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  1. Oi. I'll have you know Im no mad fan but have a soft spot for "Evan and that shite". Evan Dando probably pulled off the second most unexpectedly impressive (local) open air festival performance I've seen, second only to an absolutely rubbered Mark Chadwick's Levellers. Mark only edges it because I like my live music to be hanging by an absolute thread. Evan loses points for having it all under control.
  2. In my defense I must've liked it enough to binge watch the first season and a half. I think I just emerged from that binge feeling a bit like I'd somehow ended up watching Glimmer Man again. Have sadly seen a bit of Underbelly. Good shout, that gives me a bit of perspective. Mr Inbetween is nowhere near as tragically tryhard and had it moments. The dark humour was the main draw in the first season but it petered off pretty rapidly.
  3. I've not had a good scam phonecall for a while, its mostly talk-talk door to door cunts we're contending with. If I've got time on my hands for a scam call I like to feign a head injury and run them in circles for as long as possible until they give up. "Steven? Oh it's great to hear from you! How's Janice and the family? I don't think I've seen you since my injury. Wait, who is this? Oh Steven! It's great to hear from you. Internet? I don't know about that. Wait, who is this? Ah Steven! It must have been 7 years. How's the family?"
  4. One for the Oz contingent. I recently found myself binge watching the first season and a half of Mr. Inbetween which is probably a new low even for someone of my disposition. Poor man's Glimmer Man posing as an Aussie Soprano's spin-off. I think I want those hours back.
  5. My oldest literally managed to shatter her elbow while sat on her bed reading a book. Second born on the other hand could probably take header down a spiral staircase and somehow just bounce back up, brush it off and kick fuck out of staircase. I genuinely pray none of them get into ice hockey, I've got enough fights and hospital visits to contend with as it is. But aye! Congrats fish. If you need that lobotomy, I know a guy. It's not so bad, they go in through your nose and you get to keep the tiny bit of brain they cut out.
  6. That's what I thought after our second. They're now the second of four. Tbh though, any more than two is basically the same. You just need a bigger house, bigger car and a total frontal lobotomy.
  7. That Daniel Sloss routine needs to be shared and shouted from the rafters. I cant and won't trust any bloke who takes issue with it.
  8. Absofuckinglutely. Let's face it, he's always been an absolute grifter. Nobody with an inch of self-worth releases an auto-biography called "my bookie-wook" while their whole public persona is based on being an effeminate male sex-pest.
  9. I dunno about hatchet job. That type of male behaviour needs to be called out but here it's too little to late. Brand is just another in a long line of gullible shitheads in a desperate and dying male-dominated industry. Not excusing him, opportunist pricks like him are ten a penny but it's the cunts who encouraged and enabled his predatory behaviour that really need to be named and shamed.
  10. Souness shipping Bellamy off to Celtic of all places as some weird flex is just one of the many reasons I'll never be able to take him seriously.
  11. See that red washer on the bottle cap? Keep those for MF jr. if he's still playing guitar. They make great makeshift guitar strap locks.
  12. Had been wondering what story was about to break to justify the scheduled Dispatches episode tonight. So Russell Brand is a sex pest? Colour me surprised.
  13. My eldest is a huge Mitski fan, she was at an album launch listening party just the other day. I haven't given any of it much of a chance but Mrs B was surprised how much she enjoyed it and used the same word as you just there, "a lot of it was really interesting". Her copy of the album arrived today. In other news we managed to get a rare rake around Scotland's biggest independent record store this afternoon. Mrs predictably came away with some Kyle Faulkner solo stuff. I managed to find a copy of Heartwork by Carcass on vinyl and an old Gong album but sadly had to pass on the Gong record as it was 90 fucking quid. If it wasn't for the Kyle records I'd have sworn that shop visit was like stepping back in time 20-odd years, complete with Monster Magnet's "Powertrip" being the soundtrack playing for most of our browsing.
  14. Should go without saying but still needs to be mentioned: Im pretty sure he knew and is laughing all the way to the bank. I really don't believe the Chelsea job is the poisoned chalice a lot of people see it as.
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