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  1. A Tribute To Kevin

    Yes exceptional times and an exceptional man, an absolute legend of the club and my ultimate sporting hero. I would have him back here as manager in an instant. He was aware of the great potential of the club and he had the ambition and the backing to realise that potential The way he was treated by Ashley was unforgiveable
  2. Brighton V Newcastle

    Most important game of the season to date as far as I'm concerned so would like to see us play the strongest possible team available. No trying out youngsters or resting our top players, lets actually try and progress in this competition for a change. Its our only possible chance of a trophy and if we continue to play weakened teams in the cup competitions then we are never going to compete for anything ever again. The kick off time is an absolute disgrace and says everything about what the FA and the club think of the travelling supporters.
  3. We won't be relegated darlings

    Even if we spend £20m in January, (which is less than we should have spent in the summer), then I think anyone who supports him still deserves to be criticised. Surely no one still supports him?
  4. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by a forrin team

    Yes but last season in my opinion we made a number of really good purchases for a relatively small outlay and we were fortunate with injuries which resulted in a much better than expected season. It was always going to be unsustainable without further significant investment and so instead of building on what we had achieved we have gone backwards thanks to Ashley's lack of ambition. We can't expect to challenge for a top 4 place or become a top 5 or 6 club when we have one of the lowest net spends of any Premier League club in the last 5 years, it just won't happen. As far as I'm aware Pardew has said very little and that why he was appointed - he's prepared to go along with the policy
  5. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by a forrin team

    Pardew was appointed as a yes man by Ashley and he never seems to protest about the chronic lack of investment and ambition shown by the owner. This complete lack of ambition demonstrated by one of the lowest net spends of any premier league club over the last 5 years has taken us from the brink of challenging for a top 4 place (which is the least a club with the size of our support should expect) to mid table mediocrity at best and Pardew has said nothing - which is why he was appointed in the first place
  6. 12.30 kick off - Nice of ITV and the FA to consider the travelling supporters.
  7. Another pitiful away allocation

    Agree with you 100%. We have one of the largest away supports in the country or at least we did have until Ashley started taking reduced allocations. Our away support is one of the things that makes me proud to be a Newcastle fan and we are respected nationally for the size of our away following, its often one of the first talking points, or it used to be. All this is being destroyed by Ashley. It makes me sick to see some medium sized clubs getting bigger allocations at certain away grounds than we do. I've even heard taunts from fans about not selling all our tickets etc (by Man City fans last season which is laughable when they can't even sell all their home tickets). Its another example of the complete contempt Ashley has for Newcastle fans
  8. Newcastle United v Bordeaux

    Because sadly the Premier League is the only thing that seems to matter and we need to concentrate on qualifying for the Europa League next season
  9. Pardew, Carver and Stone Handed 8-Year Contracts

    He's done a decent enough job so far, but giving him an 8 year contract seems ludicrous to me. He's not Wenger or Fergurson for god's sake and I'm not aware of any other manager on such a long term contract. However he is a yes man and he's prepared to work on a shoe string budget - exactly what Ashley wants He's also competent enough to keep us in the Premier League for the next 8 years, nothing more - and sadly thats the sum total of Ashley's ambition for Newcastle United
  10. Manchester United v Newcastle United

    Very sad to see we are playing a much weakened team yet again for a cup game. We will never win a trophy again with this approach and attitude. Its also a disgrace that tickets are £45 for what is in effect not much more than a reserve game. Its only a few years ago that Arsenal charged £10 against us in an equivalent round of the League Cup and got a 60,000 crowd
  11. Champions League or Winning a Trophy

    Trophy and strongest possible team every time for me Nothing beats the excitement of a big cup game
  12. Manchester United v Newcastle United

    I would like us to play our strongest possible team for this game. I would love to win the League cup. Its ok people saying it doesn't matter - but it does - try getting hold of a ticket if we get to Wembley - demand would be massive. Who cares whether we finish 6th or 12th in the premier league - who will remember that in 10 years time. It used to be brilliant travelling away in the League and FA Cup, taking thousands of fans with us, more exciting than the league and sadly its starting to disappear Silverware is what its about and and its about time we started taking the cups seriously
  13. Maritimo v Newcastle United --- 20/09/2012

    I understand the points that are being made but I suspect that even if we get through the group stage and into the knockout stages the club will still see the Premier League as the priority and will still not play full strength teams, which is wrong in my opinion. With that approach we will never win a trophy again. I would much rather concentrate on the cups and if we slip a few places in the league as a consequence then so what. Its not like we have a chance of winning the league or finishing in the top 4 and I don't think we will go down so lets prioritise the cups and try and win some silverware - we have a team good enough to do it
  14. Maritimo v Newcastle United --- 20/09/2012

    Gutted. Made the effort to get back to watch this match. Empty stadium, reserve team, poor game, very few Newcastle fans (and who can blame them). Its not what dreams are made of is it I would rather we were not in the competiton - if the club can't take it seriously why should we? I hope the club will apologise to the 100 or so fans who paid £400+ to watch the reserves Still, we must concentrate on trying to finish 6th in the league so that we can qualify for the Europa League next season
  15. Maritimo v Newcastle United --- 20/09/2012

    Twat I would rather win a trophy than challenge for 4th in the league and qualify for a competition we have no chance of winning
  16. Maritimo v Newcastle United --- 20/09/2012

    What I'm saying is we should be taking this cup competition just as seriously as the Premier League - we won't win the premier league or finish in the top 4 so lets prioritise the cups and try and win some silverware - if that means finishing a few places lower in the premier league then so what
  17. Maritimo v Newcastle United --- 20/09/2012

    Couldn't agree more. We should be playing our strongest team possible to try and progress and win a trophy for the first time in 43 years. Whats the point in entering the competition if we don't take it seriously. To me its more important than finishing 7th or 8th in the PL - no silverware for that. Can't understand why so many people think its acceptable to play a weakened team and to not take these cup competitions seriously. We will never win a trophy again with this sort of approach. Its also a disgrace to the travelling fans.
  18. Mike Ashley approval rating

    He has no ambition for the club and I will never forgive him for the way he treated Kevin Keegan and the complete contempt he has shown for the supporters and the traditions of Newcastle United
  19. Sunday Games

    Most of the games I go to are on Saturday. Trains are far more reliable, frequent and quicker for Saturday games and its nice to have a few beers without worrying about a hangover at work the next day. I would have said Sunday games are bad news for most fans who go away regularly or have to travel some distance to the home games. But the Premier League and the club couldn't couldn't give a shit about travelling supporters though, or any supporters for that matter, thats why so many games are moved for TV at short notice etc
  20. NUFC Europa League Group Thread

    Can't see the point in playing in the Europa League unless we take it seriously. More than anything else we need to win a trophy and this competition gives us a chance. I thought Stoke's approach last year was poor, (although better than Bolton's and Villa's in the past) - they played all those games to get through to the knockout stages and then played a reserve team at Valencia despite only being a goal down in the first leg - absolutely pathetic imo More than anything else I want us to start taking the cup competitions seriously and if the league position suffers then so be it - its a price worth paying if we can win a trophy for the first time in 43 years
  21. Newcastle United v Atromitos Athens

    I hope we put a full strength team out and take the competition seriously. Assuming we do get through to the group stage, are people expecting us to play full strength teams and really have a go at progressing in this competition? Personally I really hope we give it our best shot. My fear is that we will play weakened teams, limp through the group stage at best and go out of the competition as soon as we hit some quality opposition. I really hope we don't end up doing a Bolton, Villa or even a Stoke. Would rather go out at an early stage if thats the case
  22. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Watched Mesrine parts 1 and 2 (part 1 - Killer Instinct and part 2 - Public Enemy #1). True story about France's most well known and notorious criminal - fantastic films, great acting, thought provoking dialogue, would put the second part in my top 20 films ever, it was that good and the first part was really good as well. Don't know if anyone has seen this and thinks the same as me but I would strongly recommend it, particularly for people who like films like Scarface, Goodfellas etc
  23. The absolute very best song writers

    Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul Weller, Ray Davies, Frank Black and John Lennon are 6 of my favourites - All brilliant but I think Dylan just edges it due to the brilliant combination of melody and lyrics
  24. Recommend me something to watch!

    For US tv series, first 2 series of Deadwood were really good and first series of Broadwalk Empire was superb. Looking forward to watching second series of Broadwalk Empire, hope it can maintain the standard of the first series.
  25. Rangers enter Administration

    Pride counts for a lot, or it should do, and if I was a Rangers fan I would actually want to start in Division 3. Would be interesting to know how many Rangers fans would agree

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