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What's the questions? These are the old ones;




What's a realistic aim for your team this season?


Where do your team need to strengthen to achieve this?


Which of your players do you predict having a big season?


Which of your players do you expect to have a disappointing season?


Which fixtures do you immediately look for?


Which away game are you looking forward to the most/least?


What's your most memorable game against NUFC?


Which Newcastle players would you like to see in your side?


Where do you expect Newcastle to finish this season?

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I'm not sure that the most memorable game question is going to get too many answers from Burton fans.

I know that, Paddy O'Gobshite!


That's why I said "These are the old ones". Give me a replacement question.

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Weren't they our rivals for promotion in 65? Or there was a cup tie around then?


Stattos aside, I'd guess only Noelie or Rob W would remember.

They weren't even a league club until earlier this century.

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Crazy they've come so far. The only real comparison is AFC Wimbledon. Are Burton the non-league side that was bought by a Russian millionaire? Or am I thinking of someone different? Or did I imagine that happening? (These are all good questions too, by the way, Dave)

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Since most WUMS have used the fact we'll be playing them in a derogatory way, ask them if they're aware of it, and how they feel about it, and if are they looking forward to playing sunderland next season?



but yeah, I'll ask 'em

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First Gone Fishing of the season takes us to the Brewers.


Not many respondents to this one I'm afraid. Seem a reasonable bunch; all expecting a tough season, all emphasise the benefit of a good defence (are you watching CT?), and all picking us for the top spot ;)


It's their first ever season in the Championship (after their first ever season in League 1) and are many pundits pick for the drop already. That said they had comfortably the best defence in League 1, only conceding 37 goals in 46 matches! Without significant investment in the squad they may well struggle up the other end of the pitch though (They finished 2nd, behind Wigan who scored 25 more goals than they managed). Perhaps loan deals for young strikers from Premier League teams or even other Championship clubs?


Clough has a team who he knows will work hard for each other and if you couple that with a claustrophobic Pirelli Stadium they could be a trickier away day than some are predicting.



What's a realistic aim for your team this season?

Sinfinbovril - Survival

Rayvon - Survival. Plain and simple. Finish 4th from bottom.

Terraceman57 - Aim pure and simple survival.

Frank Ashton - Somewhere around 16th to 20th.


Where do your team need to strengthen to achieve this?

Sinfinbovril - We need to score more goals - the defence is fine

Rayvon - Up front and some more creativity in midfield, although I expect some new defenders too

Terraceman57 - Up front and more creativity in the middle of the park, defensive cover.

Frank Ashton - Midfield and upfront. Our defence has been the cornerstone of what has been achieved in the past 2 years.



Which of your players do you predict having a big season?

Sinfinbovril - All of them - we're a team we don't have no stars. I've a funny feeling Lucas Akins could have a corker.

Rayvon - Stuart Beavon. He deserves it too.

Terraceman57 - Difficult to say prior to knowing who we will sign, Maybe John Mclaughlin who was exceptional last season behind the meanest defence in league 1 and Damien McCrory.

Frank Ashton - Jon McLaughlin, Matt Palmer and Lucas Akin


Which fixtures do you immediately look for?

Sinfinbovril - Derby, Villa, Fore......all of them. They're all massive.

Rayvon - Derby, Forest, Villa, Birmingham.

Terraceman57 - Derby first and foremost, have waited nearly 50 years for this fixture ! Villa, Newcastle, Wolves, Forest, Blues.

Frank Ashton - Derby, Villa, Birmingham and Newcastle.



Which away game are you looking forward to the most/least?

Sinfinbovril - Derby

Rayvon - The most: Newcastle. The least: Derby

Terraceman57 - Away day at Derby is the one I am looking forward to most, Norwich the least, I won't go, not paying 40 notes.

Frank Ashton - MOST: Derby LEAST: Anyone who charges excessive ticket prices.


There's a few midlands clubs in the 16/17 Championship, with whom do you have the fiercest rivalry?

Sinfinbovril - Derby although it's not a fierce rivalry. They're about ten leagues above us....oh hang on.

Rayvon - They won't see it this way but Derby

Terraceman57 - For me its Derby the sheep, I expect nothing from the games but a win in either and their fans won't be able to handle it.

Frank Ashton - We have no hated rival in my view. Derby are friendly neighbours rather than rivals. I don't want us to have the poisonous, hate-filled rivalry that Derby have with Forest.


A lot of pundits and wind up merchants have used the fact Newcastle will be playing Burton Albion next season as a dig, are you aware of it, and if so how do you feel about it?

Sinfinbovril - The pundits and wind up merchants will love it when Burton win. More pressure on you lot than us! Sod them.

Rayvon - Who cares?

Terraceman57 - The digs in the press are a bit comical really, in general they know nowt about us. Works to our advantage in my opinion.

Frank Ashton - Couldn't give a f**k any more. The national media only talk about us if our manager is being "linked" with another club.

Norah - Most people don't know much about us, including most of the press- oh apart from the fact that if you want to illustrate how low a club has sunk then we are know the default example used - i.e. ..they are even having to play Burton Albion this season!

What's you opinion of Mike Ashley?

Sinfinbovril - I feel sorry for NUFC. Mike Ashley's a bit of a $@*%, isn't he? Didn't he sack Bobby Robson when you were 5th in the Prem?

Terraceman57 - Mike Ashley ? Muppet springs to mind. I would much sooner have our chairman, local business man and supporter. If he was a Geordie you would be European Champions !

Frank Ashton - A hugely successful businessman, but if we believe what we read, he's made some bizarre decisions at the football club.


Which Newcastle players would you like to see in your side?

Sinfinbovril - Don't know any - I don't follow the Premiership. Shearer's good.

Rayvon - None of them

Terraceman57 - Obviously Newcastle's players are all rated better than any of ours, don't watch much Premier league so hard to say, undoubtably they will have more quality but ours will have more spirit and guts.

Frank Ashton - A realistic proposition would be Adam Armstrong (a season-long loan please), other than that Andros Townsend.



Where do you expect Newcastle to finish this season?

Sinfinbovril - You'll be lifting the trophy in March.

Rayvon - Top

Terraceman57 - I would expect with their financial clout that they will be in the running for promotion, particularly if they get off to a good start. Benitez staying is a positive sign, not sure with how he will do at a lower level but ultimately there should be enough quality in the squad to get back up.

Frank Ashton - Champions

Thanks again to those who replied and I look forward to trying manfully to get one of the 700 odd tickets for a Burton Albion away day.

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I blame Ashley for a lot of things but even I can't blame him for sacking Robson :lol:


Some good answers but let's see if they would have any of our players at the end of the season...


Can't blame them for saying that though, they got promoted and are rightly sticking behind their own team. Rightly also assuming that their team have more spirit and guts tbh.

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