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  1. Hahahaha. Different board, same Shaun. Enjoy him TT dwellers.
  2. We've been handed a winnable tie. We should do the decent thing and go and win it. By all means rest one or two but it should be a as near to full strength as feasibly possible. I'd consider going to this, but having been to the league cup game at Posh, I'd really want to know before I commited the cash if we were going to try and win it or not.
  3. I was disappointed in Swansea to be honest. Having watched them a few times on the telly they have always seemed very incisive with their passing, in a kind of cheaper welsh arsenal sort of way. They had plenty of the ball but frankly only little Dyer ever looked threatening. They had a couple of chances but very rarely got round the back of us. Colo was inspired, he had a real none shall pass attitude about him. Although overall Harewood was poor he did put two in the bag, and it was nice to hear him getting cheered off when he was subbed as opposed to the booing in previous matches. Lovenkra
  4. Aussies, Poms, Kiwis and Saffers. Sounds like Saturday night in Shepherd's Bush Walkabout. Actually, thinking about it, I bet all the southern hemisphere theme bars are absolutely creaming their pants at the thought of all pissed up antipodes now having an interest in the World Cup. It could get messy.
  5. Only spotted it myself at about 7.08 I'm afraid. Like my school report always said, must try harder.
  6. ESPN's premier classics are showing the game between NUFC and Liverpool in November 1993. Should be a good watch if you want some nostaligia.
  7. I could be in for a cut. £30-£50 sounds about fair to me. I certainly couldn't afford any more than that.
  8. I always thought she was decent to look at but she always struck me as being a bit of a twat. Having said that she came accross really well in the interview and I learnt some stuff about her I hadn't been bothered to find out. She was always the one out of the two you would drag down an alley mind, filty bitch. I feel for all the young Xfactor boys. She just looks like she's ready to rape them at any moment.
  9. I'm confident we can do this one, which is unusual for me. SUFC 1 NUFC 3 Scorers: Carroll Nolan Raylor
  10. Obviously I don't know you Parky but I feel for you all the same. However hard it is I am certain you have done the right thing in the long run. My ex-wife (mother of the chelsea two) was at it with one of my 'friends'. Despite being caught lying through her teeth and even being seen virtually at it with him whilst we were all out clubbing she denied it. I let her off but she was soon at it again with him and another fella, with rumours of more. It took a lot of strength for me to walk away but you can't let people treat you like a something they trod in. I went on a two year birds and boo
  11. Personally, as a devout Christian Creationalist, I'm finding all this talk deeply offensive and I want you all banned. How dare you question the almighty and his works. He has a plan for you all and if he wants to warm the world up and burn all you mo' fo's then that's what he's going to do. I know my place in the afterlife is secure, as I sacrificed a few unicorns the other day.
  12. Oh well, can't please everyone can you. If you live round my way, which I assume you don't, if you don't put your recycling out (or if you put it in the wrong container) you are liable to be fined by the local council, and yes I know people who have actually been fined. It's happening in a lot of boroughs. Easy money. Before the Olympics last year there were many pieces of investigative journalism which looked into the shipping of western 'recycling' to dumps in China. Farmers who previously earned a couple of quid a month were earning hundreds a week by going through the rubbish and p
  13. Really, I make him 100 times worse, at least. He's just a little higher on the scale than Ashley IMO.
  14. Top man is Graham Wood. He was Chairman of my local team, Hampton & Richmond Brough, until the opportunity arose for him to take over at his beloved Gateshead. He sold his 25% share in H&RBFC to the newly formed supporters trust (worth approx 30k) for a nominall fee of £1. As a result the fans of H&RBFC now have a representative on the board and a real say in the running of the club. Everyone at 'The Beavers' is grateful for what Graham has done for us. As someone who watches a fair bit of non-league footy, I'd have to say I can see the point with peoples concern about the size
  15. When staying at the premier inn by team valley this weekend, my wife perused the menu and pointed out to me that the restaurant had only one vegi meal on it. And quite bloody right too I said. I can't stand all the bleating about the poor little fluffy animals and the like. I love Meat. I love Fish. It tastes nice. Would you tell a lion not to savage a zebra? No, you wouldn't. I'm a carnivore, that's the way God (if he exsists - but that's another arguement) made me. Who am I to argue? Even worse is all this environmental nonsense. The climate of this planet has been constantly changi
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