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  1. Lovely dodging from the original post
  2. Nugent didnt' do much apart from nick that goal, but he didnt really have time.
  3. Remember that program 'There's something about Miriam'? How would you react if you kissed a man-she, without knowing, and then he/she confessed after the kiss/grope?
  4. Bramble, Baba, Luque, Carr. Two or three of those shits.
  5. Then people would be annoyed because they are being kept in the dark... Everyones going to moan at some point, I have myself, I'm just sick of doing it. Sad really.
  6. Strange, I can see my breath outside like.
  7. Put it this way, I'd be more upset if he was planning on soldiering forward with some of the crock of shit in our squad.
  8. Eh? He's identifying players which aren't good enough, and is going to get rid of them. Stop moaning for fucks sake.
  9. 27 year old and you're still worrying about going into Harry Ramp shops rather than worrying about getting yourself a bargain? Some quality stuff in Aldi. The Chocolate Mousse they used to do was lush. Aldi, Netto, both good shit
  10. Bout 7 miles from mine to Gosforth/Longbenton. At my new job, which I've not started, it's a two minute walk.
  11. Nah, the shop in the Silverlink.
  12. Btw, I cancelled my orders and bought them separately from Borders. I couldnt' find out which book was makig my order delayed.
  13. Fucking tosser. I'll cream my pants if the mackems fail to get into the premiership, I really will. Two seasons in the championship would be too much for glory Roy to take imo, will be looking straight to the premiership after that.
  14. Isn't it real like ? Thought he did a play where he gets his wanger out?
  15. You must have requesrted that they come in one bundle to save money....and one of them is out of stock. Worth a new thread that like. You're fucking joking, this thread is Shakespeare compared so some of the halk-baked, pissed-up bullshit, thats often posted on here, post Friday/Sat nights
  16. Bought four books from Amazon. When I first ordered, is said, 'order now to have your books delivered by Sat 2pm' Great. No deleveries today, so I checked my order status, and it says ' estimated delivery time, 24 April 2007 - 11 May 2007. Are they fucking joking?
  17. Cheers mate! I went to Norham High, its really cleared it up for me.
  18. I was a Judo blackbelt between 6-9. Lost interest when I was bummed out of a trophy in Halifax, the mug gave the other lad the 7 points, when it was mine. My mam was fuming, and I just gave up after that. My mam then bought me a trophy to make me feel better, aww. I wish I stuck at it, I'd be a fucking beast now. Now I'm a lazy bastard.
  19. You can imagine him now, sat in an armchair surrounded by scrapbooks of press clippings, staring off into an undefined point, a single tear trickling down his cheek, caressing his old football boots wistfully.
  20. How we about we all go down the Magic Latern, for a two for one pub lunch, and a few ales?
  21. All can batter on about how shit he is, but he has been one of the players, who has looked the most composed on the ball all season. Technically, he's better than most in our squad, to be honest. He far surpassed my initial expectations, and he doesn't deserve the shit he gets.
  22. I can't imagine Roeder saying that to Edgar, no fucking way.
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