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  1. World Cup 2014

    Chiellini must've had a chip on his shoulder.
  2. World Cup 2014

    How many stonewall chances has Sturridge missed so far this tournament? Bet the bastard would have buried all of them for the scousers.
  3. Jill

    Happy Birthday!
  4. World Cup 2014

    Not a very good one.
  5. Mathieu Debuchy

    I was jovially referring to playing our naturally-offense-minded right back in a defensive role. Can't have any player who might push us into a european place and endanger the next season's chances of survival. They'll get a decent bid for him and he'll be off a few games into the season - then we'll get the 'we couldn't get a deal done in time' spiel.
  6. Mathieu Debuchy

    Le Pardewed.
  7. World Cup 2014

    Danny Hogginbotham.
  8. Florida suggestions please

    Get to Ybor city - you can ride the tram out of Tampa there (it's not a city like we'd know it) and go see a load of cigar shops, tattoo parlours and a pretty decent ice cream cafe.
  9. World Cup 2014

    My TV is HD and the difference between games is very little. Have to justify splashing out on a fancy telly though, eh?
  10. World Cup 2014

    Get in Cameroon. "Party poopers" now. It's almost as cringey as Clive Tyldesley shouting "BOFANA BOFANA" when South Africa scored the opener at the last WC.
  11. Florida suggestions please

    The Mummy was incredible. Never been on a ride like it. I liked the Spiderman and Dragon Challenge (we were in the front) rides, Simpsons was alright but hasn't it replaced Back to the Future?
  12. World Cup 2014

    This commentator sounds like a prat.
  13. Florida suggestions please

    Sanibel Island is great for food places and chilling out on a beach. The bairns and adults will really enjoy Cheeburger Cheeburger (http://cheeburger.com/home2/index.asp). Diner-style place that does incredible burgers and shakes etc. Fricking huge basket of fresh onion rings too! If you fancy it, go to Estero and catch a Florida Everblades ice hockey game if the season's in full swing - you can spot up-and-coming NHLers if you're lucky and it's far cheaper & easier to get a ticket than the NHL games. Universal is by far the best theme park there and well worth splurging on queue jump tickets if you've got a bit of money to burn. Swerve Tampa Bay - it's shit.
  14. World Cup 2014

    Bloody Dutch. I hate teams who dive all over the place.
  15. Corn beef, sweet onion chutney and gherkin sandwich. Love corn beef.
  16. World Cup 2014

    Not much of one tbf. They'll have to stick 5 (i think) past Ghana at least assuming the Germans beat USA 1-0.
  17. World Cup 2014

  18. World Cup 2014

    Given his reaction to that 'elbow', it must've been mighty difficult being Meireles' tattooist.
  19. World Cup 2014

  20. World Cup 2014

    No organisation at the back. Miles away from when Hiddink took them to the semis.
  21. World Cup 2014

    They're massively overrated tbh. Kompany easily their best player.
  22. World Cup 2014

    Loved watching that one, both teams going for it. Would be a shame to see Ghana go out of this tournament this early.
  23. World Cup 2014

    Just seems a bit off that he's now tied with Ronaldo on goals scored. I know it takes special talent to score so many in the competition but still doesn't sit right given their styles of play.
  24. World Cup 2014

    Get in Ghana!
  25. World Cup 2014

    Give over man, not many players at this WC could score a goal like that. It's horrible for Iran given the shift they put in but you have to play to the final whistle.

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