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Annual obligatory it's f*cking freezing thread

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:lol: Move to California man.


Nah. I like it here, despite the cold winters. Spent a year abroad in India and honestly missed the seasonal change when I had 18 months of 'summer.'


That being said, this is the coldest it has been in about 25 years.

It can be fun to take a boiling pot of water outside to see steam freeze or to see the thrown water freeze before it hits the ground. But you gotta go back inside quickly.


At these temperatures (-43 C windchill) exposed flesh freezes in less than 10 minutes.


I have family in California and absolutely hate L.A. Bay area hasn't been dreadful but I wouldn't want to live there.

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My cousin lives in Algonquin and it was something like -15 (but feels like -43) today. Brrrrr...


I admitted defeat and put the winter duvet back on the bed last night :D

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That son of a bitch is Ice Cold


Yup. This is not particularly novel around here, but it is still fun.


Best part is the multiple news stories about people burning themselves trying to do it :lol::snigger::loser:





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