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“Giz some fucken crisps!” Vs Frank’s Wanks. SJP 5:30pm.

Monkeys Fist

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Looked relatively innocuous, hopefully just impact because he looked either in significant pain or devastated immediately after.


As I say that the stretcher comes out.


...at least Ritchie is back I suppose.

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1 minute ago, Dr Gloom said:

Happy to have Ritchie back 


Given how little posession we'll have, how long do you give it before his first:

(A) Foul

(B) Yellow

(C) Verbal assault on a teammate

(D) Physical assault on a teammate

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We have played some nice stuff in the rare moments when we’re not falling back into position, defending.

Sky just pulled up a damning stat - we’ve the lowest average match possession in the league by about 8%, down in the low 30s

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