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Steve McClaren

Burnley Preston Wolves Portsmouth Sheffield United

Aye you're quite right there.  I wouldn't want anyone else to get tarred with Fish's brush.   So where are we? Robledo De Jong  Lua Lua Ameobi Appleby McClenn?

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5 minutes ago, adios said:

Manchester City
No idea about any others but I could see these three being involved potentially.



5 minutes ago, Rayvin said:

...so you created this thread twice then :lol:


City and Blackburn were my contributions from the other one, given that Leicester was wrong.


3 minutes ago, ewerk said:

I have Burnley in the back of my mind.


3 minutes ago, Andrew said:




You lot really need to put 5 guesses in one answer, or this will get confusing.

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Just now, Rayvin said:











:lol: I'm just throwing random teams with vaguely successful pasts out there now. Not even all that sure about Ipswich having a successful past.


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5 minutes ago, Rayvin said:

So we've got Preston and one of those 5? Are you actually going to make me type out five different posts combining Preston and one of those teams in order to determine which it is?


Up to you. You've less faith in some of your answers than others. There are also other correct answers in this thread. But I'm trying to keep it interesting for as long as possible :devil:



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