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Owen, Allardyce and Ashley

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Now that Ashley has doubled his stake in Umbro to 30% and is possibly launching a counter offer against Nike, given Umbro's profits are very much linked to England's success, do we not now have a rather major conflict of interest between manager and owner regarding Owen's alleged commitment issues?

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It's moot anyway because as we have seen, Owen has the drop on Allardyce anyway regarding when he does or doesn't play, but if this was say Fergie and Rooney, I'd say there was a definite conflict of interest. If England don't qualify for the Euros the Umbro valuation is way off what Nike are offering.


Then again, Ashley could get the club to nobble Owen to make sure he doesn't play for England, and then he picks up another massive brand for his empire on the cheap. :D

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Ashley's lost £100m on Sports Direct alone, never mind Umbro.


I recently visited the Congo and there was noone anywhere drinking Umbongo. They'd never even heard of it. Wtf at that!?


Rico's point stands though, there is a massive conflict of interest as has been proven by how much money Ashley will not be losing!


dipshit ;)

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