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Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

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"5 Miles on an Electric Scooter" sounds like a twee novel about fuck all that The Guardian would give 5 stars

Wow, who knew learning a musical instrument required discipline, patience and an actual attention span?

Fucking hell, it must be good if you’ve cracked a smile

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How has anyone got any money left this month? :razz:

Yes thanks :razz: Drinks on me on Saturday then? :razz:


Might have to be else I can't play out :lol: I've done a shitload of extra nights the last few weeks to try and have some pennies and the finance department at work have fucked up ONCE AGAIN which means I won't get the overtime money until after normal payday anyway. Incompetent twats.

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I've got a vase with pebbles in it on my fireplace. I'm assured by my friends that that makes me gay. :D


;) so have i...am i gay ??? :blush:


No, but I'm thinking I need to get rid of mine if houses in Felling have the same. :D


:lol: only my house....and not just ordinary "pebbles" either....from all over the world...when someone goes on holiday or anywhere interesting i ask them to bring me back a pebble for my vase....

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Bladerunner directors cut.


Never been able to watch it all the way through because it's always on a shit advert/news interruption channel.


I've always been of the impression that it's crap based on what I've seen. Ready to be proved wrong.

There's a special edition coming out of Blade Runner in a month or two so I'm holding out for that.


I've ordered The Haunting, Out Of The Past, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Frankenstein/Bride Of Frankenstein off Amazon today.

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