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Peterborough United 2-0 Newcastle United (League Cup R3)

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Is this on the radio?

Radio Newcastle 95.4 bud


why are people putting Vuckic down as a forward?


I know he came on as an injury time sub when there was no one else, but he plays left midfield normally — at least whenever I’ve seen him play for Slovenia U19s.


:huh: You get to many of their games like

well, the lengths I go too to watch a toon player! ;)


mainly the U19 tournament on Eurosport over the summer!


Plays LM, CM and STR doesnt he?


Thought upfront was his prefered role?

I’ve only seen him play the LM/CM role, seems a strong box to box player, reminded me of Gary Speed but bigger.


For Slovenia U19s, he was one of the few players who didn’t give the ball away unnecessarily and was more physical then the others even though he was 2-3 years younger. Confident enough to take shots from outside the box.


Looks ‘a player’ without being a fancy dan.


Think i read an interview with him and he sees himself as an attacking and goal scoring midfielder but also happy playing off a striker up front, and it sounds like potentially he will have the ability to play both those roles.


Where could i find this article fella?


God knows!! I think it was a while back so won't be around to view now, and was from the newsnow website where they link to any and every toon related story and i just glanced through it, but i'm pretty sure he said he was a midfielder who expected himself to score a good few goals and also thought he could play up with a striker.

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Whats happened to the radio coverage?


Which one are you listening to bud?



Radio newcastle


Are you listening through the bbc webby? If so they cut the commentary during matches due to the club having internet broadcasting rights, you have to pays subs to listen :huh:

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