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  1. devastated,rip sir Bobby, a true gentleman who had a love for football unrivalled.
  2. 2-1 the toon, brickin it though,we bound to gan doon to ten men with 15 mins to gan and have to defend till the death lol, summat always happens to us to make it fuckin hard!
  3. I liked the look of him the couple of times i have seen him, canny keeper.
  4. My arse will never twitch as much as long as i live!
  5. Fuckin depressing thats all i knaa!!!
  6. It fucking sickens me the way this club is being run.
  7. Makes me even more depressed now lol.
  8. Confidence is high i think we will nick a win by the odd goal, 2-1
  9. Brilliant result, 3 well taken goals and if Martins had gone in woulda been one of the goals of the season.
  10. 3-1 win for the lads, a must win game most definately.
  11. I am hoping for a win but i reckon a 2-2 draw.
  12. Hope it happens as soon as possible and gets some stability back at the club.
  13. I was a bit gutted we never took all 3 points to be honest, even though when we went down to ten men i thought we were gonna get battered, a gritty in ya face performance from the lads, we should be ok, bring on the unwashed!!!
  14. Typical of our luck at the minute, hope he is fit for the derby.
  15. Great fightback from the lads, could of nicked it in the end, all in all a good result.
  16. One of the lads just had a bairn, it is annoying I can't get him some toon related tat. I bet that hurt.
  17. I would make him staying my number one priority on the playing front.
  18. The company is one of lots of companies owned by the 5th richest man in the world whose last name is Maktoum or summat according to SSN.
  19. Terry mac and Adam sadler have left the club.
  20. A good point. Keegan's gone and to bring him back would be farcical. If he did bring Keegan back i am sure he would be in charge of which players he brings to the club, and if it didnt work out after he had spent millions i am sure Keegan would be the first to admit it, we wouldnt see the same debacle we see now,what i am saying is Keegan will be given the chance to do it his way and if it doesnt work out we will move on.
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