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Gone Fishing Everton (a) 30/09/2013

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Gone Fishing
Everton (a) 30/09/2013
It's that time again, I risked life and limb (my delicate feelings) to ask questions of the fans of the next club to host Newcastle. This time round it's the Toffeemen of Everton. One of England's glorious old clubs, with a history that rivals all but the biggest of the big guns (15 trophies, no less! 4 more trophies than we've got and one as recently as 18yrs ago ;) ) and a support with a decent reputation for knowledge and balance. So to put that reputation to the test, I asked the good people of The Everton Forum to answer the questions below:
You impressed a lot of people with the late dealings, which is the signing you are most pleased with?
Walker - Has to be Lukaku. Some rumbled that we shouldn't be developing other teams youngsters but if he scores loads of goals and fires us higher than last season I won't care one bit.
Floody – Lukaku on the basis that we have struggled to score goals and have therefore drawn too many games that we should have won
Dom – Keeping Baines was our most important business of the window, he's obscenely good, so much of our play is created by him. He's special.
Matty – Lukaku on loan probably.
Buggrit Hall – Lukaku can hopefully become one hell of a striker for us but I think Barry will become a very important part of the team too.
Squirrel – Lukaku easily
jon – Lukaku. As has been said he's exactly the forward we've needed for so long. I know it's only a season long loan but still..
McLovin –Lukaku. Massive signing. We were crying out for goals last year. If he can repeat what he did at west brom we'd be delighted. Also Barry. Brings some much need experience into the middle and a calm head. Wasn't a fan by any means but impressed so far
Dodge – Keeping Leighton Baines
terryefc – keeping Baines.....but Barry has been excellent so far.
Snoopjiggyjig – Really pleased with Lukaku on loan, but I think Gareth Barry will be a really important signing this season. He is always viewed as a slow, shit footballer, but he just links up play so well.
Jimbo – Gotta be Lukaku, although only on loan - we've needed a decent striker for decades. He looks like he could really give us something to work with this season.
No great surprises there then, Lukaku is a tremendous talent; the 6'3" Belgian powerhouse scored 17 goals for West Brom last term and was considered a pivotal reason that they did so well. It's madness to see a Chelsea side that's struggling up front to let such an on-form player go out on loan. Less said about Baines the better, a great fullback and arguably the best from a free kick in the League. I have nightmares about just how dry-bummed Debuchy is going to get.
Given that, what's a realistic aim for your team this season?

Walker - Challenge for Europe. People might be saying we've been overachieving for years and we have in money spent, but this season we've got the bloody good team we had last season and a better squad. No reason not to expect a decent finish around 6th.
Floody – I thinks 6th is a realistic aim.
Dom – Realistic aim would be 6th I think. Liverpool are still shite so we should be able to finish above them, the top 5 seems pretty impenetrable at the minute though.
Matty – I'd hope that we could get at least to the semi-finals in the FA Cup or at least give the cup a go, and probably a top 7 finish.
Buggrit Hall – The team is at least as good as last year so given the squad - and Martinez's tactical mentality I'd expect 6th-8th although winning the League Cup this year might be a little difficult!
Squirrel – top 8
jon – Realistically I'll be happy to finish 8th or above this season. After 10 years of Moyes there's bound to be a few hiccups as we adapt to the new regime.
Dodge – Probably 7th but would love another crack at Europe and the mad places the Europa League allows you to visit :-)
terryefc – 5th or 6th
Snoopjiggyjig – I think top half, although we should aim for Europe
Jimbo – If the shite are pushing to win the league - then so should we. in reality - i can't see why we shouldn't push for 6th or a the FA cup.
Everton have a new manager and have lost a key player in Fellaini, despite this the loyal fans still expect a European push. Can they do it? Sure why not? No club has a divine right to a league position (despite the red-flavoured scousers would have you believe). You'd expect a top 5 to include the Manchester Clubs, the North London Clubs and Chelsea too. That would have the two Merseyside clubs scrapping for the 6th spot with the likes of Swansea, West Brom and arguably teams like Villa and ourselves. I'd say that they're certainly stronger than that group, but whether that translates to the pitch is a different question. What if Lukaku is recalled at Christmas? What if Baines finally succumbs to the lure of Champions League football? What if Kenwright looks to save a bit more cash and turns the Gwladys end into a Lidl? 6th is a reasonable aim, but I think it may prove too much for Martinez in his first year in charge.

Given that Moyes quickly turned Fellaini's head and Rodwell went to Manchester City the season before, just how confident are you of keeping your remaining outstanding players come January?
Walker - Baines? I'm not so sure. Maybe. Barkley, couple of seasons and he'll be off.
Floody – My only worry is that we keep Baines as he is so important to the team. Rarely gets injured, solid at the back, creates chances and vital at set pieces. I would not confident that he would not be tempted by a move to a Champions League team
Dom – Very. Baines is ready to sign a new contract and Barkley doesn't seem the type to leave, with Gerrard in his ear to stay, I can't see him leaving. We said that about Rooney though.
Matty – Fairly, Baines needs to be signed up on a long contract pronto, he's absolutely excellent.
Buggrit Hall – Hopefully Barkley will stay for a few seasons at least the interesting one is whether or not Baines stays (or indeed signs a new deal).
Squirrel – very can't see anyone leaving jan
jon – Fellaini was always going to move on but I think he handled it professionally. Baines is the one to worry about in January; the talk of a new contract has died down a little which is a bit of a concern.
McLovin – January very confident. In the summer. Not so much. There wasn't many that minded Roswell going. We got good money. Probably same could be said about Fellaini too
Dodge – These days I'm never confident about that, kind of accept it and move on.
terryefc – No worries...Felli was always gonna go to someone...I think we should be well placed by January so this should see everyone wanting to stay. If Madrid came in for Baines I wouldn't stand in his way but any other English team can do one.
Snoopjiggyjig – Leighton Baines will be a struggle, I think he will go personally. Shame really as he is a star! I think we will keep hold of Ross Barkley for a few years. I can't see anyone else leaving of any use.
Jimbo – I think Fellaini has sort of wanted to take the next step for a while and would have gone if an offer had been put in before. I think we have strong enough finances now so we don't have to sell. If we do sell, it'll be for the right money and to add to the strength of the team.
Everton are in a similar, but not identical, position to ourselves. They know that if the massive clubs come sniffing around their players, there isn't much they can offer/promise/do to hold onto them. Baines has been on Manchester United's radar for ages and surely now that Moyes is there Leighton will find saying no even harder? The Everton fans all seem fairly pragmatic about the whole thing, and given they've lost star after star, you can understand why.

After a fairly solid if unspectacular start, what do you think of Martinez, can he take you further than Moyes did?

Walker - I think a lot of our fans were underwhelmed when he came in and that included myself, although a good pre-season and his media qualities really endeared himself to the fans. Now we're unbeaten in the league and looking good, just missing one too many chances and letting the odd sloppy goal in. Need Lukaku to take chances and the sloppy goals won't matter.
Floody – Too early to judge yet. He inherited a solid defence which was always his problem at Wigan. I must admit I was disappointed with his weakened team selection in the League Cup game at Fulham. We are crying out for a trophy at Everton and this was a wasted opportunity to progress
Dom – He's fantastic. No doubt in my mind he can take us further than Moyes did, he was tactically inept and far too negative to ever progress us futher than he did, his last 2 years he was holding us back.
Matty – I feel he probably can if he's given the financial backing of the board, however Bill Kenwright is a tight bastard and the money we made from cashing in on Fellaini won't be seen again
Buggrit Hall – Fulham aside I wouldn't call it an 'unspectacular' start to the season. Having never been a fan of Moyes's percentage football maybe the start, and style of play, of Martinez's reign might look better to me than it does to others. So long as Martinez has a pair when it comes to more higher pressure games then I'll be happy.
Squirrel – err I don't think he will but fingers crossed
jon – Well, he''s certainly more outwardly positive than Moyes. I think most fans were somewhat nonplussed at the appointment but he speaks well (if a bit long-winded) and there's been plenty of good signs in the opening few games. At times the play has been a bit too laboured but it's far too early to judge him. A solid enough start, as you say.
McLovin – The jury is out. We'll wait and see. (But I'm not waiting another 11 years)
Dodge – Juries still out, Given time, which he will need, he might even win us the League cup. Oh, hang on....
terryefc – Yes. He plays to win. Lovely style of football too.
Snoopjiggyjig – So far so good imo. If he learns from his mistakes thats all we can hope for. He likes to play football in the right way and the defence is looking solid. Impressed with his dealings in the transfer window and he looks to "Get" the club. I just dont want him to be too nicey nicey
Jimbo – I hope once it settles he'll be the fella to push us on. under moyes he sometimes didn't have the balls to make the step up (liverpool semi final, chelsea final, every game at OT, Anfield etc)
Generally positive from the Blues, and it's understandable. Martinez has always been respected by football fans; he's genial, he plays an attacking brand of football that's easy on the eye, he's all foreign and exotic isn't he? Moyes has a 42% win rate, Martinez has 36.8%. Did Martinez save Wigan from relegation 3 years in a row? Or did Wigan save Martinez from relegation 3 years in a row? I like him and I hope he does well, he does play nice football and he is genial. I'm just not convinced he's do anything with Everton that Moyes didn't.

Pardew tried to spur on the players by denegrating your club before a game, this backfired both on and off the pitch, but how long will you as fans hold it against Pardew or were his words simply unforgiveable?

Walker - He's just always been an idiot in the media. Always saying stupid things, moaning when he's losing, coming up with rubbish. The 'We're in a different league to them now' comment just got us angry. Angry Evertonians are the best.
Floody – I think most Everton fans will always hold it against him. We are often generous in giving teams credit if they come to Goodison and win in style but we know how to hold a grudge. See Clive Thomas (disallowed winning goal in semi-final), Rafa Benitez (calling Everton a small club early in his reign at Liverpool), Emlyn Hughes (for singing Everton are tragic at European cup home coming) for further details
Dom – I'm not arsed what he said, It's not a matter of disliking him for one daft comment, more disliking him because he's a complete and utter gobshite. Do your fans even like him? He's a fucking blurt.
Danny-efc – Pardew has always seemed to have it out for Everton, the fucking nonce.
Matty – I am vastly indifferent to his existence to be honest.
Buggrit Hall – As others have said in many different ways Pardew is a tit.
Squirrel – pardew is a cunt.... Always
jon – As others have said Pardew comes across as a bellend, reminds me a lot of Phil Brown. Tbh what he said about us didn't really bother me, it just showed him up for what he is. I don't think ours are the first set of fans who's noses he's put out of joint.
McLovin – You won't find many positive words about pardew on an everton site. he seems like a bit of a know
Dodge – Very poor comments to be honest, but because it was him I never paid too much attention as I think he's a bit of a knobhead.
terryefc – He's a bit of a tit and probably won't be there at the end of the season anyway.
Snoopjiggyjig – Pardew is a dick. We thought that before these comments. He has a Bendtner size ego! That really was a ridiculous statement though. People forget Everton have won as many titles as Spurs, Man City and Chelsea put together! (We just havent done it for a bloody long time)
Jimbo – Pardew is a tit, regardless of what he's said.
That's a yes, then. I suppose it's easy from this side of the fence to say that Everton fans shouldn't be so precious as it was obviously just an attempt to encourage our players and plant doubt in the minds of the opposition which went awry. It's easy to say they should just move on, but how did we feel when Ferguson said we were just a small club in the North East? Also, Pardew is that single uncle who comes to family parties and cracks on with the 18yr old lads' girlfriend. He's also the kind of guy that would ask to borrow porn.

Realistically both our clubs are lightyears from winning the league, so what counts as success for Everton these days?

Walker - A CUP.
Floody – Winning a trophy. League Cup or FA Cup. I feel blessed as I am old enough to remember the league winning teams of the 80s and 69/70. I would rather win the FA cup than finish 4th.
Dom – Success is and always has been trophies, it's been a sickening amount of time since our last, within the next few years we've got to win one of the cups. Or the champions league or the Ryder cup or the Ashes or fucking something.
Matty – I'd really love to see us in Europe again, whether that be Europa League or the Champion's League, I just want a chance of silverware and a few good away days!
Buggrit Hall – Pushing as close as possible to top four, holding our own against anyone in the league and winning a trophy or two would be good too. I'm of the belief that I'd give a lower league finish for the FA Cup any day of the week too.
Squirrel – we need to win sommet as do you
jon – Sucess is winning trophies; everything else is existing i.m.o. Relatively speaking if we did make Europe this season that would be more than I expect, so a success of sorts I suppose.
McLovin – We want a trophy. And Europe
Dodge – Europa league apparently would be success, I did enjoy our forays abroad I must admit and I think the Evertonians who went on the trips would count them as some of the best times watching the blues in the recent past.
terryefc – These days...a European place would be a start.
Snoopjiggyjig – Success for us is still winning the league. BUT, in terms of the moment and the current squad, pushing the top 4 and a cup.
Jimbo – Silverware and getting back into Europe. Would give us something to build on.
It's good to see so many fans resisting the shiny glamour (in the illusion sense of the word) of the Champions League in favour of genuine tangible success. Football is not balance sheets and breaking even, it's not celebrating the fact your team is going to haul themselves from Anderlecht, to Borisov, to Cluj! It's all about silverware and for clubs like ourselves and Everton, the greatest chance we have of lifting a pot are the domestic cups. Which is why it's so infuriating to see weakened sides taking the field.

Sky, Talksport, and the other idiotmagnets would have you believe that all Newcastle fans are topless, beerbellied, deluded neanderthals (just as they would have us believe you're all bitter, jobless, tracky-wearing oiks) but what are your cliché-less opinions of Newcastle, of the club, the city and the people?

Walker - Honestly, I've only just met one Newcastle fan and but he's one of those that's not really into football properly so haven't talked to him much about it. Never been to the city. I hate the way the media control football so I don't really have any stereotypes of your fans.
Floody – I like Newcastle fans as I can remember the big away support that followed the club even when you were struggling. Only been to Newcastle once but found it a friendly place especially when you compare it to southern towns and cities. I think most fans think Newcastle supporters think that the club is bigger than it actually is bearing in mind it is over 50 years since you won anything and are a one club city
Dom – I dislike you immensely. The delusion isn't a stereotype, it's dripping in every aspect of your city and club.
Matty – You should all pack that Geordie Shore shite in right away. People from Newcastle on the whole that I've met have generally been sound. I have never visited the city however!
Buggrit Hall – Same as fans of any club in the main they are normal people who can chat football amiably with you over a pint. There will of course be a minority who give 'their' club a bad name. As a club Newcastle have, and have 'had', potential to be a massive club but are being held back by boardroom shenanigans - bit like Everton really.
Squirrel – boss night out
jon – I know a few Geordies who live up this way and they're all decent people; no different to us really. Had a few good nights out in Newcastle but the odd spot of trouble too. Can happen in any city though.
McLovin – Love the city. Also a great night out. Love the people. But slightly biased as mum was raised and went to school in wallsend
Dodge – Newcastle is great, Northumberland is wonderful and I love the accent. NUFC seem to be in a bit of a mess looking in from the outside, if I was a fan I'd be pissed off with all the off the field crap, to be honest, the club are lucky to get the support they do.
I like the fact your fans are not deluded, maybe sometimes like most of us you're guilty of expecting more than you get, and less than you deserve.
terryefc – always liked Newcastle and their fans who I've always found to be realistic but passionate nonetheless. Pardew won't change my mind about that.
Snoopjiggyjig – Newcastle on a nightout can be a nightmare of the most amazing night ever. Depends on which neanderthals are out. The fans are knowledgable and want what is best for the club. They have been treated really badly recently, but often think they are a much bigger club than they are in terms of history. Generally most Newcastle fans I know are decent football loving people. The club should do so much better than it does. The stadium should bring in the right resources to do well.
Jimbo – City was absolutely brilliant when i went. got very smashed and full of boss easy women. I only know a few Newcastle fans personally - and they always seem to be insightful and equally as cynical as us Everton fans. As long as everyone stops telling me you're a massive club
One or two aside, we're warmly regarded. Anecdotally a lot of other fans say that since relegation the average Newcastle fan has had more humility. I'm not sure if we were ever as deluded as Sky and that conveyor belt of mongs painted us, but at least the reality of the situation is becoming more prevalent. Stereotypes always fascinate me, I have to say the only clubs' fans who've ALL matched their stereotype are the Liverpool and sunderland fans I've met. I know Pre-Abramovic Chelsea fans, humble Manchester United fans, Arsenal fans who aren't just customers, Hell I even know an interesting Villa fan. But all the Liverpool fans have that weird victim complex, truly offended by everything, ashamed of nothing. Oh and the mackems... well what can you say?
Under Mike Ashley, Newcastle's ambition appears to be survival and nothing more, given that, where do you see NUFC finishing this season?

Walker - Mike Ashley is a tit. I think you'll be alright though, once you get a few good games together and other teams like Cardiff, Hull and Swansea drop off, you'll finish about 10th.
Floody – I will go for halfway - 11th
Dom – 10th. Ashley is a twat aswell.
Matty –7-10th is where Newcastle should be finishing based on the ability of their squad, however, you're a pretty unpredictable club!
Buggrit Hall – 12th-16th
Squirrel – ran well top ten, if pardew gets carried away bottom half
jon – Difficult one given the last few seasons. Probably somewhere 10th-12th. I'm honestly not sure.
McLovin – Get remy and cisse scoring together anywhere between 8th and 15th
Dodge – God knows, ask me around the start of May, just reckon 10th - 14th but you're certainly capable of better.
terryefc – I don't think Pardew has what it takes so you won't be in top 8 - but even he shouldn't put you in relegation troubles.
Snoopjiggyjig – Its a mess, Pardew, Ashley and Kinnear. With the players and resources at least mid table. I think you may struggle though. I thought you actually bought well in January. Sissoko could be a really good signing and Ben Arthur and Kebab are good players too.
Jimbo – Think while you've got the circus behhind the scenes with JK and AP cocking around you'll be battling for midtable. any form of investment and managerial structure you'd be looking to push for europe again as the basis of the squad isn't far off at all.
See, told you they were knowledgeable. All agree that we're stuck in midtable mediocrity, they see we've the players that could take us higher, but we're hamstrung by an average manager, a decrepit DoF and an ambition averse Owner.

Newcastle have been in the papers for all the wrong reasons again, what's your take on the Kinnear debacle?

Walker - Joke. Funny to watch from the outside. What's his obsession with Kinnear? Just madness.
Floody – It is a mistake to bring somebody else in as it undermines the manager's authority. If it was someone like Pep Guardiola then maybe you could justify it but Joe Fuckin' Kinnear? It is lucky for Mike Ashley that Sunderland's bigger problems have taken the focus away from Newcastle recently. The transfer window was not exactly a glowing success for Kinnear or Pardew was it?
Dom – You just couldn't make it up. The maniac has been out of football for how long? Not taking into account his still mindboggling stint as your manager. He's so out of touch with football, and reality in general, how the fuck can he have a job like that at any football club that don't get changed in a pub cellar? Your fans need to be causing murder over it, and so does Pardew the coward.
Matty – I'm indifferent, Directors of Football exist at various clubs, however, his lack of seeming lack of knowledge and inability to pronounce players names would cause me a lot of concern if I was a Newcastle fan.
Buggrit Hall – See the Pardew comment
Squirrel – sad to see really, he is a joke
jon – As others have said, it's a bit of a circus. Not sure what Ashley was thinking of bringing him in.
McLovin – Odd. Just odd. Job for the boys. Seems to serve no purpose what so ever. And as much as I'm not a pardew fan, just seems to undermine his position.
Dodge – Farcical - get rid of the clown.
terryefc – ridiculous. I think he's been brought in as Ashley got cold feet over the 10 year contract to Pardew and wants a buffer or reason to boot him out if he has to.
Snoopjiggyjig – It's like a struggle for power. Ashley wants Pardew out, but probably needs him to walk. Which is strange as they were good mates when he joined. I do feel sorry for Newcastle fans. He is worse than Kenwright. The only good thing he did was lower your wage bill and stop you spending ridiculous money on players!
Jimbo – he guy's a clown. the whole process is an absolute circus from beginning to end. No issue with Newcastle or their fans, but it's hilarious to watch from the outside.
So far nobody can see a positive to Joe's appointment. They're right though, if this were happening to West Ham it'd be hilarious. But it's not. It's happening to us. This is not a nightmare. We really are this fucked.

What's your most memorable game against NUFC?

Walker - Can't really remember any. I was at the game when Ben Arfa scored some wondergoal. Was watching when Shearer scored that volly/half-volley that gets replayed all the time on adverts.
Floody –
Everton 4 Newcastle 4 in the 1970s not long after Gordon Lee had taken over as manager after leaving Newcastle.
Dom – When you twatted us 49-0 or whatever it was. That was horrible.
Matty – 3-1 at Goodison, Hibbert own goal (last game of the 11/12 season), was sat with two mates who are Newcastle fans, was a good laugh.
Buggrit Hall – Opening day of the 87/88 season at Goodison.
Squirrel – nothing sticks out as memorable
jon – There's two: The first game of the '88-'89 season when Harvey had signed Cottee, Nevin. McDonald & a few others. Cottee got a hat-trick & we were fantastic in a 4-0 victory;
Boxing Day 1986 at St James, another 4-0 to Everton. Our most successful manager and squad ever. Happy times.
McLovin – Cahill scored to make it 2-0 at goodison. All but guarenteed. 4th. Special mention for Baines free kick at st James last year
Dodge – Got a few to be honest if you'll indulge me. Boxing day 1986 and a Trevor Steven inspired win on our way to the title, Tony Cottee at home the following season and then going to your place and getting jumped by a load of fellas with sombreros on because you had Mirandinha playing :-) think it ended 1-1
terryefc – I've wiped most recent games at your place from my mind - but there have been some cracking goals when we play you such as Baines free kick, Shearer's volley - but I remember seeing Alan Ball smash one in from 30 yards to beat you 1-0 at Goodison. Cottee's debut hat-trick was also unforgettable !
Snoopjiggyjig – I'll be honest, I block them from memory. Whether it's Shearer or Ben Arfa, it's normally a Newcastle wonder strike that wins it.
Jimbo – Although we've had a few players ourselves who like this, I remember watching Alan Shearer look across and plant an elbow in David Weirs face. The ref gave nothing but a free kick. i remember being very young and absolutely furious about the ref not doing anything. Other than that, Bainesy's freekick was pretty special.

Which Newcastle players would you like to see in your side?
Walker - Ben Arfa or Krul. Krul is a bit of a tit but a decent goalkeeper I think.
Floody – Ben Arfa impresses me - a goal scoring midfielder who always puts a shift in.
Dom – Remy maybe. Cabaye. That's probably it.
Matty – Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Remy (albeit, he's a loanee).
Buggrit Hall – Ben Arfa and Cisse
Squirrel – Ben arfa is a good player
jon – Ben Arfa probably. Cisse would be a useful addition if he'd wear a shirt sponsored by a beer company.
McLovin – I rate krul highly
Dodge – Ben Arfa, quality player.
terryefc – Yohan Cabaye or Coloccini. Remy is also top drawer.
Snoopjiggyjig – Ben Arfa would be the main one. Sissoko could be decent too. I wouldn't actually take Cabaye, despite the thoughts of the media. We are quite strong there. I would probably have the majority of Everton players over Newcastle players. No offence. I think we have a strong squad at the moment.
Jimbo – Cisse (on form), Ben Arfa (when fit), Cabaye (when not a twat), Coloccini
The wee magician on the right is, rightfully, getting all the attention, but I was surprised few people mentioned Coloccini who I think would add a lot to Everton.
Finally, what do you think the score will be?

Walker - 2-1 I hope.
Floody – With home advantage we should win but I think it will be a draw 2 – 2
Dom – 2-0 us. Lukaku and Mirallas.
Matty – 2-1 to Everton.
Buggrit Hall – 2-2
Squirrel – one one
jon – Just had our first defeat so hopefully we can bounce straight back. I'm feeling a draw but I'll be positive & say 2-1 Everton.
McLovin – 0-0 it's all I ever see when I go these days
Dodge – 1-1
terryefc – 2-1 Blues
Snoopjiggyjig – I have to say Newcastle will win, as everytime I predict we will, we always lose!!!!!!
Jimbo – Heart says 2-0, head says 2-2
I'd like to thank everyone who answered the questions and wish them well in the league, after Monday. Monday nights games man, they can fuck off as well. It'll probably rain too.

Comfortable 2-1 home win for Everton, another goal for Remy, but defensive frailties will bugger us again.

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Good fun going through that. No surprises with most of the comments, they seem a good well grounded bunch of lads. For some reason I enjoyed the Pardew comments more than the others :D

Also interesting a few of them would want Cisse despite his recent goalscoring troubles.

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Good fun going through that. No surprises with most of the comments, they seem a good well grounded bunch of lads. For some reason I enjoyed the Pardew comments more than the others :D

Also interesting a few of them would want Cisse despite his recent goalscoring troubles.


Aye I thought that, they've suffered similarly with jelavic I think, excellent start then dropped off.


I sort of surprised how many DIDN'T mention Ben arfa.


Good work fish.

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Aye I thought that, they've suffered similarly with jelavic I think, excellent start then dropped off.


I sort of surprised how many DIDN'T mention Ben arfa.


Good work fish.


Only a couple to be fair. I think its the history with injuries that still puts doubt in some people's mind.


Going to be a good test tomorrow for him against some physical, quick players. Hope he's up for it.

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Are you going to do one for the derby Fish?

That's the plan, but last time I tried I got one serious reply, one where "Fuck Off" was hilariously the response to every question and the rest were just orcish hoots of delight. Had to rope in a mackem mate of mine to answer the questions.

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Cheers for the questions Fish.


The original thread is here, if anyone wants to contribute: http://www.theevertonforum.co.uk/everton-forum/8596-oppostion-view.html


Your original questions are here: (Forum) http://www.theevertonforum.co.uk/everton-forum/8605-talking-opposition-newcastle-fans.html and here: (News) http://myevertonnews.com/talking-to-the-opposition-newcastle-fans/



Best of luck for the season after tonight! :jonas:




I also think more people would have picked Ben Arfa had he played more regular. You kind of forget he is at Newcastle!!!!! Cracking player!

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