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  1. You are being a spoiled brat. It might still happen yet.
  2. Does he actually rate ASM? I tried reading his last few posts and my eyes just glazed over. The white text on black background didn't help mind.
  3. He's never going to be an instinctive striker, I think Howe is playing him more for his link play and general nuisance value. He's a weird one, sometimes he can look absolute class, then then next minute he's falling over the ball.
  4. Cheers Alex, I would wear that all day long.
  5. Aye, I actually miss Gibson, he was never afraid to upset a few people at the club if he thought it was warranted. ^ That shirt that Supermac is wearing is lush btw.
  6. I still maintain to this day that the mackems copied our badge design btw. I first wrote a scathing letter about this in the Pink decades ago and John Gibson replied "Meow!" the senile fuck. If you're reading this Gibbo, you know fine well they did.
  7. I do believe we can still avoid the drop, but it's a massive job with our remaining fixture list. Bruce and Ashley more or less guaranteed our relegation before the takeover, this is going to need a bigger turnaround than when Keegan took over from Fat Sam back in 2008.
  8. Not really a fan of the grandad collars on the new shirts, think they just look a bit pointless. Other than that ok I guess. Personally I've always thought Juve's style of white shorts and socks make the black and white stripes on the shirt stand out better, but I guess the traditionalists won't agree.
  9. While this was seen as a must win fixture, it was also a must not lose one. Brentford are one of those teams who we need to stay in touch with, a loss would have made that gap even wider. These points will all add up at the end of the season.
  10. Honestly if you asked me to choose between Potter or Southgate as England manager right now, I'd probably choose Potter. Potter looks like a coach who can make any 11 players work to his methods. Southgate just seems to be playing the safest options despite having some really talented player at his disposal.
  11. Joelinton's a funny one, I used to find myself defending him a lot precisely because he did a lot of good work outside the penalty area IMO, but he showed very little killer instinct in front of goal. But there's part of me that thinks Howe is the type of manager who will work on that and get him making more aggressive runs into the box. He's never going to be a natural striker, but I wouldn't be surprised if he plays quite a lot for the remainder of the season just because of what he brings in link up play. You have to re-evaluate basically everyone based upon the change in style and tempo of our game now. Matt Ritchie and Fraser for example, are going to be a lot more effective in the final third than they would ever be playing in their own half.
  12. Willock is a central midfielder, while it's great that he can score goals, he has to be bossing games first and foremost, that's what being a central midfielder is all about. You have to do the dirty work as well as apply the finishing touches. That would be the concern of a Shelvey/Willock pairing, neither are going to give the defence much protection.
  13. Yep. It's just our bad luck that a lot of our easier fixtures were in the first couple of months when Bruce was running a holiday camp. Put Howe in charge at the beginning of the season and we wouldn't be here.
  14. Really feel like that gift goal from Darlow gave Brentford a massive lift after we had just gone ahead. The crowd would have been right up for it at that point, could easily have scored another one and put the game to bed.
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