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  1. Kings street club, north shields, ALL ABOARD!
  2. Its my birthday party the neet too! Gerrin!
  3. If true, Nicky Butt has the bad aids.
  4. Double post. Can't delete it for some reason.
  5. Someone should ask Craig Hope tbh Typical German... boring as fuck
  6. Well some of us can't read those links, so what's the crack? It was the most recent insider information from the team on your new website. Why not just sign up on ohmelads if you want to pursue the feud? Taylor 27, I had no input into the story on ohmelads.com, so what are you getting at? I phoned Nick and told him I saw someone who looked like Hypia at St James, and he then decided to post that madness on there. So, again, what are you making a point of?
  7. For the record, I'm not in the know, neither is NSG. Stevie came to me with information from a reputable source, and we put it on the website. Personally, I couldnt care less if people don't beleive it, I would be skeptical the otherway around (depending on the person who was telling me it) I think N-O have something similiar as in a ITK section, I'm not too sure, but this is what this. It's not something thats going to believed easily, if people don't know the source, but people who know stevie, will know he's got no reason to lie. I hardly want hits on the website after 3 days
  8. You will be amazed mate, and you'll look like a mug when I drag this thread up, when all of the Scotswood parafins are welcoming him outside SJP. FACT.
  9. * THE leading toon site of the last 24 hours going by my bias records.
  10. Couldn't happen to a more of a 'nothing' club.
  11. 80 pound a month? I've got the full package, including Sky broadband, and I only pay 54 quid a month.
  12. 20, 21 next month, and I have a license.
  13. Martins love affair with the woodcock in the Reading game
  14. Can I join the club? I've been in hospital for testicles too! Torsion, mine, though.
  15. You got 9 right! Ayekaramba - you're tops.
  16. Aye, like I said, he's not what we need here, but theres no need to slag the bloke off for doing his job. I have no clue how good he is, but I know I couldnt judge him on a years work.
  17. You reckon he's got what it takes? Jesus christ. I didnt say he deserved to be at this club, he got given the job. He's 35 for fucks sake, give him a chance. Maybe not at Newcastle, but fuck me, why write someone off so early?
  18. You reckon he's got what it takes? How do you know he hasn't?
  19. Nowt wrong with Clark. No one can knock his ability yet, not at all, too early. Maybe he shouldn't be at a premiership club yet, but why would he turn it down? To coach at Newcastle would be a dream job. Don't understand why people slag him off, fair enough Terry Mac, as we know he's a glorified wankpot, but to slag off a rookie coach, no sense.
  20. I've got Sky Broadband. It's bloody brilliant! Fine for X-Box 360 like. Free wireless modem too. I got my subscription free for a year, cos I've been a legendary customer for years!
  21. Made the same mistake with Speed. Keep him. Experienced, fit, and just what we need in the centre.
  22. To be fair, that's exactly what's happened with Duff. Also, Roeder didn't say 2-3 months. He said 'a few games.' Why don't you fuck off with your support of Roeder just because no one else is, you just love being an individual. I love the way he says injuries aren't an excuse and then spends half the interview talking about them. And Duff was playing shite before any injury. He's not showing support. He's merely stating facts.
  23. Eye Poppers- Bought mainly at Ice Cream vans. Cadburys Secrets were immense too. Snap and Crackle bars. *Swoons*
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