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  1. I twirl my scarf from left to right, I am quite prepared to do the opposite, or even not swirl it at all
  2. Already refusing to buy pies etc.. due to the prices.
  3. Hello folks long time no see, Leaving 20 minutes before the end after showing out disapproval throughout the match.
  4. Wonderful read, thank you all very very much :lol:
  5. Why bring me into this? You're the one that seems bothered, and its not as if Leazes needs any support as far as I can see. you are all snapping away at him like rabid dogs instead of letting the whole thing die a natural death No matter what the rights and wrongs are, its the members of this board who constantly dredge the whole thing up again and again. You should all know by now Leazes is like a dog with a bone and quite often seems to hit a raw nerve or two. Please leave me out of it
  6. You're not English any more You're not Scousers anymore
  7. Been there and the teashirt never arrived
  8. Keeping Pilchard Chops off here more than justifies that places existence 148321[/snapback] I can't understand your need to have intermittent digs at me, unless its meant as a sideways swipe at Leazes. Why I don't post on here is irrelevant and in the past. I still enjoy reading toontastic but as you mention I'm dull and there are posters who share my point of view but have the talent to put it much more eloquently, unfortunatly your not one of them. As for Leazes's points of view I disagree with most of them but he at least puts a coherent argument forward. My views by
  9. One Hundred years have past and gone since the Journey was first taken alang that bliddy road we'd gan to that little toon called Blaydon Ridley composed the verses and the geordies thay all sang em now everyones come to kna the Geordies National Anthem
  10. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic47826.html
  11. This is your Life - Switchfoot
  12. Comments on this forum regarding tonight's Testimonial for Alan Shearer sum up everything that is wrong with it. You will always be Newcastle Online's naughty little brother IMO & tbh Jesus most defiantly wept
  13. there ARE one or two other alternative message boards, if you think its that bad like [which its not but each to their own ....]. Why not have 2 alternative boards ???? 133845[/snapback] LM hitches his skirt up to show a bit more leg tbh. 133862[/snapback] Worth going there just for the craic with that laugh-a-minute Pilchard Chops tbh. Incidentally, I'd hope this was one of T27's genius wind-ups. FFS! 133888[/snapback] I'm a one man clique tbh
  14. Stick with Torrents Ive just downloaded the entire Sunlun match in 45 minutes try utorrent ot bit comet
  15. Best site abebooks http://dogbert.abebooks.com/servlet/Search...gs&x=0&sortby=1
  16. I'll suck anything if we win the cup
  17. Online hate There are many forms of hate on the Internet, ranging from extreme racist sites to the cruel satire found on many popular kids’ Web sites. Sites such as ‘uglypeople.com’ may seem harmless, but they contribute to a kids’ online culture where cruelty to others is considered acceptable. Given this culture, it's not a stretch to imagine kids graduating from sites where people are mocked for their personal appearance to sites where minorities and homosexuals are attacked. White supremacist and hate groups are increasingly turning to the Internet to target young people for re
  18. hese much prized principles of freedom and liberty, which for their time were radical in the extreme, can be traced directly back to those first boatloads of warriors who splashed up on our beaches all those years ago. This heady mix of Angle, Jute, Saxon and Viking was to form the basis of the ancestry of the English people. Centuries later they were joined in England by Flemings, Hugenots, Jews, West Indians and Asiatics. Many ultimately intermarried to produce a race of people today that, when asked who they are, can proudly reply, "We Are The English". http://www.wearetheenglish.
  19. I'll still be lurkin. got to get a chuckle somewhere
  20. Has this died a death I would really like to give Parker a 10 for Sat.
  21. Well folks I don't suppose you'll miss me but I may go back over there. I know to expect everything to be "dummned down" but why settle for second hand stupidness here when I can get it first hand over there.
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