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  1. Bertrand Russell was an idiot who couldn't add up, spell or argue properly
  2. Of course. He has fully supported all his managers with total financial backing. Why, don't you ? Before you and anyone else rattles off the names of Gullit and Dalglish, don't bother unless you said at the time they would be crap ....... because if you do think he was stupid for appointing them, then you must be as stupid as you think he is ..... And name me as many chairman as you can who have backed their managers as much as Shepherd has ? 65888[/snapback] As I've said, if you back the chairman then you must by defnition believe he will be successful and so back his actions......which include appointing Souness, not sacking Souness, still not sacking Souness, not even sacking Souness when it's clear he won't be successful, authorising the sale of valuable club players who could make a difference on the pitch. Don't tell me he can't overule the manager, didn't SBR try to offload Shearer to Liverpool? Who's still here though?
  3. This has something to do with 'The Dark Place' forum doesn't it?
  4. Just found 'The Members' page. Haven't explored this site much tbh. Anyway, by what other name does Joss Stone go by so i can get some sense of context here?
  5. Whats more worrying ? the Arsenal frontline or Bramble and Boumsong ? 65755[/snapback] A quite magical combination on paper. However, inexplicably it seems to me Henry never has his best game against us and somehow Bramble manages to keep him quietish, as did Boumwrong in August. Obviously, it is a funny old game innit?
  6. So it was a hamstring strain all along......................
  7. Oh good. Just a frontline of Pires, Ljungberg, Van Persie/Bergkamp and Henry then...... ......Excellent!
  8. ...the same Freddy Shepherd who appointed, and continues to fully support, Graeme Souness. Be interesting, this one... 65710[/snapback] Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! You've spoilt my surprise attack
  9. Leazes, Do you think Freddie Shepherd is a good chairman for NUFC?
  10. KK leaving was very sad for NUFC, in the end, i can't help feeling he fell short just a little. I think his nerve went and Fergie got to him. You could see him on the touchline in those last few games, transmitting his anxiety to the players, shame. If we'd have won, so much could have been different. Still it was up to the board to find a better manager than KK, they didn't. KK will alwys be a legend, it's an insult to him to mention his contribution to the club and Bellamy's in the same sentence, shame on you
  11. LM is starting to rant like a man who can't get a word in edgeways at home and is inflicting his vitriol on the rest of us
  12. No, but Everton did. 65041[/snapback] I rest my case! 65042[/snapback] We will see if Luque performs as well for Newcastle as Bellamy did 65237[/snapback] I think Bellamy was a part of a good team (under Robson), he wasn't (IMO) the single catalyst that made us CL material. If he was the kind of player that could singlehandedly turn a shower of shite into a top 4 outfit then Blackburn would already be on the fringes of it wouldn't they? Bellamy worked well with an in-form Robert (now past it), Solano (now past it), Dyer (when he was fit) and Shearer (when he could still move a little). Part of a good team, won't win you anything on his own.
  13. There's plenty of self-righteous types who are just out antagonise the rational, just gently sway your hand in the 'wanker' expression and ignore them. Jimbo must advise you to just have a wank but i'd be worried about what you might thinking about at such a senseitve time..............you don't images of Allardyce popping into your head at unexpected moments of rapture
  14. Don't all laugh at once, but i think Milner could succeed as a 'Paul Scholes' type of player, in a pale imitation sort of way.
  15. "Michael is a match-winner'' The problem i think, is that he seems to be our only match winner
  16. The bit about KK & Shearer partnership i don't like is the 'Shearer' ingredient, for the simple reason he has no experience and doesn't strike me as a modern kind of guy with a modern outlook on players and the way the game is played nowadays.
  17. Tbh the closest i get to Geordies (in the flesh) is talking to them in the pub while watching a game so i take that as my study group, allow for some standard deviation and make blind prejudice guesses about the rest from then However, in the pub, all you ever hear is: Shearer could still 'do a job if everyone gave him the right kind of ball' What do they mean by this? A beach ball?? 'Hard lines Alan' as he struggles to make it to the edge of the box when Zoggy crossed it in. 'Knowing the kind of man he is, he'll be a great manager, just you wait and see' Bryan Robson, Ray Wilkins, Terry Butcher, Glen Hoddle, Carlton Palmer.......the last one's a joke..........honest. Just blind Shearer love flowing through Geordie exiles drinking in south london pubs. Hope they're right because i reckon Fat Freddy is of the same mind
  18. People will always go on about his past performances (back when he was good), how he loves the club, bleeds black & white (because he's a Geordie), really knows good football, is a great laugh, tremendous help to the youngsters so must make a great manager in the making despite him greatly admiring managers like Dalgleish, Venables and Souness. Anyway, i actually like Alan Shearer and would want him to stay at the club in a coaching role but far away from the first team, young'uns and then maybe reserves until he proves himself while Hitzfeld guides the over-paid lot to reaching their potential. Won't happen i reckon. Shepherd would love to be at least liked by the Newcastle people after his and Dougie Hall's antics and has aligned himself with Shearer who is incredibly popular in the hope that some of the admiration might shift to him by proxy. So Shearer for manager and about 5 years to get it right, after Souness is going to get 2 years and he's practically hated! That's my humble opinion.
  19. I think some fans get very frustrated at other fans because they feel that if we all agreed that Souness had to go then this would magically happen. This is just wishful thinking IMO. He'll go when and if Shearer wants him to and Shearer appears to be above criticism for the majority of home based/Geordie NUFC supporters.
  20. Does Kluivert actually criticise Shearer or is he critical of the attitude towards Shearer by the management ?
  21. Parker without doubt. Has the potential to be Keane-like as far as ability goes, just hope he develops the same inspiring will-to-win.
  22. I am blame Asprilla. He is personally and solely responsible for us losing the title and all disappointments to date....tbh
  23. It's a direct quote, i'm not making it up!
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