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  1. I mentioned having to isolate a few weeks ago after my unvaccinated mate got really ill from covid and almost every single person he'd seen on his birthday weekend also turned in positive results. Cunts still suffering weeks later and the vaccinated folk that tested positive in the aftermath have had little to no symptoms. I'll take any updated doses that are on offer, thank you very much.
  2. Cheers Gemmill. It's all good though. I'm an old hand at this. Just a bit fucked off that it's happened again after all this time. Seriously uncomfortable few hours though and I'm not even talking about the lung. Locked in a single room in a part of the hospital where everyone's on high alert for a rapidly spreading respiratory virus. Even trying to get out of there after I'd been discharged was an ordeal, locked up like Fort Knox. Nightmarish. Edit just to add: none of that was meant to disrespect any NHS staff or call any of the regulations into question. Was a mass
  3. If only. Collapsed lung. Probably my 6th but the first in about 12 years and easily the most efficiently dealt with. In and out in about 8 hours. Guess they don't fuck around with anything respiratory related these days. "Get this cunt in isolation and don't go near him until we're sure it's not covid".
  4. Spent the day in hospital yesterday. About an hour after the covid swab and without any explanation I got wheeled away into a red zone in the acute assessment unit. All individual isolation rooms with big red stop signs on each door. Absolutely shit myself, thought I'd tested positive and was gonna be stuck there for the foreseeable. Seriously ominous vibe about that unit even after finding out it wasn't a covid ward and I'd tested negative.
  5. "Mind that holiday that was so shite that dad actually spent time with us rather than fuck off to the pub?"
  6. The Health Secretary who wouldn't wear a mask has covid. The Prime Minister and Chancellor tried and failed to worm their way out of having to isolate. If Calsberg did Freedom Day..........
  7. Even then I'd venture 3.5 million is likely underplaying the real figure. For the most part you're talking driving licence or passport. Even for me - living in the small town I fucking grew up in - trying to find someone who met the criteria to sign those bastarding photos was a right ball-ache.
  8. If anyone's not already familiar with The Real Leigh Griffith's blog by Dundee Barry its definitely worth a read if you're ever needing a cheap laugh. It's written from the point of view of wee Leigh when he signed for Dundee to play under Jocky Scott. https://provieroadpod.com/2017/11/12/chapter-1-whas-in-cherge-here/
  9. That's pretty standard behaviour for fans of a lot of clubs tbh. Thankfully I was raised better. I remember asking at my first football match "dad, why are our own fans taunting our best and longest serving player and saying he's shite?" "Because he is shite, son. He's been playing for Stirling Albion for 8 years."
  10. Either jobs like that actively seek to recruit narcissists or they're just so fucking grim that their employees have to temporarily adopt a narcissistic world view just to make it to pay day. The fact they never last long makes me think it's the latter.
  11. Fucking hell, test and trace got you fast like. I "made contact" last Monday and didn't get pinged by the app until the Friday. Thankfully the guy who got sick and tested positive is a good cunt and went out his way to contact everyone hed seen when he got the positive result. Shame the poor bastards still ill as fuck, definitely didn't fall into the whole anti-mask convid denier camp. I officially get my freedom back tomorrow (the pedant in me would argue it should've been 18 minutes ago but that hardly seems like a hill dying on).
  12. Think you need to watch that again, cunt fell on his arse before he'd even hit the ball.
  13. With no other underlying health conditions and from model families in wealthy areas. Even then, that would probably only make a temporary dent on the polls at best.
  14. I'd normally agree but you'se scored within two minutes and held them off for a solid hour while looking like you could've got a second. You lost out on incredibly fine margins which is generally the nature of international tournaments. As delighted as I was with that result I'd say "struggled" is a stretch. England set up for a draw knowing a point would take them through and take the pressure off for their last group game. Bore draw was a fair result but England were playing for that and Scotland really needed the 3 points.
  15. Quality. Dump the guy who got you the furthest you've been in 55 years a mere 30 seconds after a penalty shoot out final. I'll humour you though, who would you want in his place? I hear Hodgson and Big Sam are out of work again.
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