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  1. That's my take on it as well. Maybe we were just more aggressive against Leeds, but we absolutely dominated them. Found that far harder against most other teams IMO.
  2. It's TRon if you're wondering. I'm registered on here but I forgot me effing password.
  3. I don't fancy Rafa's job of picking a side to win on Monday. Hopefully it will be more like the one he put out against Leeds. Get Mbemba back in there and play in their half. I know Rafa likes his players in defensive formation but the way Lascelles is playing that's too risky.
  4. They won't need to try hard IMO, we are beating ourselves at the moment. Leeds and Ipswich aren't good championship sides, if we weren't handing them daft goals from nowhere we'd be promoted by now.
  5. That was it. You not posting on NO any more Parky?
  6. Can't remember now. It's been a while, It used to drive me mental.
  7. Aye that was me. I feel a bit shan for using this now like. I can remove the avatar if it might cause problems.
  8. I'm banned from the other site for using unacceptable language (I think) on the match thread. Got to vent somewhere, this is the other place I used to post under a different username, but I forgot my password for that account.
  9. I know that is what a lot of people think, but I didn't go along with it before. But the way we have hit the rocks in the last few games will give him the perfect excuse to mess Rafa around. Most of the players who are faltering in form were already here before Rafa was appointed mind. Just hope Ashley can see that, but I wouldn't count on it.
  10. I would advise against that in general.
  11. That was true up to a point. I'm starting to think if we get there by default, Ashley is going to start thinking seriously whether he trusts Rafa with the sort of funds he'll be looking for.
  12. I think that obsevation may be wide of the mark. For while Ashley may have £billions, he isn't a true geordie, an accusation that could never be levelled at Freddie Shepherd. The southern press certainly need to raise their standards though, they are rubbish compared to us.
  13. Yes geordie friends, I did used to post on N-Online, alas I found their lack of understanding of what makes us local and proud dispiriting. Not to mention the fact they wiped my user profile but that's their loss. Who's to say the users on this site might not benefit from some local geordie wisdom on footballing matters? And where will that leave N-online? In the proverbial shit my friends. As young Clarkie would often telephone me and say: "in the shit"
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