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  1. What a fine example of a multicultural community.
  2. I've probably said this before but anytime Bruce spouted pish about retaining his dignity I always thought of Rafa's time at Chelsea. Understood why he was hated, took the abuse on the chin and got on with the job with minimal fuss. Probably even changed a few folks opinions of him in the process for the better. The mad cunts gone and done it again too taking that Everton job. For all Ashley's failings, letting Rafa walk for Bruce is right up there. Telling that Rafa was rumoured to be the new owners favoured choice.
  3. Dunno man, like I said I've got four. There's plenty moments where I've considered just trying to drown them out with feedback through a half-stack and just sitting down with a book. Makes sense like, maybe do it the other way around though. Buy the standard and send it back if you prefer the one you've already got. Otherwise, keep it and flip the expensive one. Avoids any potential for regret over selling something.
  4. I'm probably reading too much into that alleged quote from Jones, but is that basically just a weirdly worded admission that he was brought in the first place to oversee tactics and maintain or improve standards, and didn't his arrival roughly coincide with Bruce's weird "gloves are off now, now we're doing things my way" comment. No fucking wonder folk are talking about Bruce in the comments, that whole tweet suggests Jones has had the final say on tactics and maintaining training standards since he came in.
  5. Bet he still joins in for a kick about with 10 year olds and then fucks off home in a strop with the ball when he gets nutmegged.
  6. Fuck sake you had me going there. I only scanned over that video with my usual Guinness and whisky induced glaze but thought for a second you were about to remortgage yer house for a pedal you already own.
  7. Those miniature Marshall stacks are cool and good fun and all that but those tiny speakers are headache inducing after 10 or 15 minutes. Same with the Pignose really. The speakers are essentially what the hifi world would call tweeters, just all high end and gets a bit fatiguing pretty quickly. If you keep your eye on pawn shops or gumtree marketplace you should be able to score something basic with a 8-10" speaker for less than £20-40 that would be a bit more rewarding long term (for him like, not you or your neighbours). I'll gladly send down a st distortion pedal for the cost of
  8. Keep encouraging him man. The apps are probably fine for tuning tbh, they only really shit the bed when there's a lot of background noise. Tom's probably right about the bar too, more hassle than they're worth until you know what you're doing. Good to see new recruits coming through. None my four have taken any interest so far, to them its just one of dads sad nostalgic hobbies.
  9. Yass! Love the reverse headstock. Assuming your not on the wind up, to cut a long story short the five way switch selects which combination of the three pickups you're using and the extra control is a tone control that essentially rolls off treble. Not sure about the bar tbh, some of them slot in and click and others screw into place. Only other advice I've got: get Fist Jr a copy of Ride the Lightning if you haven't already.
  10. If you're in Leith be sure to check out the birthplace of one of our greatest forwards, Leigh Griffith's. One of a kind structure, the worlds only portaloo that's also a listed building.
  11. That ehm....actually would make a lot of sense.
  12. Im not meaning to have a pop at anyone like, just slightly frustrated that everything Ginola said in that moment seems to have went unnoticed.
  13. That fairly uncalled for like. He makes a good point, the outcome was positive we probably shouldn't dwell on it. I'm only arguing that people should be taking more notice of what David Ginola was saying when play was suspended. Haven't heard anyone else mention it. The players on the park were clearly looking for a similar response to Erikson at the Euros and it (for obvious reasons) wasn't anywhere close. Im not trying to blame any medical staff, just hoped there would be more of a discussion over cardiac arrest and how we can all be more equipped to deal
  14. Maybe it shouldn't take 22 premier League players collectively downing tools and appealing for medicals professionals to get a defibrillator to someone having a heart attack in the stands.
  15. Fuck off with that patter. Missed the point entirely and clearly not read the quote about David Ginola's experience.
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