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Steve Bruce’s eating crisps on the toilet mags vs David Moyes divorce paper hammers


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2 hours ago, wykikitoon said:

Willock didn't really looked overcome with joy did he today?


No way was that a pen and like whats been said Antonio was offside in the build up too. But some of the defending was woeful today. 


According to Brewcie he will see if there any players that will make us better. Fuck me. We have Krafth in the squad for fuck sake. 


I have to say too. Almiron is starting to do my fucking tits in. Goes down like fucking extra on Platoon all the time with his adams apple that makes him look like he's swallowed the fucking ball. Hes always running blind into dead ends and some of his passing today was utter wank


Whilst i was making Tea too i started listening to the city game and Robbie Savage came on saying his Newcastle supporting producer was moaning last season saying he wanted entertaining football and today apparently he was moaning about the defence. Then he asked what we want as fans. Fuck me. Talk about blatant goading to get calls in

Don't take any notice of Robbie Savage if you have any cognitive brain functions. :good:

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11 hours ago, Howmanheyman said:

Who walks into it when fit? Lascelles can be decent, Dummett can be too but depends on our formation, Lewis is like a rabbit in headlights, Krafth is shite too. Clark very hit and miss. Needs upgrading as does having to play Shelvey in CM and needed cover for Wilson. This is all down on the owner's foot on the club's throat.


Dummett in on the left. I quite like Clark but he's capable of the odd clanger and he's had an absolute shocker here. Shelvey and Hayden did not work at all there was no shielding for the defense. Perhaps they thought that with three CB it wasn't as essential but combined with wing backs who can't defend or were too prepccupied with getting forward it was disasterous. Basically it was a horribly coached defensive unit that lacked cohension. On ability I would have thought that would be far from our best, but then they just let go of a defender superior to most on the cheap. I'd not have us play with a back three, especially when only one of them in decent on the ball (Fernandez). It should be him with Lascelles (sad to say it) with Dummett on the left and Murphy's spot to lose on the right (to be replaced by Manquillo). Hayden to play in DM shielding the defense alongside Willock. I'm hoping Willock's return will add some end product for Almiron and that having a midfield that can pass with negate the need to have Shelvey send long balls up to Wilson.

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When Antonio takes the pen Ritchie has two West Ham players next to him.Hayden and Almiron are standing on the edge of the box marking no one.Shelvey is marking up.When the ball finally ends up the net,Almiron is still stationary,clearly having shown  no interest whatsoever in getting involved in any defensive duties,or in fact moving.Hayden does stroll into the box but Shelvey is another player who had no interest in entering the box to help,or in fact moving.A shambles of a decision to award the pen,shambolic positioning from some of our players as the ball was kicked ,and lazy cowardice after the ball had been kicked from Almiron and Shelvey.

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13 hours ago, OTF said:

Just watched the replay of the 'penalty' - what a fucking joke - Murphy clearly gets the ball, cowardly video review to support the on-field ref's shit decision. The match hinges on that.

I totally agree.The ref was in no position to be confident a foul had taken place and replays showed that no foul had taken place.Murphy kicked the ball against the shins of the West Ham player,with no real aggressive follow through.

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Looked good going forward, but were at times shocking at the back. Willock's inclusion will paper over a lot of cracks. West Ham aren't shit. Crying out for depth, but whaddyagonnado?


I'm not stressing, partly because I just don't care as much. 

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