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  1. Is That We Embark by Air India Flight 182 http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2308/251694...8bd5d0e.jpg?v=0
  2. Saw Milners, when he swapped shirts. About the size of a match box with a strap on.
  3. should se a doctor or a physisisithist. you could have knocked a piece of bone back or something.
  4. haha. what will the other reserve teams think. Owen - Ameobi partnership
  5. this has to be my favourite bit
  6. very under-rated. he was the english maradona...
  7. ---------------MARTINS----OWEN------------------ ------------------------DYER------------------------ ---------------EMRE------------PARKER------------ --DUFF-----------------------------------SOLANO-- ---------EDGAR----GOOCH----TAYLOR------------ ----------------------GIVEN--------------------------
  8. ---Milner---Emre---Dyer---N'Zog--- ------------Owen---Martins----------
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