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Task for you today is this seasons top 10 premier league winners and 10 losers, and why.


Example being Danny Graham as a loser. Left Swansea in Jan to go to sunderland, he therefore missed out on a League Cup winners medal and Europe next season whilst having not scored for his new club in over 12 games.


Example being Rafa Benitez as a winner. Slightly mocked by all (except Liverpool fans) when he went to Chelsea (and entirely derided by Chelsea fans) but has dragged Chelsea to 3rd, got excellent seasons from Hazard and Mata, looks decent odds to win the Europa League win, whilst juggling his squad over 60+ games, All the while enduring horrific pressure from the stands & the press.


I will provide my others in due course










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  • Sir Alex Ferguson. Pulled a decidedly average Man Utd over the line as comfortable champions. Identified the weakness in his side and convinced a player to leave his "home club" to move to a rival.

  • Speaking of which, RvP. Great goal scorer & scorer of Great goals

  • Laudrup, difficult to take over the reigns from an idolised manager. Not only did that with aplomb, but assured survival, won a cup played good football. Oh and brought Michu. Great 1st season and some corking goals.

  • Martinez, biggest Cup upset since Wimbledon?

  • Steve Clarke, has quietly steered West Brom into comfort in his first managerial role. Decent football, played in the right way.

  • Nicola Cortese. Hasn't courted favour from the fans throughout this term but looks to have made the correct decisions throughout.

  • Bale. You have to admit he's had a cracking season.

  • Mata has played a ridiculous number of games this season and has maintained a high standard throughout. Class player.

  • Lampard, another season where he gets double figures in the league & he breaks the Chelsea record. Kudos.

  • Can't believe I almost forgot about Benteke. Saved Aston Villa from relegation., scored some belters, but more importantly, was reliable

Special mention for Hughton. Delighted for him, same struggle as Laudrup, hasn't done as well, but wasn't backed as ML was. They've done brilliantly to get van Wolfswinkel but without further strengthening, they'll struggle next year.


  • 'Arry Redknapp - brought in to save QPR despite no evidence that he can do this. Complained about a lack of quality and too many mercenaries, resolved this issue by bringing in more mercenaries without quality. Proper Cathword who'll not stick around to fix his mess and we'll have to suffer him on Match of the day instead.

  • Fernandez - Thinks it's 1995. What an idiot. The sums he's wasted could have assured Premier League survival. Probably crippled them for next year as well.

  • Ashley - Could have built on 5th with an outlay in the summer. Didn't and saw NUFC become the most talented squad to be relegated for the second time.

  • Pardew. We haven't scored from a corner since Oct 1st 2011. We limped out of domestic cups. We were negative and panicky. Buck stops here.

  • Suarez. Could have been a winner if it weren't for his self destructive tendencies. Hope he moves abroad.

  • Odemwingie - What a prick. :lol:

  • Martinez, probably got the FA Cup winners relegated. This season proves you can't leave it late every year.

  • Martin O'Neill - Assembled a terrible squad, then complained the squad lacked quality. He's lost it. Good.

  • Fulham, they've been terrible since April 1st. Not just average; Terrible. W-D-L? 0-1-7. Which includes 4 home games. Shocking

  • Villa, they're only just safe, and chiefly because of Benteke.

Special mention goes to Assistant Referees. Cisse has had 8 legit goals chalked off. We could theoretically be comfortably midtable and in the Europa League final... theoretically ;)

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Would you include Brendan Rogers as a winner? I think a lot of people expecting him to fail at Liverpool but they've ended on a pretty decent run and a league position as good as could be expected. Then again, I think his handling of the Suarez biting incident (or more specifically the ban that was handed out) was typically poor.

Scott Sinclair would certainly be loser. Started the season at the Olympics and then barely played at all.

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Biggest loser? Has to be the FA over the ludicrous handling of the McThugaman incident.


Bitterness notwithstanding, it was a horrible injustice to let the challenge go unpunished whilst going back and punishing the coaches of both teams. No doubt the refs saw that going on - but they didn't do anything about that either.


All season long the officials have been dire for many clubs in the division, and still the FA do absolutely nothing but hide away deflecting any criticism that comes there way with their ridiculous rule book. I've seen some piss poor decisions go against us - we got relegated off Webb not giving a perfectly fine goal a few seasons' back, and it's only got worse since.

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I'll do some more later, but winners who spring to mind initially are:


-Daniel Sturridge. Since his move in january he has scored 10 goals in 13 appearances, and has more than filled Suarez's shoes since he has been banned. Think he could turn out to be a cracking player for them in years to come.


- (Reluctantly) Brendan Rodgers. Like Fish said, I think a lot of people (including, admittedly, myself) hoped/expected he'd crumble under the pressure of managing Liverpool. Think he's put in a great shift for them in his first year, despite his clear egotistical insanity.


- Martinez. FA cup victory. Guiding lowly Wigan to beat the Mr. Burns super club that is Man City.


- Ferguson. Same reasons as cited really. Not a great team, yet blew every other team out the water over the season and strolled to his final title.

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