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  1. It's the "Mad Mistake" bit that got me. wouldn't be all that surprised if it's his actual birth name.
  2. Yeah I really like it. Never been sure I'd totally get along with the jr style bridge but that wouldn't put me off. Didn't mean to take a cheap dig at the inlays either, just caught my eye and looked a bit odd that they only covered 3/4 of the fretboard. I hear you though. Epiphone name aside I'm never blindly throwing £650 at any guitar.
  3. I do like 538 stats and those are pretty promising. They're like bookie numbers without the over-round and the "implied" aspect of probability. That said if there's one man who make a proper cunt of those numbers it's Steve Bruce.
  4. Sure I'll post here if I ever get it done. Already got sidetracked with a switchable MK1.5/MK2 Tonebender and it's the bastarding school holidays so I can't get a minutes peace. LP Jr with binding? Sweet. What's up with those inlays stopping at 15th? Looks a bit like they forgot to finish it.
  5. Mental that terrestrial tv viewing figures are still considered relevant these days but if 64% of people with no internet access would rather stare at the cracks in the walls than watch that shite there might still be hope for this country.
  6. @Tom i just remembered that I built a Simpsons themed pedal about 8 years ago, inspired by the the auto/manual tracking switch on the Bad Stone phaser. Anyway I finally got that ridiculous delay-in-a-wah-shell the fuck out of my house so I've got some space on my desk again for more daft builds. Was planning to get the Hypnotoad finished sometime this decade but thanks to you I'm edging towards a Mr Sparkle themed sparkle drive, just because the name fits.
  7. https://reverb.com/item/313547-tribute-audio-designs-mr-sparkle-verb-trem?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=313547-tribute-audio-designs-mr-sparkle-verb-trem @TomI just stumbled on this trying to find some more info on that other thing. Shame it's Trem into reverb, probably some great sounds to be had but robs you of the chance to stick a delay in between. For a dual pedal, trem into delay would've been my choice. Fwiw - in my own (just tanned 10 cans and probably misunderstood the situation and started talking
  8. Damn, I need to up my game. Those Duff beer knobs are incredible!
  9. First thought was a Sparkle Drive clone I've been meaning to finally put together. If I'm right about the one you posted it's probably a fair price, but either way it won't do anything the Beringer can't.
  10. I really wish I'd thought of it first. Love those old Simpsons episodes. One of my older more knackered guitars has a Globex sticker on it.
  11. There's not much info on the website but given the size of the enclosure and the controls it's likely a belton-brick based reverb, probably a Box of Hall. Honestly though In all seriousness I'd be tempted to buy one just for the art and the free t-shirt.
  12. have chosen wisely. But please, don't believe me. Observe this commercial:
  13. I've probably got the parts lying around in a drawer somewhere. Whats your budget?
  14. Fair to say if I'd seen you moaning about the price of pasta I'd have been less inclined to take your "miserly Scots" dig on the chin.
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