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38 minutes ago, GrahamTaylor5 said:

Does anyone know any decent places to get a nice breakfast? Despite the only two places I have mentioned being in South Sheilds, I am based in Newcastle.


I'm not local but if you've got time for a leisurely morning out and about in town, most spoons have an outdoor smoking area as well as cheap coffee and whisky. Breakfast of champions.

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21 hours ago, Holden McGroin said:

I tend to dip in and out of toontastic due to workload.


Whatever happened to Stevie by the way? I seem to remember he was really aggressive then got a bird who opened his world up then maybe he fell ill ?





he stopped posting after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. Hasn’t posted much since but has popped in occasionally over the years. Can’t remember how long it’s been since the last time he showed his face.


@McFaul - are you still lurking?

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On 29/07/2022 at 09:58, Meenzer said:

I'm appreciating these recommendations too, because I'm visiting with the fella soon and I need to soft-sell him on the idea of having Newcastle on the list of potential destinations when we move out of smelly London. :pray:


Not sure I quite managed this (two rainy days out of three didn't help 😬) but we definitely ate well. Dabbawal hit the spot as usual, as did Little Lobo in Sandyford (the baby brother of Lobo Rojo in North Shields) and Cubanos in the Grainger Market.


Family took us for Sunday lunch at St Mary's Inn out past Stannington, too. The beef was good but something sharper than a butter knife would have been handy for consuming it. 

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