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  1. smudger


    Haven't been on here for ages but found out the news about Jon through NUFC.com this morning. Knew Jon personally. Travelled to the Marseille match with him back in 2004. Really nice lad who was easy to get on with. Lost touch shortly after that bar a few messages. RIP mate.
  2. Absolutely unbelieveable. FUCK OFF ASHLEY YOU TWAT
  3. One spare for Ipswich game. In the toon end. Ring Ian on 07970 202744. Seat is in block v2 row M cheers smudger
  4. smudger


    Fuerteventura in September for 2 weeks with the wife and kids.
  5. smudger

    Unusual Beers

    fantastic beer. Rare as rocking horse shite over here though
  6. PS3 60GB version, couple of games, extra controller and a few other shite things
  7. Not really the best way to keep me on your side for the next time you shit yourself and beg to have all your posts deleted cos your lass is on the warpath again now is it? Brilliant! Busted my friend.
  8. So they fucking should. Pointless game.
  9. I just posted a thread (that seems to have been deleted for some reason - along with on about those Scottish heart attack data being bollocks) about the Canada stun gun death. Guy was tasered on video and died: Video: http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_70...sb=1&news=1 Story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7095875.stm They aren't "safe" or even non-lethal, just safer and less lethal than conventional guns. And as I've said before we've already had our first police stun gun related death in the UK.
  10. smudger

    HD tv

    I invested in one of these at the beginning of the year with Sky HD http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowProduct.act...gory=TVP+LCD+TV and it is the mutts nuts although there aren't an awful lot of HD channels out there at the minute to choose from. That said Sky Sports HD is brilliant and the BBC HD channel is showing more and more in HD as well. Well worth the money IMO
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