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Just fuck off...


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Piss off Graeme.


Take your useless, yes men staff with you and all.


You're making us a fucking laughing stock and I'm sick of it.




He needs more time....


.... and money probably.


Remember, we are much better than last year. ;)

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he'll get a win on monday and think the pressure is off again.



Probably not without Owen. If we get turned over by the Boro the atmosphere will be less than good, I'm hopeful he will exit, but to be replaced by God knows who?

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I want Souness out but I worry that if we sack him during the season we'll struggle to find a decent replacement (not that it would be a walk in the park anyway). If waiting until the end of the season means we are able to appoint someone of a good calibre - fuck knows who, but it's not my job to find said person - then I'll grudgingly wait even though my instinct is to want him out ASAP.


Part of the reason we ended up with him was because Robson wasn't sacked at the end of the season and we had to rush an appointment as many of the proposed candidates were unprepared to walk out on clubs following the start of the new season. I don't want to see the same situation repeated again and we end up with someone equally unsuitable and inept. My other worry is that Shearer will take over, which would be a very bad move in my opinion.



Bridget the season is over. We will no finish in the top 6 under Souness. If Owen is injured then any slim chance we have of spawning the FA Cup is gone too.


Handing Souness more money, is now out of the question, I don't really think it being mid season makes any difference to the question of sacking Souness, it's far more important we get the right man, so I think the club should sack the idiot now, and give us the rest of the season to look at all the possible candidates, rather than keep him on and find other clubs appointing the men we should be considering and making our interest known to.


Thats what I would do anyway.

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The season is over anyway. Sacking Souness now and installing an interim solution would at least make clear that Newcastle would look for a new solution for next season. There are the likes of Hiddink and Hitzfeld and a couple of others who said they won't take a new job until the summer so Newcastle should make sure they are first in the queue...

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Sacking Sir Bobby was a knee jerk reaction. We drew the first game due to a disputed goal then lost one and drew the third. Things fell apart against the Villa so it wasnt the best of starts but it was sack first ask questions later.

As some of you have said we were in no position to bring in a decent replacement were turned down by a few then ended up with Souness the rest as they say is History.


If there is not a drastic improvement by the end of January then he should go with Shearer replacing him as player manager.

Not everybody`s choice i know but look at the rest of the season this way.


1 Any chance of a decent finish is out the window

2 Barring disaster we are safe from relegation.

3 If its true that Shearer is upsetting things then he would allmost certainly do

so for any replacement as doubtless he will remain at the club in some capacity.


That situation would not be fair to any one and that includes Souness.


Nobody can deny that Shearer has given the club great service and that he has the best interests of the club at heart.


Therefore now is as good a time as any to give him a go at being in charge as things cannot get much worse and if he did screw up damage would be limited.

Plus we get rid of Souness with a reasonably safe captain at the helm while we look for a credible replacement if neccercerry.

Then of course he just might turn things around.


Remember when Michael Owen signed Shearer did most of the bargaining with Souness in the background AND Owen was only going to sign for 1 year then suddenly changed his mind. Given his friendship with Shearer did F.S get him to sign on the dotted line on the condition that Shearer would take over at the end of the season ???????????????????.

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You've whooshed me there  ;)



I was just thinking you and Leazes were getting very cosy lately, almost agreeing at times, figured maybe you got intimate at one of the Christmas piss-ups...

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