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  1. is they guy in the 3rd picture real?
  2. pretty good usually play centre mid or on the wing. got a great right foot if a say so myself
  3. http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....ationid=1032962 bought that razor a few weeks back and its the best ive had its a double sided single blade so it lasts ages without havin to change the blade and u get a good few blades with it
  4. Film you watched at the Cinema: Shrek the Third album you got: Arctic Monkeys - Favorite Worst Nightmare DVD you got: Napoleon Dynamite Book you read: The Black and Tans
  5. div-s-

    i want a wii

    dont play bowling near low hanging lights
  6. its getting a bit to gay for me to am not a homophobe a just dot like seeing men kiss
  7. the man has a point a fucking hate that cow with a passion
  8. a fuckin hate her although she looks better now than she did last year
  9. div-s-

    Oh lord

    personally a think hollyoaks is good and aye cos it takes up a whole fucking night man and its boring as fuck!
  10. div-s-

    Oh lord

    the eurovision is possibly the biggest waste of a television programme ever
  11. watching Hot Shots! Part Deux the now what a film lol
  12. there robbing bastards they probably wear black and white striped jumpers in their call centres. got charged nearly an extra 15 quid onto my t in the park tickets for delivery and fuck knows what else!!!
  13. av always been a short tempered cunt....i dunno why tho
  14. cheers mate that should do him nicely
  15. no a stay in glasgow mate
  16. My bro is doing a uni dissertation on football revenue and asked me to find out if anyone can give him the most recent annual accounts for Newcastle. He looked on the website but they weren't on it like some other clubs have. if anyone has any info that would be great. thanks
  17. buckfast blue mad dog vodka, lemonade + blue aftershock morgans and coke kopparberg pear cider
  18. div-s-


    there the best ones tho, especially when your drunk
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