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Why Souness won't quit


Why doesn't he walk  

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I can't believe that is just money keeping him at St. James'


The bloke has been in pro football now for many years and must have a fair few million in the bank.


But every loss that we suffer eats into what little credibility he has left!


I don't know - hence I'm asking you fine people for the answer!

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The man has no Dignity, Pride or sense of whats right.  Just like Freddy



I don't actually believe that is true. I think it's his pride that is stopping him from resigning. He does have a massive ego and maybe does truly believe that he can still drag the club back from the brink. Unfortunately he's about the only one who does still believe that at the moment...

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Would you resign if you knew that your imminent dismissal would make you 3 million quid better off?



Exactly. He's going nowhere without his compo payout.



Which is what he means by the "Family are most important to me" comment, in other words "Im not resigning because I can get £3 million by hanging on and therefore my familys financially secure". In other words "If I just help granny to pop her clogs then I'll get her inheritence"

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I truly believe that he thinks he's been unlucky and that given the chance he'd do a good job. If and when he gets sacked, we'll never hear the end of him going on about how he never had his 'proper' team out etc. If whoever comes in to replace him turns the team around he'll also give endless interviews about how he 'did all the hard work and brought in a quality squad which is now starting to gel.'

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