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How about a nice set of draws, pet v The gnashing walls of perpetual whining and phlegm, la.


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9 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:

Apparently Target played for the u21’s today. Scored one and an assist.

Great news that. Last I heard he hadn't started training yet and that was only a week ago :lol:


Howe the little fibber.

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56 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:

Im surprised he Gordon didn’t get the nod. Seen nothing from Anderson so far that gets me too excited.


We really need a win today like to get the full confidence back.

Gordon’s a forward, Anderson’s a midfielder. If Anderson didn’t get the nod today with Willock and Bruno out then he might as well have been allowed to go out on loan again. Also gives us another attacking option on the bench 

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1 minute ago, Gemmill said:

Look at Klopp in that clip at the end of the Annfield match. Grinning and gesturing at our bench. What a fucking cunt that bloke is. 

Aye, we really need to do these cunts today. 

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4 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

Maxi going to bang in a goal tonight. Dedicate it to Atsu, I will cry, we will win.  Godbless. 

From this 👆

3 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

Martin Tyler is such a fucking boring CUNT.  'And it's Liiiiiiiiiiiiiive on Sky'


To this 👆in the space of a minute :lol: 

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