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  1. Why would FF allow a clause in Owen's contract to leave for less than we paid for him?? BS tbh...
  2. 'Cause this is thriller... Thriller night!!!
  3. Couldn't take a penalty in a play-off final if his life depended upon it...
  4. Linksys router and a Belkin card. Don't bother with a Belkin router though. I had to take a couple back because they overheated. You should be able to get a deal for a router and adapter at PC World for around £50.
  5. Dunno if it's been suggested before, but why don't you set up a "myspace" blog with his details on...
  6. Yeah, I had a look at that today. Works out at £20.99 per month, but there's a one off connection fee of £29.99. The offer may only be for a year or something, then they might hike up the line rental...
  7. Anyway, I left this thread at about page 8, came back a few hours later, and there was another 50+ pages! Anyone wanna give a quick summary???
  8. Aye, spurrrrs'll be canny miffed if they pip arse to fourth then arse take the place back off them by winning it. lol!
  9. We dont have anything to play for now so IMO its the opposite and now would be a perfect time if we have the right man lined up. Get a few nothing games under his belt, gets to know the players etc and will be more settled to start next season. 118628[/snapback] If the new man(ager) took charge of the last two games, he would need to win them convincingly. Let's say he lost them both, not much confidence going into the new season from the fans. Best to start a fresh, then there's no excuses, and he can really get to know the players in a pre-season. Pretty much a luxury to have a
  10. I don't think the new manager will take charge of any games this season. Roeder's steadied the ship, we're not going down, and we'll not get into a european place. It's best for the new manager to take control when the season is finished. Imagine he lost all the games he were in charge of till the end of the season? Not much confidence for the fans. I would prefer him to have weeks of training with the players before the first competitive match, tbh.
  11. I've seen another one that went something like... "Sunderland Premiership" Didn't you mean "Sunderland Championship"? Ha...
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