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  1. I don't know but Henry Rollins has always struck me as a cockring. 28518[/snapback] Based on what? His lyrics on 'Weight' are f**king momentous. I really don't know enough about him personally but i've him play at Brixton with the Rollins Band. Pure Power. I've also seen him on t.v. doing some presenting for some car program, wtf? Seeing him front that band though................damn, really inspired me.
  2. I'm not sure you 2 were the ones i was hoping were gonna reply to my questions..... There's probably a lesson in there somewhere.
  3. Heeeeeeeelllllllllllpppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Straight edge............i need some help here! I'm young, so forgive me (teenager). I'm really into the Rollins Band (now broken up i think), and i like Black Flag too, i thought they were straight edge. I'm not sure if i'm completely locked into it idealogically, i don't drink/smoke/mess around/eat meat but i am from a strict Caribbean christian household and that is more common than you think, but i don't know what else the 'movement' involved. I've been listening to some Japanese Hardcore but i have NO idea what they're saying, obvioulsy, but i like the aggression. Recently i've got hold of some Bad Brains, a Afro American Rastafarian Hardcore Punk outfit from the 80's. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiincredible. I take it they're not Straight Edge because they puff, but their ideaology is fundamentalist, so i wonder if they had anything to do with D.C. straight edge movement. Also, i'm gonna try and go and see The Misfits tonight, 80's punk i believe, no Danzig though. Are they Straight Edge? Please guys, educate me.
  4. Does anyone here think Owen & Shearer was a good combination for England? Also, if everyone was accepting the fact Shearer can't start the the majority of games, what's the line gonna be without him?
  5. Can't see much point playing Shearer. Him and Owen together were ineffective for England. If we had another striker to play along side Owen we could go 4-4-2 but with the current lot i think he'll play 4-3-3 still with a midfield of: ........Solano........Parker........Emre....... /Bowyer and a forward line up of: ........Dyer.........Owen..........Luque..... Not saying it's what i'd prefer but i'm not sure Shearer's going to start regularly up front with Owen. Owen is a top forward and will not want to do Shearer's running for him the way Bellamy did.
  6. Do you fancy him or something? 26151[/snapback] I don't do inter-racial If we play 4-3-3 he's the boy to play on the right. I don't see much point buying new defenders, if someone could teach the current lot to defend as a unit they would be fine.
  7. I want us to try and sign Joe Cole, even if it's on loan.
  8. Neither of them do/did anything for the club IMO. I hope we target a good right footed attacking midfielder in January. I think Joe Cole would be a good buy and i'm sure he'd like to play more than 1 game in 4.
  9. Bowyer has been much better than Jenas when he's played over the last season or so in my opinion. 24463[/snapback] He doesn't create and he rarely scores, he can't dribble and he hasn't got the vision for a killer pass. How does the absense of these qualities make him a good attacking midfielder? He runs around alot at full pace and that gets the crowd going because they substitute the idea of effort for quality football. Regardless of what Jenas did or didn't do, Bowyer doesn't do them either. He has a total lack of flair. He's perfect for Sunderland IMO.
  10. If our team has Bowyer and Shearer in it it won't matter what formation, we won't do very well. The only thing Bowyer does better than Jenas is get booked and it seems the only thing Shearer is good for is flick on's against piss poor defenders. And Solano ain't gonna offer much protection to his fullback in a 442, he hasn't got the stamina now. When's he off to Peru next anyway?
  11. Shearer is a forward. Their 1st job is to provide a goal threat (they are often the more creative players at other clubs if you look around), and their second job is the first line of defence. Apart from good near post work at defending corners Shearer offers nothing of the above, just because he did, doesn't mean he still does. If he's good at attracting players to the club then give him that job.
  12. Jenas hasn't been doing much in the way of creating or scoring but neither has Bowyer who is the alternative. If we sell Jenas we don't have time to replace him and who would you replace him with? Carrick?? Another defensive midfielder??? He doesn't even tackle properly. I think we should sell Jenas only if we know we can sign Joe Cole before the transfer window closes. He's similar to Emre but not as smart and i think he needs regular football which he won't get at Chelsea. With Parker here already he might settle in ok. Otherwise hold onto Jenas until we find a decent replacement in January. Bowyer does nothing but run around a lot which isn't enough for any club that should be in the top ten let alone top six. Sell Jenas. Buy Joe Cole. If it has to be 4-3-3 Carr.......Boum......Bramble......Baba .....Cole.......Parker....Emre....... ....Dyer.......Owen.......Luque.....
  13. Does that mean he's been unhappy for a while then?
  14. For some reason i think i remember Robert saying when he went to Portsmouth that there were several unhappy players at NUFC and Jenas was one of them. Does anyone else remember this or am i making it up? Apologies if you guys have covered this already, i haven't been allowed on the computer much lately!
  15. I'm sure we could buy Keane if we wanted him, i reckon Sounes doesn't want him and i don't think he's that special either. I think a lot of you better face up to the fact that selling Jenas DOESN'T mean we'll buy anyone else. I think the 2 are completely independent. I don't believe we'll sign anybody.
  16. I don't think we'll sign Boa Morte, Anelka or Owen. I think NUFC can afford them but Fulham and Fenerbahce won't sell and Owen won't come. If any of them was going to happen they would have by now.
  17. I watched it on Sky so give me some slack. Given 7 Should have saved penalty and shoud never be beaten at the near post. Carr 6 Average as a defender, passing was ordinary, got forward ONCE i think. Boum 8 Very strong and intimidating performance. Taylor 7 Very good but lost his man for the 2nd goal. Baba 5 Ljungberg went past him at will. Emre 6 Dribbled a bit then lost it or had no one to pass to. Would look better with good forwards in front of him. Parker 7 Very professional, very commited. Isn't an attaking midfielder. Jenas 6 Didn't notice him much. Wasn't a red card. Bowyer 6 Apart from running around i don't know what he does. Dyer 6 Didn't scare anyone. Shearer 5 Sorry guys, he's a striker but didn't ever threaten so what's the point of having him? Souness 8 Good tactics for a draw which was the best we could have hoped for. Fans Sounded loud on the telly.
  18. So i've only got a 1 in 25 chance of that fat, lazy arsehole with the remote control not being my Dad? F**k, i was hoping for better odds than that
  19. Propaganda from the Board's mouthpiece. Don't be distracted brothers.
  20. Hi, I'm new here. Life long Newcastle supporter although i'm from south London. My uncle worked in Newcastle before i was born and converted the family to Toon followers. I've never been to Newcastle but i do try and go to whatever away games i can afford to. My sister has a crush on Jonanthan Woodgate and is struggling to come to terms with the fact he's now in spain, she's sure he'll come back, just for her. My dad loves Shearer, my mum loved Ginola and Asprilla. Asprilla, Ginola and Pedro were my favourite players. Of the current lot, they're not much to rave about. Kinda like Da Zog. So, it's a Toon loving household, which doesn't make us popular around where i live. That's it.
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