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Swansea City v.s. Newcastle United

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Looked pretty good going forward once we changed the system. We absolutely robbed them of a win on the balance of play though.


I'm not sure what Pardew is playing at leaving Cabella out of the action completely though as Obertan and Ameobi are not the answer in the long run.

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I was guitaring during this match so missed it & only got text updates but I was surprised to see Cisse on the scoresheet.


Where the fuck did Cisse pluck that first goal from? :lol:


and the second was quite weird too - just the method of hitting the ball. A lot of people would have put their head on it.


Other than that - meh.

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why is it they always print shit like "hasn't lost the dressing room" "players still behind pardew "


players don't want to lose regardless of who is in charge. Just because they scrape a draw doesn't mean they dug in for the manager, it means they don't want to be shite every week

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I think there is a point to what they're saying though. The majority of players are still putting in a shift for the team which isn't always the case with a team in the bottom 3. When he loses the dressing room then there's no getting it back and he would certainly have to go.


The scary thing is that we're this bad when the players are still playing for the manager, how bad would we be if they didn't give a shit?

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