obvious tactics where you can tell that the manager has told the players certain moves, runs, etc. Commonly called TACTICS. ii) A real desire to show for each other, to try and be available for the man on the ball. And to track back and cover, where was the midfield when Francis
  22. Yep, if they're frightened of him it should give the rest a bit more space to play because Wigan will rely heavily on closing down. Of course we may get lucky like we did at Blackburn and stuff them after being run ragged
  23. Small squad, lot's of injuries, has to be the following i reckon. .....................................Given...................................... Carr................Boum....................Taylor................Elliott Bowyer.............Clark.................Parker................Da Zog .......................Owen.................Shearer........................ Subs: Harper Moore Faye Emre Ameobi We'll do well to get a draw i reckon, i thought Wigan would do well and NUFC is exactly the kind of under-inspired 'big club' they'll relish turning over
  24. They've obviousley nicked it tbh.
  25. Mileage doesn't matter because it is a far too uncertain factor to insurance companies. Again, the calculation is based on how much insured events a caused by a specific group. It doesn't matter to the insurance company how often or how good someone drives, but if his insurance contribution covers the risk of an insured incident. Anyway, a terrible driver who uses his car once a year is much more likely that he covers his risk by his contribution than a good driver. 45109[/snapback] Yeah you've described how it works at present but I think mine and SG's point is that it should an
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