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Found 16 results

  1. Not a bad recent record against them 27 Aug 2016 Newcastle United v Brighton and Hove Albion W 2-0 League Championship 28 Feb 2017 Brighton and Hove Albion v Newcastle United W 1-2 League Championship 24 Sep 2017 Brighton and Hove Albion v Newcastle United L 1-0 Premier League We should have everyone bar Gamez available, who Rafa ends up picking god knows Brighton only missing Sidwell
  2. Can poocastle win the title? NUFC to Score 0 - TheGingerQuiff 1 - 2 - wykikitoon, StoneColdStephenIreland, Anorthernsoul, Rayvin, Graing 3 - rogerbarton, The Fish, ewerk, barnabox, BenarPHa, Howay, Monkeys Fist, Dougle, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, Jintsay, @yourservice 4+ - Happy Face, adios, OTF, Ant, Dr Gloom, Kitman, Andrew, strawb, David Kelly NUFC to Concede 0 - rogerbarton, wykikitoon, Happy Face, ewerk, Ant, Dr Gloom, Kitman, Anorthernsoul, Rayvin, BenarPHa, Howay, Monkeys Fist, Andrew, strawb, David Kelly, Dougle, tooner, Jintsay, @yourservice 1 - The Fish, adios, StoneColdStephenIreland, barnabox, OTF 2 - MiddleAgeCool, Graing 3 - TheGingerQuiff 4+ -
  3. The Bluebirds v BWTC

    And it's live on Sky. NUFC To Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, David Kelly, TheGingerQuiff 2 - sammynb, Kitman, The Fish, Happy Face, StoneColdStephenIreland, Anorthernsoul, rogerbarton, Dougle 3 - Andrew, Park Life, barnabox, Rayvin, MiddleAgeCool, Dr Gloom, tooner, strawb, Graing, Monkeys Fist, Ant, ohhh_yeah, ewerk 4+ - wykikitoon, adios, Howay, OTF NUFC To Concede 0 - wykikitoon, Andrew, Howay, barnabox, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Kitman, The Fish, strawb, Graing, OTF, Anorthernsoul, Dougle 1 - sammynb, adios, Park Life, Rayvin, MiddleAgeCool, Dr Gloom, tooner, Happy Face, StoneColdStephenIreland, Monkeys Fist, rogerbarton, Ant, ohhh_yeah, ewerk, TheGingerQuiff 2 - 3 - 4+ - David Kelly
  4. BWs v PNE

    And it's live on Sky, ffs! NUFC to Score 0 - wykikitoon, TheGingerQuiff 1 - rogerbarton, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Holden McGroin, Graing, OTF 2 - ewerk, The Fish, Rayvin, Park Life, strawb, tooner, Dougle, Ant, Happy Face, BenarPHa, ohhh_yeah 3 - sammynb, Andrew, StoneColdStephenIreland, Howay, Dr Gloom, MiddleAgeCool, Kitman, Jintsay, barnabox 4+ - David Kelly, @yourservice, LooneyToony, adios NUFC to Concede 0 - ewerk, wykikitoon, Andrew, The Fish, rogerbarton, Park Life, strawb, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Howay, tooner, Dr Gloom, Dougle, Ant, Happy Face, OTF, BenarPHa, TheGingerQuiff, barnabox, LooneyToony, adios 1 - sammynb, Rayvin, David Kelly, StoneColdStephenIreland, Holden McGroin, Graing, MiddleAgeCool, Kitman, Jintsay 2 - ohhh_yeah, @yourservice 3 - 4+ -
  5. Someone do the poll. Fish, put that comparison thing in. Noelie, when you're ready. Enjoy. NUFC to Score 0 - sammynb 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Happy Face, Graing, Dr Gloom, OTF, TheGingerQuiff 2 - acrossthepond, adios, Kitman, ewerk, Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, zico martin, strawb, rogerbarton, The Fish, Dougle, MiddleAgeCool, Bizza, LooneyToony, Rayvin 3 - Ant, Andrew, Tom, Anorthernsoul 4+ - wykikitoon NUFC to Concede 0 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Happy Face, Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, strawb, rogerbarton, The Fish, OTF, Dougle, wykikitoon, Andrew, MiddleAgeCool, Bizza, Tom, LooneyToony, Anorthernsoul 1 - acrossthepond, Kitman, ewerk, Ant, Graing, zico martin, Rayvin 2 - Dr Gloom, TheGingerQuiff 3 - sammynb 4+ - adios
  6. The Leeds game has been moved to good friday as it's being shown on Sky Sports. NUFC To Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Holden McGroin, @yourservice 2 - The Fish, Howay, tooner, rogerbarton, MiddleAgeCool, strawb, StoneColdStephenIreland, TheGingerQuiff, Happy Face, Anorthernsoul, OTF, LooneyToony, acrossthepond, Rayvin, barnabox 3 - Ant, wykikitoon, Andrew, scoobos, Kitman, BenarPHa, ewerk, ohhh_yeah 4+ - Dr Gloom, adios NUFC To Concede 0 - The Fish, Howay, Dr Gloom, Kevin Carr's Gloves, tooner, rogerbarton, wykikitoon, Andrew, scoobos, StoneColdStephenIreland, TheGingerQuiff, LooneyToony, acrossthepond, ewerk 1 - Ant, MiddleAgeCool, strawb, Kitman, Happy Face, Anorthernsoul, OTF, Rayvin, barnabox 2 - adios, BenarPHa, Holden McGroin, ohhh_yeah 3 - @yourservice 4+ -
  7. Newcastle United v Sheff Weds

    Taken from .com NUFC To Score 0 - 1 - wykikitoon, Holden McGroin, The Fish, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Graing, tooner, Happy Face, rogerbarton 2 - ewerk, Rayvin, Dr Gloom, StoneColdStephenIreland, barnabox, Kitman, strawb, LooneyToony, Tom, Ant, TheGingerQuiff 3 - OTF, Andrew, acrossthepond, Howay, Dougle, scoobos, ohhh_yeah 4+ - adios NUFC To Concede 0 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, OTF, Andrew, Howay, LooneyToony, Happy Face, Tom, rogerbarton, scoobos 1 - wykikitoon, ewerk, Rayvin, Holden McGroin, The Fish, Dr Gloom, StoneColdStephenIreland, acrossthepond, Graing, tooner, Dougle, Kitman, strawb, Ant, TheGingerQuiff, ohhh_yeah 2 - barnabox, adios 3 - 4+ -
  8. Shame to lose Raymondo after that hattrick at the Emirates, but we'll still do these. Someone add the poll.
  9. Another 'professional' if not exactly dazzling performance, but a better scoreline: 2-0 NUFC to Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, barnabox, @yourservice 2 - The Fish, Rayvin, Ant, rogerbarton, David Kelly, acrossthepond, OTF, Anorthernsoul, wykikitoon, BenarPHa, Tom, rob032, Dougle, LooneyToony, Happy Face 3 - Andrew, strawb, ewerk, Howay, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, Kitman, Graing, zico martin, TheGingerQuiff 4+ - StoneColdStephenIreland, adios, Dr Gloom, ohhh_yeah NUFC to Concede 0 - The Fish, Andrew, StoneColdStephenIreland, strawb, rogerbarton, adios, Kevin Carr's Gloves, David Kelly, acrossthepond, ewerk, Howay, OTF, Anorthernsoul, MiddleAgeCool, wykikitoon, Kitman, Tom, Graing, Dr Gloom, Dougle, LooneyToony, Happy Face, zico martin, TheGingerQuiff 1 - Rayvin, Ant, tooner, BenarPHa, barnabox, rob032, ohhh_yeah 2 - 3 - @yourservice 4+ -
  10. Newcastle United v Pies

    We should Smash these bastards NUFC to Score 0 - adios 1 - Holden McGroin, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dr Gloom, Happy Face 2 - The Fish, rogerbarton, acrossthepond, Kitman, tooner, barnabox, Graing, OTF, LooneyToony, ohhh_yeah 3 - wykikitoon, Rayvin, Andrew, strawb, Howay, David Kelly, scoobos, MiddleAgeCool, Ant, Park Life 4+ - TheGingerQuiff, StoneColdStephenIreland, Tom, Anorthernsoul, ewerk, Dougle NUFC to Concede 0 - wykikitoon, Rayvin, rogerbarton, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dr Gloom, Andrew, strawb, Howay, David Kelly, StoneColdStephenIreland, scoobos, tooner, Tom, Graing, Anorthernsoul, Happy Face, LooneyToony, ewerk 1 - The Fish, Holden McGroin, acrossthepond, Kitman, TheGingerQuiff, barnabox, MiddleAgeCool, Ant, OTF, Dougle, ohhh_yeah 2 - Park Life 3 - 4+ - adios
  11. :nufc: HOWAY!! Let us willy wave to the title! NUFC to Score 0 - ewerk 1 - Holden McGroin, Kevin Carr's Gloves, TheGingerQuiff, Anorthernsoul, barnabox, @yourservice 2 - StoneColdStephenIreland, Kitman, Rayvin, zico martin, The Fish, Dr Gloom, Happy Face, acrossthepond, Ant, ToonMarshy, David Kelly, rogerbarton, Lackie92, LooneyToony, Graing 3 - Howay, Tom, Andrew, strawb, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, wykikitoon 4+ - adios, OTF, ohhh_yeah, Dougle, scoobos NUFC to Concede 0 - Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, Kitman, Rayvin, zico martin, OTF, The Fish, Kevin Carr's Gloves, strawb, Happy Face, Ant, tooner, Anorthernsoul, David Kelly, rogerbarton, Lackie92, scoobos, wykikitoon, barnabox, LooneyToony 1 - adios, Tom, Andrew, Holden McGroin, Dr Gloom, acrossthepond, MiddleAgeCool, Dougle, Graing 2 - ohhh_yeah, ewerk, TheGingerQuiff, ToonMarshy, @yourservice 3 - 4+ -
  12. They've 4 wins and 2 draws in their last 6 games, but mostly against sides at the wrong end of the table ( Wigan, Forest, Bristol, Preston and draws against Cardiff and Leeds). Last 6 away games W2 D2 L2 F7 A5 I'm going for 3-0 NUFC To Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dr Gloom, wykikitoon, OTF, barnabox, Dougle 2 - StoneColdStephenIreland, Rayvin, ewerk, Holden McGroin, tooner, strawb, Ant, rogerbarton, LooneyToony, Graing 3 - The Fish, Andrew, Howay, Happy Face, acrossthepond, Anorthernsoul, Kitman, TheGingerQuiff, ohhh_yeah, Tom 4+ - David Kelly, adios, MiddleAgeCool, scoobos NUFC To Concede 0 - The Fish, Howay, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Rayvin, ewerk, Happy Face, wykikitoon, OTF, Kitman, scoobos, Dougle, Tom, Graing 1 - Andrew, David Kelly, StoneColdStephenIreland, adios, acrossthepond, Anorthernsoul, tooner, MiddleAgeCool, strawb, Ant, rogerbarton, barnabox, LooneyToony, ohhh_yeah 2 - Dr Gloom, Holden McGroin, TheGingerQuiff 3 - 4+ -
  13. NUFC to Score 0 - 1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, ewerk, StoneColdStephenIreland, Renton, wykikitoon, Holden McGroin 2 - The Fish, Rayvin, David Kelly, Dr Gloom, rogerbarton, Dougle, Anorthernsoul, strawb, Ant, Lackie92, OTF, LooneyToony, Kitman, barnabox 3 - Howay, TheGingerQuiff, Andrew, Tom, tooner, Happy Face, acrossthepond, MiddleAgeCool, ohhh_yeah, scoobos 4+ - adios, zico martin NUFC to Concede 0 - The Fish, Kevin Carr's Gloves, David Kelly, Howay, Dr Gloom, rogerbarton, TheGingerQuiff, ewerk, Dougle, Anorthernsoul, Tom, tooner, Happy Face, strawb, wykikitoon, OTF, LooneyToony, MiddleAgeCool, scoobos, zico martin 1 - Rayvin, adios, Andrew, StoneColdStephenIreland, Ant, Lackie92, acrossthepond, Kitman, Holden McGroin, ohhh_yeah 2 - Renton, barnabox 3 - 4+ -
  14. Yes that is the plural, the collective noun I wasn't sure of so guessed. @@Meenzer may or may not know? Team news: Dunno. Anita to play somewhere else probably. In goal? Stream news: 95.4FM Colour scheme news: Black and white Siem news: Fucked still mate Can we win away from home?
  15. Sorry on the delay lads but here we go Toontastic is now supplying the fixtures list via our own calendar, and will now link to your smartphone or email client (or anything else capable of taking an rss/calendar feed) The calendar will be updated as the season progresses with changes and scores etc and contain stadium info/map links where applicable. To view on the boards built in calendar Newcastle Only available here: http://www.toontasti...xtures-2013-14/ To subscribe to the calendars on your phone etc and get the updates automatically use these links and you should be asked whether you want to import the feed to your calendar (outlook/iphones etc will handle these by default) Newcastle Only: webcal://www.toontastic.net/feed/eo-events/ To subscribe to the calendars on your google calendar and get the updates automatically use this link Newcastle Only: Google Calendar Link anyone has any problem let me know
  16. Fixtures of Death

    When the fixtures first came out I was dreading seeing the table after the 3rd of December. After our start I am however feeling a little optimistic. I hope we can keep our players fit and Saylor comes back sooner rather than later. I think we will be no lower than 8th after the fixtures of death if we can keep our players fit. Thoughts

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