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Stephen Ireland


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Shook his hand after the match.


I've read another report saying it's McLeish he's had a go at. If that's true it's a disaster for Villa.


That's what I've heard, supposedly told McLeish to fuck off at half time, Petrov evidently had a similar go when N'Zogbia was sub'd.

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Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish was pleased with much of his side's performance against Newcastle United but was unhappy with the goals they conceded.


And he insisted he had not withdrawn midfielder Stephen Ireland at half-time because he had reacted angrily to his manager's suggestion that he might have done better for Ba's goal.


The Scot said: "I know he spoke back, but at the same time, players don't like to hear the manager screaming at them from the touchline.


"But I kick every ball with them, I am passionate, I care and I wouldn't be so petty to take a player off for something like that if he is doing a fantastic job.


"But Stevie had an ankle problem. He wasn't able to close down and that was it."

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Not sure Given was at fault necessarily, but you'd be waiting a long time for him to deal with a cross anyway. Always been a spectator as far as that's concerned.


Not his fault, because he didn't try anything. He could have made an effort though.

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