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  1. You need to read up on evolution. 54812[/snapback] Man, there are a lot of things i need to read up on and even then, just because i've read a few books i wouldn't claim to be an authority. I can only comment on what little i can understand from what i see and what i think about (occasionaly) and then post an opinion. It's only my view, i wouldn't for one minute think i can change someone else's. Also i feel very free to change my mind if something impresses my limited perspective.
  2. A spot of 'Bedcunting' to describe the act of fornication is my new made up favourite.
  3. And there in lies the problem. And why I despise the fundamentalists on all sides - especially the muslim, jewish and christian zealots who are currently fucking up the world. 54806[/snapback] And the Buddhist's in Sri Lanka, wouldn't want any of the many middle class new recruits who buy into the idea that Buddhism has never started any trouble be mis-informed on that one.
  4. You make some interesting points. The fact that all socieities have a belief in God does not in any way prove that God exists. We have evolved to a social being whose survival depends on mutual co-operation. God is a man-made concept to get people to tow the line - look at the religious rules like don't eat pork - these were all practical advice at the time they were written (although interestingly not all apply now). Also factor in human's terrible fear of death and its not hard to see how the concept of God and heaven arose. I think part of the problem is that human beings have a percep
  5. This is some of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslim) theology. You gotta love this.... A.Scriptures The Nation of Islam feels that both the Koran and the Bible have been tampered with. “The Bible and the Holy Qur’an are filled with truth that leads up to the judgment…. The enemy [the white man] has tampered with the truth in both books; for he has been permitted to handle both books” (Muhammad, Message, 90). They are looking for another book, which is forthcoming. “Both the present Bible and the Holy Qur’an must soon give way to that Holy Book which no man as yet but Allah has seen. T
  6. [/i]The problem i think is that when someone says i believe in God and he created everything, everyone pictures of baby Jesus and The Spanish Inquisition and all the Religious wars or the down right bizarre ideas that all white people were created by an evil black scientist and pretty soon a spaceship will come and take all us good, righteous brothers and sisters back to Planet X, etc. As a quick aside, were an ethnic person claim to believe in God and they were shouted down and ridiculed it would be said to be cultural intolerance/imperialism but if a western person declares a religious b
  7. you been looking through my porn collection ! 54404[/snapback] I would that i had the time and the diligence 54416[/snapback] to be finished looking through his collection by the time your 90,you'd need to have started 8 years ago. 54418[/snapback] What do you think Jimbo will evolve into?
  8. you been looking through my porn collection ! 54404[/snapback] I would that i had the time and the diligence
  9. oh no it isnt,it's a whole science of evolutionary biology,which accounts for whole molecular evolutionary systems,not just humans,it even gives michael behe's irreducible complexity idea a good kicking.not new either as h.j muller was writing about it betwen the wars.i'll see if i cant find a handy synopsis of it. 54407[/snapback] Apologies, i'm refering to the evolution from apes to humans. Also i'd like to point out that i am not a biologist nor have i studied, just read the occasional book and article. On this basis alone i am sure that the idea that humans came from apes is
  10. Just to balance it out here, 'Evolution' is a theory not an established fact i believe. It's based on about a few hundred bone samples. If it was believed to be 100% reliable then certain strains of humans de/evolved back into apes as they went through time (something i consider likely evrytime i leave the house actually!) To take an occasional partial skeleton here and there and say you have the definitive answer is a bit of a jump as any biologist in the field will tell you. It doesn't mean it has to be GOD instead, there could be many answers, it's not just one of two. There's always the a
  11. Do you know what i mean???? Any excuse to bring my brethren into it
  12. Surely that's not even true of NUFC
  13. Was just thinking of possible formation alternatives that accomadate our players in positions they do well in, thoughts please. ..............................Given.............................. Carr............Taylor.............Boum.............Baba ..............................Parker............................. Solano...........Dyer............Emre.............Luque ..............................Owen.............................. Good protection for the defence. Wouldn't be expecting Owen to hold the ball up but i think we could (instead of lumping it forward) play
  14. It would be history repeating itself though wouldn't it? Local lad for a manger replaced by dour scotsman who no one likes but makes a couple of decent signings who is then replaced by media friendly ex-chelsea coach
  15. Just might make him less sh*te tbh.
  16. Good defensively but he looks limited going forward. I think he was a bit exposed at times with Nobby tucking in a lot. With regard to the marks, I think everyone is subconsciously a little more generous when we win. 51488[/snapback] I do feel that we would definately benefit from having fullbacks who can bomb down the flanks more. Both Nobby and Zog seemed to tuck in quite a bit yesterday which I think helped us dominate the centre of the park but it also (at times) left us a little narrow. If we had fullbacks who can attack a bit better (Wayne Bridge anyone?) I think it could
  17. As Alex said, he was exposed a bit because Nobby kept drifting infield with a view to make a link between midf and attack. Ramage is not quick or strong like Taylor nor is he aggressive like Taylor and he hasn't much ability on the ball. He'll have to be an intelligent player to make up for this if he isn't to be discarded. It can happen, Gary Neville has definitely improved over the years, quite a lot actually. I would play Carr over Ramage as it stands.
  18. Given the fact that we haven't got an alterantive for Shola (as back-up to Shearer) then i think he should be used a little differently. It's not a question of playing to his strengths but rather playing him in a way that doesn't so obviously expose his weakness. I think the answer, if you have to play him and Shearer can't be expected to play every game, is to get him to drop deep to get the ball, he's shite receiving the ball with his back to goal and a defender up his jacksy but he's a little better if he has a bit of space to turn with the ball and run. I would then want him to pass it to
  19. When they had their good spell after we scored i thought all the danger was down our right, i.e. Ramage's side. Also his passing is atrocious. He doesn't get good grades just for being a Geordie surley?
  20. I saw it on Sky. Given..................8 Couple of great saves, good all round. Baba...................8 Best i've seen him in a while, good tackling, good passing. All their attacks down that side struggled. Boum..................7 Managed to out muscle the burly duo of Kanu and Earnshaw!! Not bad though. Taylor.................8 Was better than Boumsong though '8' seems generous. Ramage..............5 A couple of dodgy moments when defending, sh*te on the ball for the most part. Looks like an average CB playing at FB. Don't think he has a great future ahead of him tbh. Zoggy......
  21. 1. Want to make quite clear that I've never used stats to judge a player. However, as it is a stone cold fact that one player scored and created more goals than the rest of our midfield put together I'd suggest a good manager would try to get more from that player. It seems to be accepted by most that Mr Souness had it in for Robert and Bellamy the day he walked in the door. That's a lot of our attacking threat facing being booted out of the club. 2. It can be said that Owen is a replacement for Shearer on the basis that Owen is a goalscorer just as Shearer is. Owen is definitely not a rep
  22. Statistics can prove that Jesus was, in general, a very sad guy....
  23. Alex, we all know that this comment is good craic anaral but lets be honest it is the best argument against how even a football expert can get it so wrong. If a manager like SBR of impeccable credentials can be wrong just what does it say about someone like Souness and some of his decisions. 50656[/snapback] By football expert you mean Blaydon, right? 50658[/snapback] Yeah because Blaydon picked the starting 11 for what, at least the last 4 years, prior to Souness and he often told the press how Viana was a DM. 50660[/snapback] Did SBR ever say Viana was a D
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