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  1. what on this showing do you think we need, and where do we beleive we'll end up in the league. INVESTMENT !!!! money needs spent in every position except possibly goal keeper Final Position 18th
  2. this pancake guy looks just what we need or hopefully this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfHvDebWsuA...feature=related
  3. I think Ryan Taylor hasn't done THAT badly this season tbh, he is the only player capable of putting a good ball although Enrique does have his moments. He isn't a winger at all though. I'm not really sure what he is. He has at least some technical ability but he can't defend, can't run, can't beat his man.... It'd be fine if our strikers had pace or if our central midfielders could actually pick a pass, but as it is I feel we need the wide players to get up and support the strikers more, and R. Taylor doesn't have the attributes to play that part. Yet he's scored more goal than
  4. 20 goals in 188 games thats 1 in 9 for a striker thats shite, we have better already but they say he also play wide right and we need somone there. If all the offers he's had in France are true he must think he's going to make a killing wages wise, shame
  5. And when it goes tits up what happens to the money, who stands the loss, everyone?
  6. Well the fat cockney cunt is now trying to take away our human rights by stopping our freedom of speech Bastard, I hope his next shit is a hedgehog and he dies a long and painfull death
  7. The 20 million is to pay off outstanding transfer dealings by Freddy Shepherd. This needs to be payed by the first week in November thats why he was desperate to sell before the end of October. Prospective buyers would have seen this and thought fuck that he's trying to shaft us, hence fat fuck is still here, puppet boy is manager and the supporters shafted yet again
  8. Harper Simpson S Taylor Coloccini Enrique Jonas Guthrie Smith R Taylor Nolan Amaobi
  9. Mid Table...........Oh I love an optomist..........we haven't got the depth of squad and now we're down to kids. We are starting to pick up injuries and dont have any real cover, we have an extra eight games + cup games, no manager, a fu(ing lunatic for an owner. All we can look forward to is oblivian at this rate!!! RIP NUFC
  10. Players out by end of transfer window: Krul, Butt, S Taylor, Coloccini, Jonas, Xisco, Caroll. Caroll to West Ham, Krull to Asenal, Butt to Wolves This bloke must be stopped or we won't have a club in this city!!
  11. I want to know why we are always away on boxing day, 8 years on the bounce this year. At least it's not Lancashire this year for a change
  12. Just been on SSN Ashley has taken the club off the market and appointed O'bleary as manager
  13. Mike Ashley finding out he has incureable galloping cock rot would be a result
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