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  1. Funny pictures thread

    Just for you Deaders,
  2. Prediction League

    The following people have been dropped from the competition after 5 weeks of no shows, loonyTOON
  3. Prediction League

    Newcastle 2 Everton 1 Arsenal 2 West Brom 0 Aston Villa 1 Norwich 1 Blackburn 0 Chelsea 2 Liverpool 3 Swansea 0 Man Utd 2 Sunderland 0 QPR 0 Man City 3 Wolves 2 Wigan 1 Bolton 0 Stoke 0 Fulham 0 Tottenham 2
  4. Lovenkrands wants to leave

    oh, chant!
  5. Prediction League

    The following people have been dropped from the competition after 5 weeks of no shows, Ayatollah Hermeone wykikitoon JonTheMag Kevin Deano StoneColdStevenIreland NobbySol rogerbarton Peasepud
  6. Hallowe'en

  7. Prediction League

    Everton 0 Man Utd 2 Chelsea 2 Arsenal 1 Man City 2 Wolves 0 Norwich 2 Blackburn 1 Sunderland 2 Aston Villa 0 Swansea 1 Bolton 1 Wigan 0 Fulham 0 West Brom 0 Liverpool 2 Tottenham 2 QPR 0 Stoke 3 Newcastle 0
  8. The Bad Taste Joke Thread....

    My son asked me today what's the difference between a crow and a blackbird. I told him crows have somewhat heavier beaks and fan shaped tails. A blackbird has big rubbery lips, fuzzy hair and a massive arse. Teacher to class: "Children, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve." Pupil: "But Miss, my Mummy and Daddy said we come from the apes." Teacher: "Stay out of this one Leroy, I'm not talking about your lot." Sky news report. The Irish have joined in the attack on Libya. They sent in 3 ships - 2 full of sand, and one full of cement... it was a mortar attack.
  9. PeasePud

    Happy Birthday PP, hope it's been a good 'un.
  10. Amazon Prime

    I'll probably sign up in December for when I do my Christmas shopping on the 23rd.
  11. Prediction League

    No one did particularly well this week (you actually got the joint 3rd best score) plus there's 9 people who haven't entered their scores for the last 4 weeks which, if they don't submit any scores this week, will be getting removed from the table.
  12. Other games

    Aye, he's fantastic. Also thought Richards played very well. But as you say, fucking quality all over. Fair play to Richards like. Performance of the night with Purple Rain on last night's X Factor, and now this.
  13. Prediction League

    Wolverhampton 2 Swansea 0 Aston Villa 2 West Bromwich Albion 2 Bolton 1 Sunderland 1 Newcastle United 2 Wigan Athletic 0 Liverpool 4 Norwich 0 Arsenal 2 Stoke 0 Fulham 0 Everton 1 Man United 1 Man City 1 Blackburn 0 Tottenham 2 QPR 1 Chelsea 3
  14. The Belta Minge thread NSFW

    Just put the link in as normal text, no BB Code - http://www.alinkishere.com
  15. iPhone

    No not yet, not far off though apparently.
  16. like me stats baby

    Quit your whinging,
  17. More Respect for MA?

    I'm hoping that if we're in a healthy league position come January, then Ashley might start seeing Champions League/Europe dollars and invest gamble a bit in the hope we can push on and get in one of those competitions. Extremely unlikely though I know.
  18. Prediction League

    If Stevie ever gets round to updating the first post then it'll automatically update whenever a new table is published.
  19. Prediction League

    Liverpool 1 - 0 Man Utd Man City 3 - 0 Aston Villa Norwich 2 - 2 Swansea QPR 2 - 1 Blackburn Stoke 2 - 0 Fulham Wigan 1 - 0 Bolton Chelsea 2 - 1 Everton West Brom 1 - 1 Wolves Arsenal 2 - 0 Sunderland Newcastle 0 - 2 Tottenham
  20. iPhone

    Aye. I tried that location reminders thing out today and, although it worked, it's nowhere near as good as they made it out to be. The locations you can set are limited to an address book entry, your current location, or, in my case, home, work, work or work. Plus, as far as I can tell, you have to set a time for the reminder so the whole, 'when I arrive', 'when I leave' options are pretty pointless. Also, if your reminder is location based, location services is constantly running on the days you set the reminder - obvious when you think about it, but it's a constant drain on your battery especially if your reminder isn't set until the end of the day. Remote sync isn't all it's cracked up to be either. My iTunes showed my iPad under devices, so I clicked Sync, but (I'm assuming) as my iPad wasn't being charged the sync failed and it disappeared from my device list. So now I need to revert to the trusty USB cable to get the fucker back in my devices!
  21. that's me on 16.0.899.0 dev-m now Bass and it's grand, do the usual crap and empty your temp files/cache etc and try it in safe mode, it must be an extension you've installed doing it. Found the fucker - SpeedBit Search Predict.
  22. What version? I'm on 16.0.899.0 dev-m Also, if I click the 'Quote' button from your post, I get your post quoted twice. Another Chrome funny?

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