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  1. why did he drop the 'puff' bit ? anyway - jennifer lopez supposedly used to let him spank her - RESPECT.
  2. strictly alpha order - once you reach a certain sized collection, its the only way.
  3. to each there own mate - i like mine 'on display' sometimes its not even the film - its the packaging but i have got some great stuff - like the i, robot and alien heads - the jap kill bills with the toys - the matrix attache case to name but a few. the jap shawshank redemption tinbox is rather lush too.
  4. a lot. got about 1200 titles in all at the mo. have a look for a user called 'juraa' on that forum in the collection subforum - the bloke's insane. he buys every single limited edition dvd from all over the world. i'm not kidding - he's got everything. but he only collects the le's. biggest collection ive ever come across is one that has almost 5500 ( http://browsedvd.com/_wsn/page3.html ) now that is big - i'm just an amatuer.
  5. this ride wasnt very well thought out
  6. dont even bother with the booze now
  7. i come across a lot of it and they are often true- i work for the dwp. for example - the irish (again) each time they came to the uk they would re-register and be given a new national insurance number instead of using the original. then, when they claim their pension, they wonder why it takes so long to finalise. i had one bloke with 5 different numbers - took fucking ages to sort. they also swap numbers - if an elder brother comes to the uk to work then goes home and then the younger brother comes out - he'll use his brothers number. total nightmare the jamaicans, did you know that
  8. question: does that mean the bigger the animal, the more socialy acceptable it is ?
  9. this thread is useless without pics
  10. this is serena (beefy) williams - and ive always prefered his sis however - i recently came across this pic of serena and fucking hell - what an arse
  11. heres mine - http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index....ewcastle_online
  12. ive had my oakley juliets for about 2 years now - best sunglasses i ever had. trouble is, i'm now after some of the x metal xx's and theyre not exactly cheap
  13. I'd definitely hold off the PSP mate, tbh I just use mine to play movies on. Ive had it since April and the only games Ive been impressed with are Ridge Racer and Lumines. Been a lot more impressed with the DS. I'll be getting one. Was going to hold off and wait for the first price drop but with all the recent announcements, RE5 and Ridge Racer 6 on LIVE. I think I'll get one at launch. I would be surprised if it was less than £250. Kutaragi has been making some very strange comments about the PS3 recently, how its not aimed at the household and its not a gams machine, make it sound like
  14. could be a lot of fun - its a shame we didnt have one on previously - reading hughsies abortion thread would have been a hoot.
  15. Good use of Skinner's legend theory there. 4387[/snapback] 50 cent
  16. i heard about this weeks ago - i'd heard he got it for 15 quid and picked it up that afternoon.
  17. Lazarus


    heres some real nasty sharkses
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