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  1. Sir Bobby Robson passes away age 76

    devastated,rip sir Bobby, a true gentleman who had a love for football unrivalled.
  2. Predictions for tonight.

    2-1 the toon, brickin it though,we bound to gan doon to ten men with 15 mins to gan and have to defend till the death lol, summat always happens to us to make it fuckin hard!
  3. The blooding of youth.

    I liked the look of him the couple of times i have seen him, canny keeper.
  4. West Brom (A)

    My arse will never twitch as much as long as i live!
  5. Man City 2-1 Newcastle United

    Fuckin depressing thats all i knaa!!!
  6. 10m bid for M'bia ?

    It fucking sickens me the way this club is being run.
  7. Viva La Keegan

    Makes me even more depressed now lol.
  8. Wigan Athletic vs Newcastle United

    Confidence is high i think we will nick a win by the odd goal, 2-1
  9. Brilliant result, 3 well taken goals and if Martins had gone in woulda been one of the goals of the season.
  10. Newcastle United 2-2 Wigan Athletic

    3-1 win for the lads, a must win game most definately.
  11. Newcastle United vs Sunderland

    I am hoping for a win but i reckon a 2-2 draw.
  12. Rumour on Skunkers

    Hope it happens as soon as possible and gets some stability back at the club.
  13. Newcastle v Man City

    I was a bit gutted we never took all 3 points to be honest, even though when we went down to ten men i thought we were gonna get battered, a gritty in ya face performance from the lads, we should be ok, bring on the unwashed!!!
  14. And so it begins

    Typical of our luck at the minute, hope he is fit for the derby.
  15. The Match-Everton vs Newcastle

    Great fightback from the lads, could of nicked it in the end, all in all a good result.

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