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  1. I couldnt really care less about the result but that felt like a weirdly abnormal ratio of left footed penalty takers at the end there. Strange like. Hope this isn't a new trend. Lefties taking pens always give me the fear for some unexplainable reason.
  2. I dunno I'll give him solicitors. When I was trying to settle my late father's estate my solicitor merged with another company and moved offices without fucking bothering to tell me. I was posting fucking original documents, (mortgage paperwork, birth certificates the fucking lot) to an abandoned building for a few months. I'm also on board with my fellow Scot's hatred of pavement parkers. Aye it's not illegal but it's proper dickhead behaviour. Lowest of the low, scum of the earth. Hate them more than Tories. And cyclists.
  3. Fuck sake. It not just MF, you've all went full Nathan Barley. If anything MF could be the Dan Ashcroft of these General Chat threads.
  4. Is that something hospital porters do to pass the time on their break or just part of the job description?
  5. Conversation in our house just there when this was playing "Aye the new stuff sounds really nu-metal. I want to like it but it reminds me too much of that band Spineshank" "Aye I'll give you nu-metal, that's clearly what they're going for but I don't think this sounds anything like Spineshank....... ........wait what the fuck is this?" "Spineshank".
  6. I see they're playing in Camperdown NSW next Saturday which looks like your neck of the woods. I caught them in Glasgow around this time last year and they in were great form. Bill is still rocking heavily downtuned LP speacials and somehow getting away with it. Got given a vinyl copy of Torn Arteries today and while its far from my faveourite Carcass record I gave it another blast and felt compelled to check if they were touring. Wrong side of the world for me, bought High on Fire tickets instead.
  7. Thought this was just some hilarious AI generated nonsense but it turns out Mark has an album in the pipeline and these could be guest appearances. Still love the idea that Mark Knopflers top guitar hero's are 5 Mark Knopflers, 3 Eric Clapton's and Ringo Starr. Like he's sat there in his 70's saying "Did I say Mark Knopfler?" "Yes Mark you did, several times".
  8. Hey fwiw I'm only shitting on it because I'm bitter about not having the free time to play and fully appreciate games like this these days. Looks good, like Kojima watched the Walking Dead and said "hold my beer!". UPS simulator shouldn't be taken a negative either. Our local UPS guy is one of my favourite people. I couldn't tell you his name but he brings me loads of my favourite things, cunt even found my keys once.
  9. Aye but even most Welsh folk don't speak Welsh. The easiest solution to your problem is to be Polish and watch the game in Poland.
  10. Hope this is sarcasm man. Open World? The Hideo Kojima game that was heavily marketed with Norman Reedus as the protagonist? Guaranteed to be basically on rails with a load of wank "choices" tied in to give the illusion of free will and multiple outcomes. Haven't played it, but in the wise words of Paul Calf: Bag of Shite.
  11. That's interesting, even the old line 6 Spider amp footswitches were momentary rather than latching. Bizarrely they connected to the amp with Cat5 cable. I hated those amps. They had some weird gimmicky sub octave setting called "Insane" mode that was even less usable than the other models.
  12. Mad that the screenshot for their promo video has a pile of floppy discs. I love akai gear for the most part but that's just taking the absolute piss. We've come full circle with digital gear masquerading as old-school analogue. I'm not shitting on it fwiw. This is just jealousy. I want one. It looks like the compromise between Cubase and a 4-track that aging degenerates like us didn't know wanted.
  13. Bielsa at Leeds is one of the greatest managerial anomalies of all time. If they get promoted again they should get him back in and write it off as a glitch in the matrix.
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